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July 08 2003

George Sarah voted best electronic artist in L.A. by readers of L.A. Alternative Press.

"They say the best art transcends its time. George Sarah, KCRWs musical It Boy, proves the point. His electronic dance music blends classical music with live string performances, synthesizer beats, drum machines and a keen ear for what makes people move. The result is ambient electronic sounds full of texture and emotional heft. All this from a guy who puts out records on indie labels and functions without a PR/marketing machine behind him. Who says you need radio station payola funds and a deal with one of the major labels to get heard? Sarah proves that you can make a living (by placing your music on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" for instance) without it. Visit his website for a taste: (E.V. Aniles)"

FWIW, George Sarah also collaborated with Anthony Stewart Head on "Music for Elevators."
I dunno about this article--Dashboard Prophets sure did a lot after their appearence in '97.
voodoo_daddy, I don't think the article is implying that Sarah's success hinges on his Buffy work, only that placing his music on the show has been a way for him to earn decent cash without signing a soul-sucking major record deal.
I'm hoping ASH does another album, but this time has a less synthetic sound backing him up. No offense against Sarah, and their collaborative album was enjoyable, but I'd like to hear a big band sound complementing ASH's voice. Show us his range and the sheer emotive force of his vocal delivery. He could do some Irving Berlin. Old show tunes. Get Amber Benson on backup vocals. Maybe just a strong acoustic set of guitars & violins.. maybe a piano. Brushes on drums. Lowkey jazzy sound maybe with some horns. Some old standards would be nice. ASH doing Belefonte or Torme or Sinatra. Maybe a duet with Brent Spiner..
I'm with Zachsmind. Unfortunately, Tony doesn't seem to like that kind of stuff. He's into 'soul' more. He did the musical "Around the world in 80 days" once, starring as Phileas Phogg, and there's even a single of him doing two songs from the show - they're gorgeous, but he's said he didn't like doing it at all.
Soul? Well I'd be happy if he did his own version of Ray Charles' "What'd I Say?" That'd kick major patootie.
George Sarah and the other "bests" on the list reminded me how much I miss KCRW, and Trader Joe's.

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