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July 20 2008

Adagio Teas add "Dr. Horrible's Tea of Evil." "A tea as dark as the Dr.'s heart. This black tea is highlighted with berry blues and a hint of vanilla in honor of the frozen yogurt he shares with his love."

Other Firefly, Buffy and Whedonesque blends are on the site as well.

Just ordered this as a gift for my girlfriend. Inara + tea + equality now = perfect surprise gifty.
I wish there was a description of what is actually in the blend...
I agree with TamaraC ... I love a hot cup of a good many things but there are some other things I'd rather not :(

Given that there's nothing to indicate that $1 is 100% of the profits from a sale, I do wonder if this is a legitimately-licensed Firefly product? If it were all-profits-to-charity I wouldn't care, but since they're also pocketing money I'd be interested to know if this is legit.
I prefer Sereni-Tea, myself.

ETA They should just go ahead and add "Equali-Tea" as a product. 'Cos we need it Now.

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I'm a tea drinker, but need a real description before I buy too. Hope they put one up on there soon.
I find it amusing that someone would actually name a food product "Mal"...non Firefly fans might be a little confused

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Hey, they also have a "Dr. Horrible's tea of Evil"!
"A tea as dark as the Dr.'s heart. This black tea is highlighted with berry blues and a hint of vanilla in honor of the frozen yogurt he shares with his love."

That sound pretty yummy, actually. The Mal and Inara ones both look like green teas if the pictures are to be believed.
Inara Tea Contains: passionfruit, valentines, spearmint
But that description only appears when I go to Equality Now's Profile and click Inara where it says signature blends.

Now I have a question how are you finding these other teas, such as the Dr. Horrible one etc.?
I've got the Firefly tea, and it's quite good. I may have to try out some of these others. :D

EDIT: Here's a description of the "Mal" tea: Contains: gunpowder, mandarin green

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At first I thought the headline of this topic was mispelled and it was supposed to be Firefly "tees". Was damn confused when I got to the site and saw actual tea!
"Now I have a question how are you finding these other teas, such as the Dr. Horrible one etc.?"

Click on "blends", then you can browse the blends by name from the list on the left. :D

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magrat, thanks for that! Makes me want some! And it does sound yummy.
austinglobe, where did you find the buffy teas?
Here's the Buffy one:

It has blood orange/chocolate chip.

I have tried the Inara blend, and I just ordered the Malcolm and Buffy blends.
I'm with everyone else. I'd love to buy some but without even a rough description of the blend I can't justify ordering. I'd be better off just donating straight to equity NOW.
Adagio's Firefly teas were linked here back in April.

However, since they've added a Dr. Horrible blend, I'll change the link title to highlight that addition.

ETA: Have to admit, I can't see where it says money will be contributed to Equality Now - anyone?
Here's where they mention the donation:

I'm pretty sure that back in April there was only the one Firefly blend.

The two blends for Equality Now, Inara and Mal, which headed this thread, are new news.


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They have several new ones since the one in April, but finding what is in them takes a few clicks - here they are:

Malcolm: Gunpowder (a green tea); with mandarin green tea ($1 to Equality Now)
Inara: Valentines, Passionfruit, spearmint ($1 to Equality Now)
Nandi: Passionfruit and Peaches (black tea)
Kaylee: Vanilla and Wild Strawberries (rooibos)
Simon: Irish Breakfast, currants and berries (black tea)
Shepard Book: Vanilla oolong, rooibos, gunpowder green (mix blend)
Zoe: kukicha green, cherries and other fruits, gunpowder (green tea)
Badger: earl grey, rum flavored black and apples (black tea)
Wash: Valentines (chocolate and strawberries), tropical fruit, coconut (black tea)
Buffy: Blood orange; chocolate chip (black tea)
Dr. Horrible: berry blues, vanilla (black tea)
Thanks, austinglobe. I totally see Wash with coconut in it, and Buffy & Dr. Horrible sound delicious. Actually, I like them all. Alright, I'm not a big fan of green tea (so I lied), but I'd put money towards it if all of the teas donated $1 to Equality Now. They could sell it as a Joss Set.

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