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July 20 2008

Crochet editor addresses gap in Dr. Horrible buzz. In response to the interview at WIRED, editor of and Interweave Crochet Kim Werker wants to interview Joss.

Joss said, "Fact is, there's been some buzz, but it hasn't reached the places it would normally. Where's our write-up in Crocheting Monthly? (I did a very sexy shoot for that one.)" Kim's trying to address this gap by interviewing Joss for a crochet publication.

Ooooohhh! I love crocheting! What an awesome blend of two of my favorite things. Also, I sort of want a crocheted Jayne doll of my very own :-)
OK, that's my favorite link in . . . forever, maybe. :-)
Good luck !!!

Off to tell Dr. Horrible about their request!
lol, this has the potential to be the best Dr. Horrible interview that Joss Whedon ever gives. I hope he sees this link.
I like it. A LOT. That Jayne doll is so cute! This will teach Whedon to "Joss" around... there are eyes and ears everywhere! Mwah ha huh?

BTW, loving the Whedonesque praise and recognition. Proud to be a member of such a respectable site.
I want the little bitty knitted Jayne doll!
That. Is. Priceless.

Sheer perfection. Best link ever.

I'm sure there's more hyperbole I could use, but I shall save it for the actual interview.
Awww! They've made the entire crew!
This is so fun!
Too funny, go The fans they are everywhere.
Kim (of Crochet Me) is a dear friend, and amusingly enough, when we were on book tour together a few years ago, I think I was the one who convinced her that YES, she really did need to sit down and watch ALL the Buffy DVDs. And now this...

I've already told her if she succeeds, she has to promise to tell Joss I want to knit a sweater for him (and sell the pattern to benefit Equality Now). It's already half-designed... complete with "vampire bite" motif on one side of the neckline.
...and in response to Kim's post, I put up a photo of the sweater chart in progress. You can see it here.
Aww, adorable.

Honestly, Joss should do an interview with AmericanGirl magazine if it means they're be more Dr. Horrible. It would also mean more Joss, which would be obviously hilarious ("Hideous lumps! Oh, that's a cranberry.").
Aw, that was the most cutest thing ever. I just love the people in this fandom. You guys should have PhDs in adorableness! Good luck and hope you get your interview with Joss!

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I'm jumping on the bandwagon (because, well, fun!) and keeping my fingers crossed this works out for them :).
It would be so cool if Joss not only gave them a short interview, but supplied a sexy picture as well. I'm sure he has dozens lying around.;-)
I'm holding out for a photo of him wearing the sweater when I get it finished, myself.
At the Mutant Enemy Picket Picnic, he said that he liked women's sweaters because they always felt so nice. That he would go shopping in the women's section and the sales woman would ask what size his wife wore. "Oh, about my size" would be his reply.

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