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July 21 2008

The Guild: Episode 10 - Re-loaded... Now with a shiny new commentary. Didn't get enough Penny in Doc Horrible? Revisit the Guild and pick up all sorts of interesting tidbits about the making of Episode 10.... and check it out Penny really was Evil after all.

The Cheetos thing was kind of funny and ironic...
The Guild is definitely a cute, entertaining production. Kudos to Felicia and her guild for making it!
I liked that she pimped the Browncoat table at Comic Con!
I liked the bit about the pudding being disgusting, because she really seems to be enjoying it. I guess that is why they call it acting. I hope the frozen yogurt was better.
The location in the Cheetos advert is the same as the one in Doctor Horrible.
gossi, for real? That's cool, and very creepy. I wonder if that's why they decided to use it. Fond memories for FD?
Gossi, I don't think so. Look at the door handles on the dryers: the Cheetos dryers have a bar handle across the middle, but the ones in Dr Horrible don't. It wouldn't have jumped out at me without the memorable dryer door scene in Act I.

FWIW, American laudraterias all look alike.
I was wondering exactly how much froyo Felicia consumed over the six day shoot.

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