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July 21 2008

Amy Acker to guest star in ABC drama, Private Practice. According to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello.

"4:18 pm: Rhimes says with the exception of David Sutcliffe's return, there's no big guest casting to announce. I beg to differ. I watched the premiere Tuesday night and I spotted Amy Acker!"

Yay Marti! Yay Amy! (now I just have to start watching this again...doh!)
Well, Marti left the production of Private Practice, a few months ago.
Great for Amy, though, we'll see her again, before the premiere of Dollhouse.
Crap, now I have to watch another procedural drama, because Amy's in it. Thankfully it's only a guest-role ;)
Private Practice is much more of a soap than a procedural.
Every time I hear about Private Practice I see the gaping hole that is the absence of Judging Amy.
Anyone know why Marti Noxon left Private Practice? I'm not a PP watcher but I'm a Marti Noxon fan. I hope it was her choice and that she has already found something great to work on.
now I just have to start watching this again...doh!)

Yeah... me too.
I'm a Grey's Anatomy fan, but didn't like PP as much... I'll star again, for Amy.
I'll probably watch this for Amy, but I was just never able to get on board with Private Practice. I love Grey's, but I watched the first couple episodes of Practice and it just didn't do anything for me.
I love Private Practice. Although, I'm biased, as a Chris Lowell fan. It's cute and fun, and much more laidback and less infuriating than Grey's Anatomy.

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