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July 21 2008

Mark Millar talks Joss Whedon. In a talk where he discusses more on his ideas to reboot the Superman film series should Bryan Singer depart, Millar talks about Joss's time on Wonder Woman as a big reason he wouldn't take on other comic characters on the big screen.

"So many of my friends who work in movies just tell me horror stories. You’ve got to look at Joss Whedon as the perfect example."

The comments are towards the end of the interview.Millar says some very nice things about Joss and his work.

I shuddered when I read Millar's account of Joss losing two years on Wonder Woman. I know it's heresy to write this since it's not supposed to be out and about, but I'd love to read the script that Joss wrote. I'd wager it's dynamite.
Hopefully, more people end up feeling like mr. Millar does. It'd be poetic justice if people end up not wanting to work on these types of movies, if al they'll get is time wasted. Also: thinking about this make me even more happy that Joss did Dr. Horrible. Creative freedom = good :).
You’ve got to look at Joss Whedon as the perfect example. Joss is one of the best writers on the planet. Brilliant guy, great writer, excellent director, white hot - and they brought him on to Wonder Woman. And they just wasted two years of his life.

That breaks my heart.
I don't think I agree with Millar's take on the difference between Superman and Batman fans, although I do understand where he's coming from. Thing is, I don't see the two heroes so much different in what they want as their outlook on the world. Superman is the more upbeat, positive, optimistic guy, while Batman sees things in, IMO, a more realistic fashion. Which one would I rather "hang out" with? Well, probably Clark Kent, because he's the real person behind Superman, while with Batman, it's Bruce Wayne who's the disguise. But as a hero, I prefer Batman, because he's out there in the grit doing what he can without the superpowers.

And I agree with phlebotinin: If I can't see Joss's "Wonder Woman" on screen, I'd give a shiny dollar just to read the script.
At first I thought this was going to be an interview with MILES Millar wanting to reboot the Superman movie franchise, and my stomach did an unpleasant little backflip.

Mark Millar is all good, though.
I'd be more interested Mark Millar filming his '1985'. It's early (i.e. good) Stephen King meets the Marvel universe.
Think i'm waiting for '1985' in trade. Of his stuff I wouldn't mind a film of how 'Wanted' actually turned out (as opposed to the early treatment that ended up being adapted) and 'Chosen' was pretty good too. Not read all of Ultimates but I suspect if Marvel's plans work out, we'll probably see a fair bit of that incorporated into upcoming films (they already have ;).

Millar's always good value in interview, says it as he sees it. That said, i'm not sure how radically Superman needs to be changed. Seemed like a virtue in the Singer film that he didn't really change at all, that the idea was there's still room in the world for a hero like that so i'd be slightly leery (though that said, 'Red Son' had nice ideas but was still recognisably Superman and since he's loved the character his whole life I don't see him e.g. having a black suit and not flying and/or battling giant spiders ;). And I like what he says about "Don't you like nice people ?" ;).

(and strictly, he's not talking about Superman fans vs Batman fans, he's talking about people that don't like Superman - the fact that they like Batman instead is incidental. I prefer Batman but I like 'em both for instance)
I would want them to keep Bryan Singer's Superman intact for any movies that might happen over the next few years. Even with Kate Bosworth as Lois, she wasn't great but did okay. Kevin Spacey can definitely stay as Lex. I had no expectations going into the theatre that summer and one friend who's a huge Superman fan who liked the first couple original films and another friend who's barely read a Superman comic both enjoyed it, was better than they thought it'd be (I'm somewhere in the middle--I've read some Superman trades that my sister bought, saw the films when I was little, and enjoyed Superman in animated form). Lex's land plot was a little...not very special and only sort of made sense, but otherwise it was good. I remember the trailers giving me chills. Didn't get all fanboy-hatish about Clark's kid, I love when writers are willing to mess with the status quo (this might be why I liked Batman Beyond so much, where you have an 80-year old Bruce Wayne and a look at Gotham in the future).

I would pay $10.40-something to read Joss' Wonder Woman script, it's what I would've given the theatre to see it.
ONly $10.40? Here it's $12.75.
Where are ya ? I'm talking $10.40-something Canadian (I think that's what a regular movie ticket comes to typically with tax). Famous Players and Cineplex theatres. AMC is a few dollars more. IMAX is only two dollars more, apparently ? I forget, the last IMAX I went to was Beowulf.
It's 7 quid a pop over here (outside of London). So what's that, about $13.80 Canadian ?
"Joss is one of the best writers on the planet."

Wowsers, can't hate that...

I hafta like Superman... I spent too much of my childhood curled up with him not to like him.

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