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July 21 2008

Need a Jayne Hat? Going to Comic-Con? Among all of the other Cool Schwag that the California Browncoats will have for sale at their booth will be an astonishing number of Jayne Hats, lovingly made by Big Damn Knitters from across the country. The Californian Browncoats will also be selling Signature Editions (as signed by Nathan and Alan) of an exclusive version of Serenity: Better Days #1 at Comic Con as well.

There is also a rumor of a Jayne Hat Flash Mob at the con.

Originally posted by Betnoir, reposted by me.

The new thing about those Better Days comics is the Signature Editions. We will have comics signed by Nathan or Alan, and some signed by Nathan *and* Alan. These are in very limited supply. So get one early if you want one.

And I would be a bad person if I didn't thank all the knitters who made all those hats. They did such a great job and sent us well over 100 hats combined. We're going to have about 10 times more hats than any of the previous years!

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Yeah! I am so happy that the comics are going to be available on ebay. Thank You!

Now I can get a signed comic and a chance to support the charity.

Have fun in San Diego!
I need a Jayne hat that's big enough to fit my noggin... (7-3/4")

My hat, while it's one of the coolest fan made hats that I've ever been able to find, is still too small to have that "rumpled" look. I look like I'm wearing an orange and yellow sock stretched over my head. (grin)

Same thing with my Filson wool "thrilling heroics" hat, too, dangit.
MIke --

How big around is your coconut? I made one using the exact same pattern as my donated hats for my 76th pal, Doc Jubal, who possessed almost 25 inches of Big Bald Coconut ( that came out wrong). Fits him just dandy.

If you can't find one, contact me via the bigdamnknitters lj community and I shall see if I can hook you up.
I have a Jayne hat but it was made for me back when I had hair, I think. It's a little baggy on my head now.
B!x, maybe you and Mike can trade...

Spacegirl3200 - There will be very, very few signed comics listed on ebay. Single digits few. There will be around 100 unsigned comics listed. The easiest way to find them is to use our ebay link on our site. I'm going to list them with a lot of different titles to help anyone searching to find them. :)

If it's not being sold on ebay by user id californiabrowncoats, then anything over the original $10 price will be going to the seller, not KNTR. It means that they bought one from us at Comic-Con and immediately listed it on ebay hoping to cash in on the exclusivity. This is one of the main reasons we are listing them on ebay ourselves. The other is exactly the reason spacegirl stated above.

For all of the comics on our auctions, we will be donating everything after fees/costs to KNTR. This means any final bid amount. If one of the signed editions goes for $100, then KNTR will be getting about 90-95% of that. I don't know the exact fee structure off hand, but I hope that gives you an idea of how we are working this.
Thanks Danregal! You Rock!
I will be looking this on ebay.
That is a truly impressive amount of knitting. And generosity.
Already have a Jayne-Hat :D
I wonder how much they are.
Korkster - How coincidental of you to ask. :) We have a shopping list ready and waiting for you to download with all the items we will have and their prices.

The only thing not there are the signed comics, and those are priced on the site.
Niiiice, thanks danregal. Glad I could be a lead-in for you. :) And just what I needed too! Now I know how much money I wish I was bringing. ;)

Definitely hit up the DVDs...

Are the items in Yellow for charity?
Yes indeed. All the yellow highlighted items are for charity. :)

And also for Comic-Con:

Shawna Trpcic will be signing Friday 10:30 - 11:30 AM
Nancy Holder will be signing Thursday 12:00 - 1:00 PM

And here is a tentative list of every author who will be doing a reading at the Browncoat meeting room on Sunday (Room 24A 12-2 PM)

Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta
Jim Butcher
C.E. Murphy
Cam Banks
Jamie Chambers
Nancy Holder & her daughter Belle
Felicia Day (not an author, but a huge fan of books!)
PJ Haarsma

All updates that we actually have time to list will be here.
You're not doing a reading, danregal? I feel cheated!
I read aloud like a week old open can of coke.


I've been told I should be there for the announcements and Q&A type stuff. So we'll see.
Just got word that Jim Butcher and Cam Banks have early flights on Sunday, so they will not be able to make it to the meeting room.

Also just gave in and agreed to let gossi have some time to talk about Serenity marketing, online stuff and whatever else he wants to talk about. If he's paying attention here, I'll let him explain. :) (I haven't had time to talk to him about details, so there will be something, just not sure what)

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