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July 21 2008

Those Whedonverse comic book chart positions for June. Buffy #15 comes in at no. 12, Angel: After The Fall #8 and #9 at no. 43 and 45 respectively and Runaways #30 at no. 60.

Much the same as previous months. Dark Horse and IDW must be very happy bunnies.

I really enjoyed the "historical" Marvel-verse in Runaways, especially how it managed to be both nostalgic and anti-nostalgic. Nico's arc was strange in the good way, becoming the un-punisher of fickle "ho-bag" and a frighteningly fierce punisher of the Yorkes. Ultimately, however, it is all about the Molly. has the estimastes for the month. ICV2, not yet.
Also Note Astonishing X-Men Vol 4 at no. 4 in graphic novels.

I'm a little surprised Runaways Young Avengers Secret Invasion #1 placed so much better than Runaways at no.38.
ICV2 figs now up, link changed accordingly. Looks linke #10 shipped early in some parts.

June 2008
43 Angel After The Fall #8 $3.99 47,888
45 Angel After The Fall #9 $3.99 47,081
276 Angel After The Fall #10 $3.99 3,366

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