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July 21 2008

Full episode of last week's BEST WEEK EVER with Joss is up. You guys already saw the behind-the-scenes thingy last week y/y?

Is it just me, or is this the douchiest show ever? The Whedon part was funny though.
Can someone please tell me the min:sec mark for Joss' bit so I don't have to sit through all of that intellectual equivalent of vomit to get there?
Nevermind. Found it. It was stupid and all about the host/interviewer, heaven help any of you who watch it.
I actually watched it all when it was on TV. It wasn't *that* bad.

(I'm lying.)

I don't know the min,sec mark but it's pretty much right in the middle. Or just right after the middlemark. He sings two words...
If you use the right arrow key you can forward through it.
Um... I like Joss so I watched it?/uptalk

I still like Joss just as much, but now I know another show not to bother with. Honestly, it made me feel a little yucky, like a crappy party you can't wait to leave, but you hafta get your friend out of there before you can go.
I'm with you QG. Who watches this? What an odd odd show.
This show is kind of dumb. I think it is very out of place during the day and must be more entertaining late at night when you are trying not to fall asleep. Or not. I enjoyed Joss, but the interviewer was really wierd.

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I vow never to watch that again. But if it introduced a few more people to Joss via Dr. Horrible, it may also have raised their IQs a few points as well. Or not...I suspect my IQ may have been permanently lowered.
I see this show probably targeted to college students staying up way late writing thier mid-term papers and getting distracted sort of thing. Definitely not for a Joss audience, but hopefully it'll rope in some newbies.
Hmm, it says "Joss Wheadon" on the right of the video. Who am I to begrudge a new spelling?
One of the Dr. Horrible reviews I read referred to a Joss Wheldon throughout. Title, tag, everything.

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