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August 12 2002

"Cause I'm standing right here!" New stuff on the official Firefly site. The "Event" trailer is well worth its 19mb download. Also, a new 'weblog' entry, that doesn't reveal much.

I think someone needs to look up the definition of a weblog. "Regular, daily updates, links, commentary..."? If it's a journal, call it a journal. To be honest, this kind of thing usually works better if it's written by fans for fans. What I'd like to see in a weblog on an official site? Well... talk about details. About shoots. What happens. What does the cameraman do? Who's the director. What else has he done. Links to go with that information. Nerdy stuff... what kind of mics are used? Where can you read up on them? Food on the set - what's the catering like? Does the chef have a special recipe he can share? Etc, etc, etc. In other words, think of your audience. You're not writing for the crew. You're writing for the fans.

But anyway. That trailer looks fab, the dialogue sounds snappy and funny, the sets look slick and believable. I've read a lot of negative reactions from fans to this new project, but I'm looking forward to it. Spot the actor who's already played two roles on BtVS!

The trailer does look cool, although the lame voice-over is pretty distracting (network-enforced, probably).

And I guess it's too much to hope for a new sci-fi show to not break the "no sound in the vacuum of space" rule... Now that would be original.
In the pilot, explosions in space have no sound.

Here's a full recap of the pilot. (Which will not be aired until later in the season.)
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As we later found out, Firefly did indeed manage to avoid lame in-space-explosion sound effects. What a great show...

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