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July 09 2003

Iyari Limon Turned 21 Yesterday. Her birthday is July 8th, 1982.

Sheesh, I feel so old! :)

Is she still a brat? ;) Happy belated birthday Iyari.
I know you're joking, but Iyari's commented that whenever fans have approached her, they've expected her to be just like Kennedy, but are always won over by her own approachability and friendliness.
I know, I'm in a massive minority here, but I liked Kennedy. I actually hoped she would take over for Buffy by the end of the season, as I found her the most palitable of the initial three 'potentials.' Strong, knowledgable but not too book smart, and not so cookie cutter personality.
You don't have to feel so old, as Iyari is more like 24 or 25.

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