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July 21 2008

Welcome (back) to the Dollhouse. A New Pilot? A New Hope? A Prequel? A Nyquil? What's the skinny on DOLLHOUSE and why doesn't this link to anything?

Hi guys. Well, it’s been an eventful week. While all of you have been enjoying (and in some cases, suddenly NOT enjoying) our adorable little musical romp “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” (exclusively available on iTunes!) (And I lied about some people not enjoying it!) I’ve been busying myself with a little something I like to call DOLLHOUSE. Finishing a new episode. Finishing a new… here’s the headline… FIRST episode.

What’s that, you say? A second first? How can such a thing be? Does it defy the laws of all physics? Well, I sat down with Rutherford D. Actualperson to do a quick Q&A and give you all the skinny on the progress of my new series (Available on iTunes at some point one would assume!)

Rutherford D. Actualperson: Joss. You are a legend in the industry, and your forehead is a normal size proportionate to your face. Tell me about the idea behind doing a new first episode. Didn’t you already shoot one?

Joss: Yes, Ruhthie, I did. And it was grand, simply grand.

R.D.A: Then why shoot another? Also, your teeth are whitish.

Joss: I said it was grand, I didn’t say it was comprehensible. I showed some scenes to David Lynch and he’s all, “whuh?” Bad sign. But I kid.

The fact is, I’m very proud of the ep we shot and the series is making me crazy with the excitement. But I tend to come at things sideways, and there were a few clarity issues for some viewers. There were also some slight issues with tone – I was in a dark, noir kind of place (where, as many of you know, I make my home), and didn’t bring the visceral pop the network had expected from the script. The network was cool about it, but not sure how to come out of the gate with the ep.

R.D.A.: So they made you do another. It’s Firefly all over again! Run! For the love of God, HE’S CALLING FROM THE HOUSE!!!

Joss: Wow. Good panic.

R.D.A.: I try. But I am genuinely concerned. Also your smooth skin and elegant hands are making me bi-curious.

Joss: Well, the idea to do a new first episode wasn’t the network’s. It was mine. I understood their consternation, and saw the gap between my style and their expectations, and I suggested I shoot a new ep and make the one I’d shot the second. It isn’t going to be buried, like the pilot of Firefly. It’s simply coming after another, slightly cleaner ep. And because unlike Firefly, it isn’t a two hour epic which introduces everyone to each other, the onus isn’t on the new ep to explain a million things.

The fact is, Fox ordered the series before we shot a frame and then, after the strike, I had literally two months to write and prep the whole thing. Which means simply that the network has to figure out what they might want to tweak AFTER it was shot, unlike a pilot. Buffy didn’t make the fall sched, Angel got shut down when they saw the second ep outline… it’s birth pangs. The network truly gets the premise (this is a whole new crew, as you know), loves the cast, is excited about the show – but they’re also specific about how they want to bring people to the show and I not only respect that, I kinda have to slap my forehead that I didn’t tailor my tone and structure to the network’s needs, since that’s something I pride myself on.

R.D.A.: You’re not just being the good soldier?

Joss: We both know from years of experience that I’m a crap soldier, though I am an accomplished fan-dancer. No, this is a very cold look at what’s going on, and it’s not an Us vs Them. The truth is, I’m in love with this world, and I don’t care how people get into it. I have a million things to say about (and through) all of these characters, and I don’t mind which ones I say first. I think I just turned in a pretty cool pilot script. [Editor’s note: that means someone TOLD him THEY thought it was cool. He has no judgement of his own. This is sad, but on the plus side, it was probably one of his writers, who actually ARE cool. So rest easy.]

R.D.A.: So what does this mean for production?

Joss: We’ve pushed an extra few days so I can prep this bitch within an inch of its life, i.e., read it once more.

R.D.A.: But how will this affect the foundation of the very turning of our precious earth, and by that I mean Comiccon?

Joss: Yeah. Unfortunately, we won’t have a new teaser to show, since we’ll start shooting after the con. People will have to settle for chatting with Eliza and Tahmoh. But they’re likeable folk. (Sadly, Tahmoh only speaks Canadian, though he has a lovely translator at his side, like Isabella Rosselini in “White Nights”.) We’ll still rock the panel, but showing clips is kind of a tradition, so my emoticon doth frown.

R.D.A.: And the first first episode?

Joss: I’ll reshoot a few scenes, but it’ll basically air as is. When I was given seven episodes, I referred to them as “the Seven Pilots”, ‘cause you always have to lay out the premise one way or another in those early eps. So instead of Grumpy, this particular episode will be Sneezy. (Seriously. Eliza fights POLLEN! Sooo sexy.)

R.D.A.: So Eliza’s still a different character every week?

Joss: Often several.

R.D.A: And in the Dollhouse, the amazing-looking facility where all the beautiful people whose memories have been wiped live in a state of unselfconscious innocence, the showers are co-ed? [Editor’s note: the showers are co-ed?]

Joss: The showers are co-ed. [Editor’s note: HOT damn.]

R.D.A.: So nothing of substance has been changed. Shower-wise.

Joss: You are a sad, lonely actual man, Actualman.

R.D.A.: So true, so true. Thank you for talking/fan-dancing to me. Anything else you’d like to add?

Joss: Available exclusively on iTunes! Oh. About Dollhouse? Only that it’s going to be a funhouse ride of excitement, fear, existential angst and co-ed showers. That I love it. Love the writers, love the cast, and already blissfully live in the strange, compelling world of the removable self. Hmm. When I pitched it to Eliza, she said “My God, it’s my life!” But after that sentence, I think maybe it’s mine.

R.D.A.: I guess we’ll have to wait till January to see what you’ve cooked up.

Joss: And I’ll probably keep cooking till the moment I serve.

R.D.A.: Would you hold me?

Joss: Yes, Ruhthie. Yes I will.

[Editor’s note in Strongbad’s voice: IT’S OVER!]

You are one kookie man, Mr. Joss. Kookie. :-)
Love ya Joss and look forward to Dollhouse! Oh, and bonus points for the Strongbad voice :)
Joss, you may live in Noirland, but you're one of the funniest men ever put on the planet. You sure work hard. Do you ever take yourself out for a nice dinner? And thanks for what you said about Penny in your live interview today - I'm sure that helped clarify a lot of the reading-into and consternation about what people wanted her to be.

Can't wait for Dollhouse. It'll be so awesome that socks will blow off ... and reveal lederhosen.
My excitement for the show wavereth not a bit. I hope, however, that you'll forgive me for not getting my hopes up when it comes to network folk.

It's a coping thing.
And, because this was such a slow period, joss (hi there purple man ;)), brings us actual news. It was pretty funny that ActualPerson (who, strangely, shares initials with Richard Dean Anderson... wait, maybe we'll have Dollhouse/McGyver/SG-1 crossovers?) kept asking the questions I wanted to ask. Joss McGyver really knows us.

Also: It'll be interesting to see the second episode now and see if it would've worked better or worse as a pilot. I see lovely threads (lacy, gently wafting threads) in our future. Also: whee!

ETA: spelling names correctly: hard.

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Joss, you make me so very, very happy. You had me giggling like a little girl.

Good luck on the new first episode, I'm very much looking forward to Dollhouse, and thanks so much for Dr. Horrible!
I showed some scenes to David Lynch and he’s all, “whuh?”

I just snorted iced tea up my nose.

eta: Also, cannot wait for Dollhouse.

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Gods, I don't know what to say after that. :)
Aw, you know he's in love with the show when he pulls out Actualman to do an interview.
Heh. I just finished re-reading all those awesome interviews I did with myself a couple years ago, and then I come here and see this.

And a Strong Bad reference at the end.

But in serious...ality... now, Joss, I have to say I'm excited for this. Obviously there's always going to be wrinkles with new shows (not just with FOX ones...) and it's good that hopefully they can be ironed out long before they become creases.

Basically, I'm really glad that YOU decided to make a new pilot, instead of being forced to write one in a weekend.

And with Dr. Horrible available (where again?) we have a recent dose of Jose to tide us over until all the ironing is done.

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Six months? Oh, we all know it will be worth the wait. I am really looking forward to seeing how the characters will develop if all of their defining moments (bar Echo) are in one building.

*gah* strong character development... I have missed you.

Also, Available exclusively on itunes!
Hi Joss! I loved Dr. Horrible, and cannot wait for Dollhouse. Also, I hope that we will be seeing more Dr. Horrible sometime in the near future. Cannot wait for the DVD release. You are awesome! :)
...though I am an accomplished fan-dancer.

Is that available on iTunes as well?

Dollhouse. Can't wait.
R.D. Actualman sounds like he has a man crush! Waiting for this show is agony.
I'd buy an accomplished fan-dancer on itunes.

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Thank Joss we had Dr. Horrible to tide us over until Dollhouse. I don't think I could have waited all those extra months without it.

(Also this one post successfully made my not-so-manic Monday about 200% better. Mega points to Joss.)
Must remember was Joss' idea to "shoot a new ep and make the one I’d shot the second. It isn’t going to be buried, like the pilot of Firefly."
Yes, I hope that, the redoing of the first episode is Jossir's idea, doesn't get lost in the PANIC! But alas some will PANIC and conclusion-jump.
This is bizarre. I refer not to the fantastic fever dream nature of the statements of Our Purple Leader. No, I refer to the dissonance between all those glowing reviews of the first, pre-change Dollhouse pilot script and the now apparent need to revise it. But never mind. I shall take heart in the Man Himself's assurances ('tis his show) and not spiral downwards into an Us versus Them puddle of pain. No siree. Onward, ever forward.

Thank you as ever for bothering to check in with us, Joss. And thank you and your people for the amazing, the wondrous "Dr. Horrible." It is legend.

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Thanks for the info, Your Purplyness. Can't wait for Dollhouse. Maybe the Dr. Horrible dvd will be out before January so we have something to do with our drool towels in the meantime?
Capturing the top 3 slots on iTunes TV must have pushed your credibility among studio execs up... "to 11". Hopefully on future projects like Dollhouse and others they'll give you more lattitude now since you've proven that creative freedom = lots o' cash.

Any feedback from Musical God (Sondheim) on Dr. Horrible. Did he see it? Has he officially deemed you his successor?
I like Dark and Foreboding, it sounds right down my proverbial alley.

I can't wait to get to know and love these new characters and have them forever and ever.

Oh wait. Joyce, Tara, Quinn, Fred, Wesley, Book, Wash ...

Okay so maybe not forever, but I will enjoy them as long as I can.
Hmm. I know this was a pre-emptive notice to keep everyone from freaking when they found out what happened to the pilot, and, in that sense, I can see it's accomplishing its task, for most folks. But still, every advance review by someone who'd read the pilot was either highly positive or ecstatic. Nobody mentioned a lack of clarity or comprehensibility. I'm not sure what "no visceral pop" means to a network exec, either. I guess we'll find out, but I'm not as reassured as most posters.

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Just out of curiousity, who chose the color puple for his posts?
Thank you for Dr. Horrible, Joss! I look forward to the DVD. I can't wait for Dollhouse either. I can't wait to fall in love with a new set of characters and watch them grow. And thank you for providing us with such amusing updates.
Actually, gossi mentioned it, I believe.
Your wisdom is as grand as your forehead, good sir. We appreciate letting us know what's the what.
Joss, thank you for explaining that Dollhouse isn't Firefly, and I kinda feel bad that you felt you needed to because your fans are all paranoid and generally annoying. I am REALLY looking forward to the new show, and I love LOVE Doctor Horrible.
(but next time maybe you could warn us ahead of time of who you plan to kill?)
I showed some scenes to David Lynch and he’s all, “whuh?”

I'll bet he was all into Bad Horse, though*. (By the way, thanks a mazillion for Dr. Horrible. I, too, am a big fan of The Dark. Not just because I am dark. Well...actually I'm more milk chocolate than...never mind.)
So, you re-did the first episode. Will the original first ep be one of the DVD extras? With commentary? (See, some of us like to see how the sausage is made).I'm glad they're going to actually show the first (pilot) episode FIRST.
I'm sure they know that they would incur the wrath of The Fandom if they tried to pull the same crap they did with Firefly.
There are songs written about the mess they made with that show. Songs.
I'm just sayin'...

*I know you were kidding...t'was hi-larious!

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I posted an item a few days ago about a delay, but it was weirdly sourced (and not entirely consistent with the above), so I'm not surprised it went away very quickly.

But back on topic, I'm kind of confused by this. I don't recall being confused by the pilot script. That said, I'm extraordinarily curious to see how it could possibly work as a second episode, because right now I can't see it working as a second episode, at least not a particularly strong one.

I get that this sounds contradictory. How can it be a not particularly strong second episode if it would have been a strong first episode? But I don't know how to answer that without spoiling the script. (And I know others already have, but when I reviewed it I specifically didn't spoil it, so I'm not inclined to do so now either.)

Networks, we don't need no stinking networks. Think about an independant website subscribtion letting the veiwers to decide what they want to watch. Time to redo entertainment and let the people who know what people want to watch (the creators) have the reins (insert evil laugh here). Dr. Horrible is only the begining, proof you can't stop the signal.
Any feedback from Musical God (Sondheim) on Dr. Horrible. Did he see it? Has he officially deemed you his successor?

Some think that Adam Guettel may have already claimed that title, but Mr. Joss, I think there's room at the successor table for the both of you!
[Editor’s note in Strongbad’s voice: IT’S OVER!]

Oh, and there's The Paper.

What the shit, "Under Your Spell/Standing (Reprise)" just came up on Winamp. It's like Joss is inside my computer.

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Joss, how's about you (and your brothers...and future sis-in-law) getting together with Jonathan Coulton and writing a musical?
Joss makes me laugh. Here's the question Mr. RDA didn't ask that I want answered:

Why do you create these strong women characters?

Excited about Dollhouse. Trying to keep it reigned in.
"didn’t bring the visceral pop the network had expected from the script."

I take that to mean the actual filmed episode did not *entirely* live up to the glory that was the script; and rather than re-film that script he decided to write an entirely new first episode.
Glad to see you back doing the tv-direction-stuff-thing. Also, I'm glad the integrity of the showers have been preserved. That's always a good thing, in my opinion.



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Doctor Horrible is phenomenal. The first time I listened to "On the Rise" I bawled like a baby. The biggest conflict I feel within myself is whether or not I have faith in humanity and can therefore relate the crap out of Billy and Penny. You get what its like, I get what its like, its a whole big getting-fest. You did it, you cut the head off the monster and made another masterpiece. Keep doing what you do with hope.

January cannot come sooner. Literally, it can't. If it could, I'd make it. If I had a freeze-ray, I could stop time, but that would be counter-productive. So yeah.

Oh, and thank you so much. "It's okay, Joss Whedon will save us."
I like Dark and Foreboding, it sounds right down my proverbial alley.

I can't wait to get to know and love these new characters and have them forever and ever.

Oh wait. Joyce, Tara, Quinn, Fred, Wesley, Book, Wash ...

Okay so maybe not forever, but I will enjoy them as long as I can.

[ edit ] shepherdbookshair | July 22, 04:26 CET

I forgot to add Penny to the list, yep, I liked the nerdy, sexy redhead.
"Also your smooth skin and elegant hands are making me bi-curious."

Yeah, see, this is where I did my everso charming laugh-snort.

Joss' post made me realize that we don't need to have highly original and intelligent questions prepared for ComicCon - we can just have Joss interview himself, because he is pithy.

Yes, and color me Dollhouse-soothed.
Ha ha ha. I ALWAYS do the "it's over" thing in StrongBad's voice! Joss, you stole my bit!
I really hope Dollhouse ends up in a dark, dark place. I've seen enough candyfloss and kittens to last a lifetime. Something BSG-like in tone would be wonderful.

Whatever it ends up as, I'm really looking forward to this. /here's hoping that the BBC pick it up (it's doubtful I know, but they enjoyed Buffy so much, one can hope)

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Um, yeeeeeeaahh... I'm kinda with shambleau and bix on this one. Not so much with the feeling reassured by this. I remain very excited for the premier of Dollhouse, but I'm dubious about juggling acts like this. :/
I didn't say I wasn't reassured, but then I wasn't particularly worried to begin with.

My only real issue is I don't get how the pilot works as a second episode. But I guess I'll find out next year.
We are knocking at the door of your beautiful dark, noir kind of place that you have listed as your address. I look forward to this second of eps and hear what you are demanding from your crazy subordinates, which is not to launch grenades.

Thank you so much for posting, we have been waiting to hear from you.
Joss, I wuv you so berry much especially after DHSAB. LOVE, I tell you (not in a scary way, just in an appreciative adoring fan kind of way).

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Joss, perhaps you can ask Dr. Horrible nicely (or would it be evilly?) to start working on a speed-ray...
I think Joss should interview himself like this at least once a month.
Professor F. A. Nom-Bois, chair of the Center for International Whedon Studies, raves, "The funniest pseudo-interview since Plato's Apology! (Spoiler: Socrates dies in the end.)"

The National Whedonological Service forecast: "A potent discharge of non-panicky precipitation, emanating from the Western Joss-stream, will meet the high fandom pressure system over the next 24-36 hours, resulting in a 50% chance of pockets of worrisome fan conditions."
Joss I must admit that I have a strange habit of printing out all your self-posts and stuffing them in my backpack so that I can read them whenever I need a funny.

also, I too am very pleased by your coed showers.

etf: idiot grammar

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Actually, from what I read, the original first episode didn't have nearly enough pie to satisfy Fox's wants. So the new episode will be all about pie. :D
Le sigh, I heart you Joss!!
Can't wait for Dollhouse and a Dr. Horrible sequel!!
This made my day.
I'm getting very excited for this! Woohoo!
Will Dollhouse also be available on iTunes, Amazon, etc? I live in a dorm and lack TV, so computer is pretty much my only way...
And if a computer version is available, any chance it will have subtitles?
*Please* let Dollhouse be available on iTunes!

And... co-ed showers? I thought you went to Wesleyan, not Oberlin, O Titian-locked monarch of Jossocity!
Joss, thank you for explaining that Dollhouse isn't Firefly, and I kinda feel bad that you felt you needed to because your fans are all paranoid and generally annoying.

I come by my paranoia and annoyingness honestly, and am not ashamed of them. I am not entirely reassured by the soothing words, but I'm very glad Joss made time to come say them himself, since "not entirely reassured" is better than that thing where all you can do is rock back and forth, which I might have done if it had come from another source.
Is it bad that I'm still paranoid?

Silly me.
Wonderful "interview", full of all the usual Joss funny that I love so much.

I wish I could be as optimistuc as Joss but sadly all the "new crew" rhetoric doesn't work for me. Well, lets hope we at least get to see the "Seven Pilots" before it gets flushed.

Damn - and I'd almost dared to hope before this!

Yippee and whoohoo...I like pie and maybe the pie is overfilledith!
Um... why is Richard Dean Anderson interviewing the guy in the purple silk boxers? Why is the guy in the purple silk boxers wearing garters on his black crew socks? And WHo is this StrongBad anyway?
We lurve you, Boss, but you need to stop interviewing yourself. I mean really- can't you get anyone else to do it? ;-)
I'm not panicking. These things happen. Not for a reason, they just happen. Where did I hear that...
Visions of Kevin Smith talking about his Superman experience have just come to mind for some reason. No, must not panic.

Okay, who here is now planning on recording the first episode, NOT watching it until they watch the (now) second episode, just so they can see if it works as a first episode?

No? Just me then.

(I know Joss said he's made small changes to the shot episode so it won't really work but...)
Ed R: you can check out some StrongBad clips on YouTube.

I think I might be the only fan in the Whedonverse who has not, and cannot, see Dr. Horrible. Well, maybe the only fan in the Whedonverse who wants to and can't. Curse you, dial-up! Curse you, minimum-wage job! Curse you, me for flunking college three years in a row & never amounting to anything, 'cause it's all my fault I...oh. Sorry.

Jossir, I do believe you're my MuseFather. 'cause my writing very often tends towards the dark and depressing. That, or I've got a lot of issues to deal with, and I take it out in my writing. Hmm.

So far the only two new shows I'm looking forward to, both of which won't happen until winter, are Dollhouse and Merlin. Off to google Strongbad, 'cause I'm a dork & have no clue what/who it is.
I kinda feel bad that you felt you needed to because your fans are all paranoid and generally annoying

I'm not all paranoid.
Just find room for a Bad Horse cameo and all is good.
Joss, who are you voting for in the Best Super Hero Ever tourney? Buffy or Superman? And what did you think of Batman being crushed by Buffy?
Television? That is soooo last week. I set fire to mine already. It's still smoldering! (In hindsight I should have taken it outside first).

Joss, seriously. Where have you been? Sure, TV was cool back in the golden age, before Veronica Mars was cancelled and BSG jumped the shark. But then you came along, scraped together some chump change (which given that it was your change probably didn't feel so chump), and tried to do something on the intrawebs that was a just a little bit different from the sixty billion other different things people were doing. And you hit it so far out of the park, that it went freakin' transdimensional, and now smells like cumin.

TV is dead to me, because you killed it. How's that for irony?

It's a brave new world. The nightmare is real.

Did I fall asleep?
Visceral pop doesn't really sound like a good thing to me, more with the painful than the fun. But I'll trust that everything is alright and repress my worry (after all I have it on good authority that repressing stuff makes it go away). Thanks for breaking the news all gently and funnily to us though.
It's almost like he thinks some of us have a tendency to over-react or a seething hate wariness of networks. Hmmm, it's a mystery. Still eagerly awaiting the premiere no matter what, even if you do listen to Lynch's likely suggestion to add more bunnies.

On a different note: Thank you (and J, M, Z) for sharing Dr. Horrible with us. It was wonderful. Frankly I'm at a bit of a loss for words but it obviously moved us all here on the black, so an inadequate 'thank you' is offered.
BSG jumped the shark.

Blasphemer! ;)
He so funny!! Still Can't wait for it!
What has Joss been smoking?
Whatever he's been smoking, I think it's best for all of us if he just keeps smoking it and we don't ask questions like "What has Joss been smoking?"

Horrible has gotten me really excited for Dollhouse. I keep envisioning a cross between Charlie's Angels, Fantasy Island, and the Bionic Woman, but that might be because my imagination stopped developing new concepts towards the end of the seventies.
I don't what tickles me more, Joss' post or the fact that it's gone out in its entirety over our RSS feed.
I am so looking forward to some unreality TV. Come soon, Dollhouse.
if anybody is wondering, when I reviewed the original pilot I gave it 8/10. I deducted one point because I didn't understand what was happening at certain points. (my forehead isn't big enough) (okay, that's a lie).

I deducted the other point 'cos Topher didn't play with his hair. Which, I'm sure you'll agree is the sign of a ten episode. That and stuff happening.
I am extremely excited about Dollhouse. This is going to be awesome! I'm not that worried about it being canceled, because even if it is we will at least get 7 whole episodes. But I hope it's not. I need a new Joss show. How many non-sequiter sentences can I get in here? French toast is the most un-marshmallow-like substance. Bats are not for hitting cars.

High five for the Homestar reference. And teen girl squad to boot.

I can't believe I just said "to boot." I never thought I would hear my fingers type those words. Together.

What was I talking about?

Oh. Dollhouse! Woohoo!
Maybe the hair playing was going to be directed, not scripted.
Gotta love posts from the big gorram Purple!!!
I love you Joss! Seriously this post just made me want Dollhouse to start airing tomorrow.
And this all just makes me more excited for this show, and sad. I'm going to miss out on Dollhouse's premiere as I'll be in Indonesia on deployment for 8 months soon.:o

On the plus side I'll have (hopefully) a season worth of Dollhouse to look forward to when I get back. And 8 months of Buffy season 8 to catch up on!
To answer a question from up thread... it was me. Meeeeeee. Who made the Man Purple.
I think I might be that lie that he told about some people SUDDENLY not enjoying Dr. Horrible. I think. I haven't made up my mind, yet because that tragic closer was SO prettily tragic.

Nonetheless, I can't wait for Dollhouse (I'm planning on hibernating some until it comes). And as a sidenote, I can't wait to see how Joss kills...
Buffy/Jenny/Joyce/Buffy/Tara/Doyle/Spike/Cordy/Fred/Wes/Book/Wash/Gunn/Kitty/Renee/Penny/Topher in the show.

And my apologies to any dead characters I may have forgotten...
The network truly gets the premise (this is a whole new crew, as you know), loves the cast, is excited about the show – but they’re also specific about how they want to bring people to the show and I not only respect that, I kinda have to slap my forehead that I didn’t tailor my tone

As the founder and sole member of the soon to be closed down "SAVE DOLLHOUSE FROM JOSS" campaign (in upper case to show its importance) I welcome this news.

When I pitched it to Eliza, she said “My God, it’s my life!” But after that sentence, I think maybe it’s mine.

That's some really beautiful writing. And I'm sorry you're not able to show the reel. But still there's always the season 2 reel for next year's Comic Con.
Golden. I cannot wait for this show. One thing I'd like, though, is for the inevitable S1 DVD release to feature the original pilot in its unchanged form, as a comparison to how it is as the second ep of the series. Best of luck to you and all the crew.

And Dr. Horrible was legendary. You really have started what I think will be a revolution with that production. Come to DVD, Horrible...
Who needs drugs when we have Joss.
Way to head them off at the pass Big Man, I actually stopped reading part way through to pop on my run-for-the shoes and aim myself at the nearest the-hills but then, wiser interview answers prevailed and now I feel more like moseying, probably only getting as far as that tree by the telegraph pole before remembering I left the iron on and coming back.

The news doesn't fill me with warm fuzzies but even if the folk at Fox are dead set on supporting Joss 110% (extra ten percent as a sort of mathematical reward for the perfect proportionality of his forehead) it's fair to say that part of that might be taking his amazing vision and helping him make something that's gonna be successful with a mass audience. So long as there's enough vision left, I can deal.

I think Joss should interview himself like this at least once a month.

And if he were to post them some of the time, bonus !

(as to the purple BTW, maybe Caroline just picked it cos she likes it but i've always assumed it's cos purple is the colour of royalty and round here, that's what the Whedonverse peeps amount to. And it ties in perfectly with their penchant for summary execution - made of win ;)
helluvah post naughty fan dancer..
re the itunes, would be nice if that was UK too, as Dr. H is not threatening these shores through your digital medium of choice.
How come you get to make posts like that? And how come your name is all purplish and cool? You think this is your site, mister? You think it's all about you? WELL, IT'S NOT!

Oh, wait...
Also, it looks pretty on black.
Joss makes me laugh lots!

And also, I think Ruthie has a man crush on our Jossy. Wonder if Ruthie knows that Joss Whedon is really him? Ack! All confused now, must lie down.

Oh, before then, thanks for the update your Purple Mighty-ness, as usual, that was way fun! Loving everything you do (in a mostly appropriate way)! Yay Joss! Yay Dollhouse!

Also, Yay Caroline! Yay pretty purple on black!

[ edited by Jossaholic on 2008-07-22 10:36 ]
Joss: The truth is, I’m in love with this world, and I don’t care how people get into it. I have a million things to say about (and through) all of these characters, and I don’t mind which ones I say first.

*sigh* I'm glad you feel this way about Dollhouse, Oh Purple One, but don't/didn't you feel this way about SereniFly as well? Call me Greedy (The 8th Dwarf), but it would sure be nice-ish if we could have Millions of things from Both worlds. In any case, I'm really looking forward to Doll House, and will gladly accept any stories from you.

-And Dr Horrible available on ITunes? I am So there! :)
Also, it looks pretty on black.

And it makes the site pretty much photocopy proof, handy.
If all Joss ever did was just write stuff like this, my life would still feel complete. There is something beautiful about waking up to such writing, and reading it instead of preparing breakfast (or lunch, I woke up rather late).

Naturally, I was somewhat concerned that a new pilot had to be made, but if the old one is to be preserved almost in its entirety, then I suppose we don't have much to worry about. These are your characters, Purple One, and you know how to work them. January can't come soon enough!

And the purple really does look pretty on black!
Joss - AWESOME!!!
And here's hoping you keep the first 'first' episode as maybe an extra-treat on the dvd/blu-ray box set.

You're fans are all salavating for this.

By the way - which season of Dollhouse are you bringing Tony or Chiwetel in as the Big Bad (just a guess and a hope???).
Thanks for the doll-ish update, Jossy... although, I was hoping to get a little feedyback on a couple certain other things (i.e. "Cabin in the Woods" and/or "Goners")... well, here's some small hope for the future, then.
Thanks Joss!! :D
Will you hold me????
Caroline was just foreshadowing the appearance of the Purple Pimp in Dr. Horrible. Because she's that good.

I'm still mad about Dr. Horrible (yeah, enjoying and then suddenly NOT enjoying was right on the money), but I'm sure I'll get over it by the time Dollhouse airs. And I also really appreciate the heads-up about the pilot change. I couldn't take another Firefly mistreatment (I am emotionally fragile when it comes to Joss productions, apparently.)
(I am emotionally fragile when it comes to Joss productions, apparently.)

I think we all are.

Thanks for the update Joss! I can't wait for Dollhouse!
Thank you for gracing us with your .... umm, grace, Oh Mighty Purple One, and the fruits of all that lies behind your magnificent forehead.

I will not panic. I have faith. Faith manages. (Ah, c'm on, someone go for the bonus points here. And not the obvious one) ;-)

Joss: I said it was grand, I didn’t say it was comprehensible.

That pretty much explains everything, along with the David Lynch quote. And since it's a given that our Fearless Leader would never agree to dumb it down, maybe a little more comprehensibleness was indeed in order. Haven't/wont read the original scrips before airing time, but maybe it just didn't translate quite like an "introductory" ep needed to. emoticon doth frown.

I am so going to use that, most likely annoyingly often. Fair warning.
It is near impossible to explain how much I love you, Sir Joss.

And no, I'm not calling you a knight. You are far greater than any knight, sir.
BSG jumped the shark"

Blasphemer! ;)
theonetruebix | July 22, 06:44 CET

Yo and yeah-huh, no shark has been jumped. There will be no jumping of sharks here, on that I would bet my new computer.

Which is BTW a HP Pavillion, Athlon 64x2 duel procerssor 3GB RAM 500 GB hard drive with a 16 inch wide screen slimline monitor. in case anyone was wondering ;-)
I am awaiting the premiere with the excited equivalent of television priapism. Also may I add, 3.99 is way too little to give towards paying the crew for the fantastic job they did on Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. Isn't there anyway to make a donation towards the crew getting paid?
I would seriously be happy to give
I completely understood the logic in that "interview," the thought processes invlolved in deciding to do this. That logic of yours, Your Purpleness, is one of the things I still (and few others remain) love about you.
Grand post. Hilarious as well as informative. Much relief... HE'S CALLING FROM THE HOUSE!
Have some awesomecakes. No, really the cakes are awesome.

Is it wrong that I now have to add Rutherford D. Actualperson to my list of People Who Deserve Fenworshipping?

[ edited by evilmaniclaugh on 2008-07-22 13:36 ]
Someone must check if Rutherford D. Actualpersonesque is already registered...
Hmm ... that comment about how he should have tailored the pilot to the network? He said exactly the same thing about replacing Serenity with The Train Job. I'm still a little worried about this development ... but less so than if I'd found out some other way.

Thanks for Dr Horrible Joss! It was brilliant. (But now all further praise will be withheld until there's a sequel)
I can't read the storm of adulatory comments, so I'm probably not the first to say:
Is it January yet? Open the DOLLHOUSE!
Thanks, Mr. Joss Whedon.
Hopefully..this whole poppy element will keep those fiends from FOX at bay!

(i kid, i kid!) ^_^
Hurray for split-personality, self-loving interviews! Hurrah for Dr. Horrible! Huzzah for new Dollhouse info!

Anyway, it sounds to me like the original first episode was bit too subtle/dark/slow/complex and Fox wanted something "punchier" (more action, more straightforward, more fun). That does sound troublingly like the Firefly debacle, but if Joss says it's different, and if Joss made the decision himself specifically to write/shoot a new first episode, I trust that it will go well and is not a sign of Big Bad-ness (even if re-watching Season 7 right now makes me wince at every mention of "the First.")
January, where art thou? I want my Dollhouse to begin and my BSG to return.
Well, expect this thread, or at least Joss post to pop up at Future on Fox blog sometime today.
So freaking excited for this. Sorry--nothing more substantial to say beyond that.
Great interview, Rutherford, though I think you were just a bit stalker-y. Fortunately, Joss has a good sense of humor.

I'm not worried about Dollhouse. Dr. Horrible has me feeling all optimistic. (I mean, the success of Dr. Horrible, not the story of Dr. Horrible, which, though I love it, I probably wouldn't describe as optimistic.:))

The shark - she is a-jumped.
Joss, would you hold me?


Thanks for the updates Joss!
And I bet if we had heard this news from a news blog or something we'd be all: 'OMG! OMG! It's Firefly again!' ... *I know I would...* , so that was nice. To have all explained by you and all your purple fun.
BSG is shark-jump-proof. So say we all! ;)

Interesting that Joss' imaginary interviewer has the same initials as Richard Dean Anderson. Also interesting that I'm now secretly really hoping for that MacGyver/SG-1/Dollhouse crossover that GVH suggested way up top of the thread. Definite possibilities, there. :)

Cheers for the update though, Joss. That will hopefully prevent a lot of incorrect speculation over the reasons you decided to reshoot the pilot. Amazing how information from someone with actual knowledge of factual type facts can help to keep the interwebby rumour mill at bay.
Best fake interview ever. Hopefully not the last though.
ShadowQuest, try a library. If I can watch it at work, I'm sure there's a library around that doesn't block hulu. :)
If all Joss ever did was just write stuff like this, my life would still feel complete.

Although we'd all be sitting around going, "Who is this person and why do I care about his typings?"
this may have been mentioned already, but in an early write-up in tv guide about fringe and dollhouse, dollhouse was characterized as slower on the up-take with enough threads to keep you pulled in for a second ep, but not a i-must-watch-or-die kind of vibe. at least that is what i can recall right now with my fuzzy-work-dulled brain.

in the congenial tone set by joss himself, if the fox folks are trying to make this a successful run, then i'm on-board. if there is a third first ep, however, i'll take that as a really bad omen.
Highlander, I think there's room there for a new Comic-Con question: "Joss, I hear there's talk of a MacGyver/SG-1/Dollhouse crossover. Any word on how that's going?". And then we just wait till it turns into a Thing[tm] on which I will then claim credit, untill my ego gets so big I want to control everything and end up killing the one person I love, because, really, Dr. Horrible taught me nothing!

cabri, wouldn't that be pointless, now that Dr. Horrible is no longer available in its former streaming (lacy, gently streaming)[1] glory?

Although we'd all be sitting around going, "Who is this person and why do I care about his typings?"

lol :)

[1] yes, I'm never going to grow tired of misusing that quote

[ edited by GVH on 2008-07-22 16:45 ]
Wow - it's so nice to hear Joss' voice typing. Thrilled about Dollhouse and glad that things seem to be going better with Fox this time 'round.
If all Joss ever did was just write stuff like this, my life would still feel complete.

Although we'd all be sitting around going, "Who is this person and why do I care about his typings?"

It would be the best, strangest blog ever. Like fafblog without the political satire.
To answer a question from up thread... it was me. Meeeeeee. Who made the Man Purple.

Putting this together with the whole "pimping" and "whoring" discussion we had with Joss some time back, could we assume the "Purple Pimp" in the ELE scene represented Joss in the story?

(Now heading for a rock to crawl under for safety... or quietly unnoticed death...)
This show has the potential to seriously [mess] with your mind. (I started a thread at about it.)
... so my emoticon doth frown

totally my new catchphrase as well, shey.
Joss, we have faith in you. Just write "Dollhouse" as you must, I'm sure we'll take a liken to it. Best of luck!
January is just too far away! Thank you Joss for the very funny update and explaining the reasoning behind the new pilot. I'm happy to hear that we'll still get to see the original pilot episode as well. And Dr. Horrible was just so awesome I hope there will be more to that story in the near future (pretty please with sugar on top)!

You are one kookie man, Mr. Joss. Kookie. :-)
pat32082 | July 22, 04:04 CET

OMJ!!! He's me! Kookie + Dork = Korki

HA HA HA HA HA *coughs* *drinks water*

We're the exact same person in terms of talking/interviewing one's self and possibly smoking something (not confirmed by either party). 'Cept for that Joss has a better frontal lobe than I do, smoother hands that make me stay just curious, and I'm sure he doesn't squeal when I type something (unlike me on his works).

Man, my fangirl is screaming on the inside right now! Well, not on the outside because I'm at work and that would be bad if I were caught not working because then I couldn't get paid and afford the things I want to buy at Comic-Con. Joss, you trickster, you!

And, yes, I too print out all of Joss' blogs (yay!) to read and make me chuckle. I was so distracted and really reading his words that I totally missed the part where we're supposed to panic and run for the hills. Joss is sneaky like that. Talk about drugged. I'm going to be on clouds all day! :)

And, hey, don't worry about the clip. That just gives us more time to ask you questions! Dun dun dun!!

Hey, Joss, what music do you have on your iPod? Is DHSAB on there?? Hey, Felicia, why do you think he killed off your subtle yet strong female character?

Oh, Caroline, thank you so much for making Joss purple. It makes him & his words that much more huggable. :)

*big grin* *tears a little* *wonders how a silly blog can have this much effect over a person... must be the coffee... WAY too much caffiene*
Oh, man.
This, literally, made my day.
I cannot wait for 'Dollhouse'.
And yes, it is nice to hear Joss's melodic voice typing.
Uh oh...if David Lynch couldn't understand it, you probably made the right move ;)
Because there're changes happening now to the beginning of the show (maybe for the better, we'll see, but it's comforting that they're of the creator-sanctioned variety), I'm curious to see the original pilot now (which'll be episode 2 and slightly tweaked, if I'm understanding correctly).

I never do this, I almost never watch TV online ('cept for this one time when the machine deleted a pivotal episode of Lost), but I'm gonna download Dollhouse just this once. I just wanna see if Original Episode 1 is as new-viewer-unfriendly to me as the execs may've thought.

Anyone know if it's readily available out there ? Is it okay to ask that ? I know we can't link to file-sharing, but is it okay to enquire about them ?

[ edited by Kris on 2008-07-22 21:08 ]
It's not out there yet as far as i'm aware (and i've watched most of the leaked pilots so far. Possibly ;).
This Joss guy, he's is kinda crazy...I hope we don't get a Sleepy pilot or a Dopey pilot!!!
Hope not. A Sleepy pilot would crash and burn.
Yep, remember kids, pull your plane over to the side of the road before falling asleep.
I dub the new first episode 'The Brain Job'.
Heh ;).

Presumably that'd make the old first episode "Serotoniny" ?
Sleepy and Dopey's contributions to the dwarf hijinks are always vastly underrated.
I'm very,very happy to have news from you,Jossir.
I am now even more excited than before, which I wasn't sure was possible.
January seems so,so far away.
AlanD: Calling Tighclops old! He's very virile, obviously.
And back on topic, who knew Joss had elegant hands. :) I must confess that I too would like to see the first now-non-pilot even more than before.
Make a note in log. "Do not fly with Sage."
If Joss has been working on episodes he has nicknaned Sneezy and Grumpy then personally I'm looking forward to Dopey because I think that that will be the musical episode. And I apologize to all fans who took my 'paranoid' comment personally....
People will have to settle for chatting with Eliza and Tahmoh. But they’re likeable folk. (Sadly, Tahmoh only speaks Canadian.

*Raises hand* I offer to translate! I speak fluent American and Canadian.
For instance, when people ask if Tahmoh has ever done live theater, I can explain they mean theatre.
Don't drink and read Joss. I almost choked on my coffee.

David Lynch takes up 100% of my processor usage. If the pilot was more confusing than his work I might have to eat sno-cones while watching. ( supercooling the cpu. Its funny to me.)
Hmm...this is very interesting.

I really hope that the compromise isn't too big of a deal, and even though I haven't read the pilot script, I have heard bits, and I'm one of those wondering how it would function as a second episode...

Well, Joss, I shall put my trust in you!

(Just don't kill the girl I pine for at the laundromat.)
I wonder what sort of cookies they serve in Joss' dark side?

[ edited by Love's Bitch on 2008-07-23 01:14 ]
All I ask of the artist fortunately shown in purple is that you don't make me love Dollhouse as much as I still do Firefly or when it's canceled after the seven-ish or so episodes (or seasons) I'm going to have to be very sad.

No, not watching is not an option.
So - Variety cherry picked Joss' post for a little article. A piece:

“I showed some scenes to David Lynch and he’s all, ‘Whuh?’ Bad sign,” Whedon wrote. He continued later on in the post, “There were some slight issues with tone. I was in a dark, noir kind of place and didn’t bring the visceral pop the network had expected from the script.

Love the way they make it sound like Joss actually showed it David Lynch - cause I think the "I kid" part kind of meant he really didn't.

Since the writers stirke, I've taken to thinking of Variety as nothing more than occasionally amusing.
You sir, get +1 Internets for the Strongbad ending.

It's too bad you don't have a daily Internet presence like some writes, but then it seems to me people like Neil Gaiman, Jane Espenson and Joe Mallozzi don't actually ever sleep.

This leads me to believe that all writes are vampires, or is that zombies?
This leads me to believe that all writes are vampires, or is that zombies?
ErynTzun | July 23, 06:10 CET

Definitely vampires. Because unlike so many writers and a number of vampires, zombies are just so unattractive. As well as inarticulate. ;-)

[ edited by Shey on 2008-07-23 16:00 ]
Well I'll try not to get all paranoid, however I can't guarantee how successful I'll be, especially given that this whole new crew (I assume he was talking about the Fox people) is the same crew that killed Drive.

Also, Rutherford D Actualperson is really Joss? Is this anything like the Ben and Glory thing?

Ben is Glory?
This just makes me even more excited for "Dollhouse"

Ben is Glory?

UnpluggedCrazy | July 24, 06:41 CET

There must be something seriously wrong with me, because I just never get tired of the Ben/Glory thing, it always makes me chuckle ;-)
Maybe it's because in my most recent BtS re-watching, I just last night finished season 5. (Yes, as a late comer to the whedonverse party, I still do this.)
I keep saying I wont, but I always end up re-watching BtS, start to finish, usually during the summer when there's basically nothing on TV worth watching (for a picky TV snob like me who sticks with very few shows and so loves most of those with an unreasonable passion).

So now I think I'm at a point of curiosity as to "when will I get really sick of this?" And, how long will it take before I stop noticing delicious little touches I'd never noticed before?
And perhaps most interesting of all, how many more eps are there that I didn't like at all, at first, that I will eventually come to love or at least really appreciate, for various reasons?

Wait .... David Lynch is a vampire? I knew it. ;_)
Joss: The showers are co-ed. [Editor’s note: HOT damn.]

Has Joss been checking out the Aussie Dollhouse?
Love the way they make it sound like Joss actually showed it David Lynch - cause I think the "I kid" part kind of meant he really didn't.

His quotes are often repeated as serious statements when he's being rather unserious or quasi-serious. People don't seem to interpret the nuances all that well unless they're familiar with how he speaks and interviews. Which is not most people.

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