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July 22 2008

IDK My BFF Buffy? Is that who I think it is having a cameo in the last Dr Horrible...?

Did Mr Whedon sneak a favourite Buffy alumni in his new project? It certainly LOOKS like Sarah Michelle donning her Death of a Salesman wig.

I don't think it's her to be honest. Would be cool but I'm not so sure.
No, I don't think so. Close but not really.
Haha. That's cool! The woman is definitely unusually covered up. I think it's farfetched enough that is could actually be her!
SMG is the new Serenity model in the kitchen. The extra does bear a striking resemblance to her.
It does look a lot like her!
Yeah it looks enough like her to warrant speculation. She also had a classic "tell" in the episode - she sat very still as if, to me, she was deliberately trying not to attract attention.

Whether it is her, who knows ? Apart from Joss. And the other writers. And SMG. And maybe the other extras. Probably Nathan too. And NPH of course, Felicia i'd imagine ...
My kids thought I was crazy when I said that. Of course it was quickly followed by "no, I don't think so, um, wait, yeah, that's got to be her. Nope, that's not her arm. Well, it does look like her nose."
So, just a little with the crazy.
Two things:

(1) She is sitting right next to the featured fans trio (with Maurissa T.), which kind of makes her featured, too
(2) She is preposterously covered up - not in a crazy homeless person way but in a sunglasses and obviously a wig way. She's not a press person or a Capn' Hammer fan wearing a t-shirt. Why the odd costume?

I'm not usually a "Serenity model in the kitchen" person but I have to say, anything's possible. Whoever this is really does look like SMG. She's got her body type, too, if you check out the actual video. Huh. How fun would it be if this really were her?
I thought it looked too much like Diablo Cody.
I got the impression that this was a project with friends that hang out. From Drew Goddard in the axis of evil to the Nox and Fury as news readers. Never got the impression that Joss and SMG were anything more than professioal colleagues, so it seems unlikely she was involved here.
This was brought up in the monster Act III thread. Hope you don't mind if I quote you, QG ;)

That looks like SMG behind those Foster Grants to me, and we also have this little bit from our trustworthy camera-guy and rumor-confirmer bobw1o from back in March:

"Another Whedon Alum stopped by, but only to visit. In the case that this person is a cast member though, I'm gonna keep that one for now."

So I'm thinking yeah, could be, could be.
QuoterGal | July 22, 01:45 CET

Having seen those stills and in the absence of any other candidates, I think this looks very plausible. Go on, someone ask at Comic-Con!
I think everything was mentioned in that thread - in years to come it'll be like The Bible or 'Moby Dick', people will analyse it and find hidden messages about assassinations and World War III in there ;).

Never got the impression that Joss and SMG were anything more than professioal colleagues, so it seems unlikely she was involved here.

I dunno, if this was post-Paley fest, could be there was some bridge rebuilding going on. And of course, interconnections in these things are sometimes surprising (i'm always amazed at who ends up knowing who in Hollywood). Plus, she could be friends with Felicia Day from their Buffy days ?
SMG is the new Serenity model in the kitchen.

So, that means the woman in the sunglasses is actually Richard's girlfriend? Or, not a woman at all? :)
Or SMG is made of pots. I think those are the only rational options.
Normally I would agree with Andy D - Joss and SMG don't really seem to be buds... but it sure is a striking resemblance. Also, I noticed that the girl in question is wearing black nail polish, which Sarah always wears.
Could it be the same woman Hammer goes up to after jumping off the van in act one? I remember her standing very stiffly and not turning around, which made me wonder if it was Maurissa and they didn't want to show her face because she was playing another character later. But maybe it's this same woman, who just likes being mysterious. It would explain her being at the ceremony. Or maybe it's SMG. I don't know. But I doubt she would stick around for two separate set locations... Maybe it's the Buffybot, and that's why she can't move.
Striking resemblance, costume, and stillness. Entirely possible, and done that way so that SMG's presence wouldn't detract from the storyline. If she'd been "Singing Weather Girl" it would have been too obvious, and you'd be thinking about that for the next minute (if not cheering "Yea, SMG!") and there isn't time for that.
It really does look like her. I had also noticed the stillness and overkill of the wig, sunglasses, scarf, etc., but I don't think she is made of pots.

I thought the woman that Hammer sings to in Act I, though, was African-American...
I thought so too, newcj.
"This was brought up in the monster Act III thread. Hope you don't mind if I quote you, QG ;)"

Oh, I feel so lame for not seeing that before. Sorry!

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My facial recognition software (A.K.A, "eyes") say(s) it is so.
Well I don't think it is because Joss said there were no cameos... but they make a very good case for it being her, I love the comparison of how she looked in 'Restless'!
In a way this is an anti-cameo though (since the idea is that we don't know who it is) and that seems in keeping with the rest of it. If it is her, trust Joss to take the cameo cliché and subvert it ;).
If it isn't her, it's fun anyway! 'Cause it does look like her, and I don't think Joss will confirm that... just for the fun of it.

But people going to Comicon, ask him, like a billion times... and maybe he'll answer!
Who's the woman Nathan confronts when he jumps off the van, and why is she so oddly still?

I've been thinking it's Joss in drag.
It's not been much fun.
I thought she was still 'cos she was just like "Um, why is this dude coming up to me and assuming I'm going to love him to death? Please, go away weird man!" :)
This is exactly what I thought when obsessively watching Act III last saturday/sunday. So I replayed that part over and over and over and over. I checked against pictures I could find of SMG. I looked at distinguishing features of SMG (particularly the nose) and every frame I could find our mysterious person in.

My conclusion was that it wasn't her. Maybe a nod, because she was the only sunglassed/wigged person in the whole room, or maybe a spy from Bad Horse.

It's also possible that I'm wrong, but the more I looked, the less convinced I became that it was her.
Yes, please, someone bring this up at Comicon. Not just with Joss. Felicia Day might be more approachable about this. Nathan Fillion, too. They may not audibly confirm anything but surely their expressions might give it away.

The more I look at it, the more I really do think it is her. Maybe because I want to see it because of the fun? I'd be a little surprised if the news of this hadn't leaked out before, though. Who were all those lucky extras in that scene and how is it possible that (a) at least one of them wouldn't have recognized her, and (b) that everyone who knew would or could keep their mouths shut? Threat of the death ray?

I like your idea of the "anti-cameo," Saje.
I don't think it's her either. But maybe... maybe they got someone who looks a bit like her to play SMG in a disguise so we'd all wonder about it? - Or maybe not.
SMG may be made of pots, but not Chocolate ;)
So wait. Glory is Dr Horrible?
Oh, I feel so lame for not seeing that before. Sorry!

You missed a comment in the Thousand Mile Thread? For shame!
Nathan was in it too, dunno if anyone spotted him.
I'm not sure that was Nathan. Sure, the hair's similar but the facial features and build are also similar and that just stinks of mis-direction. The lady doth protest too much. Lillies have been guilded etc.
Sure, tell me now that the videos are down and I can't go back looking for him.

I guess it'll be a fun easter egg to look for when I get the DVD.
Captain Cargo-Pants.
No worries, Stumpy... I, for one, gave up on the epic thread because it's too epic, so I'm glad this was also posted here!

Also: So wait. Glory is Dr Horrible?

Nice, nice.
It would seem very strange for SMG to have a cameo but not actually show her face. Then again, that looks exactly like her to me, and she is dressed very suspiciously...
Mort--it had to happen, I'm just surprised it took this long for me to spot. (of course I'm referring to the inevitable Ben/Glory/Dr.Horrible joke)

Personally, I'm just happy there's no debate about whether or not the events of DHSAB are taking place in the 'Verse and whether or not it's canon.

And that is TOTALLY Smige behind those glasses!
I never noticed her until now but she sure does look alot like Sarah! Very cool of her to make a cameo if it is her
The Glory/Dr. Horrible joke was brought in the Epic Thread (Act 3). The trick to reading it is to post a comment in a fashion that will be easy to find, and then just keep refreshing the page.

I think it looks like her. Maybe they're saving the juicy details until the commentaries on DVD?
1 second looking at the pic and yes it is her. Look at the nose and facial structure. It has to be her. I would say I am 99% confident it is her.
I'd be shocked if it isn't her, the face shape, profile, lips, chin & nose match perfectly as does the body type. Plus, the wig being almost exactly the same as the one worn in Buffy is way too much of a coincedence.
Mentioned as well in the NY Post Blog

My Whedon wingwoman is going to the Dollhouse set press tour at Fox later today with Joss & Eliza and I asked her to pose the question to Mr. Whedon himself. Hopefully she can sneak in that Q for all here. I'll report back later.

The NY Post blog person sums up well why this tickles me pink, if true. I'm pretty much 100% thinking it's true.

Thanks for getting on this, Kat Jetson, intrepid reporter! Much appreciated.
Woo, keep us posted Kat's wingwoman!
For what it's worth, the first time (I think) that this arose on this site (no idea if it first came up elsewhere) was at this point in the monster thread. I was (note the "uh") skeptical at the time, after the Serenity pots and the "cowboys is a Firefly reference" nonsense, but I quickly gravitated to the SMG camp.

Of course, I'm the one who initially thought it was Nathan, not Joss, in Session 416, so my track record is kind of iffy.

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What's Session 416?

ETA: Nevermind. Google is my friend.

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No need to feel lame, Stumpy, I'm very glad you linked this story (especially as many of us don't have access to the video to check it at the moment). I mentioned the other thread mainly so I could quote QuoterGal quoting bobw1o's interesting post. If it does turn out to be SMG, then I think credit for calling it goes to danncer (and an assist for bix ;) unless someone can spot an earlier post than . . . the one bix just linked to. ;)

[ edited by cypher on 2008-07-22 20:00 ]
I gave no assist, I was the skeptic.
I was just referencing the fact that danncer was answering your query and the ";)" indicates that I wasn't being completely serious.
Did anyone else see a resemblance between the reporter in Part III (two r's) and one of the Evil League of Evil villains? Can't be sure they were the same person, since the ELoE member was masked and had very little screen time (the least of any of League), but that's something I've been thinking.

[ edited by Dym on 2008-07-22 21:03 ]
It seems doubtful it's SMG, but I noticed whoever it is pretty quickly. Trying to be so overtly inconspicuous only made them stand out all the more. I never even considered SMG I just figured it might have been a spy for Bad Horse to see how Dr. Horrible performs. Another mystery. Perhaps it's a Morgan Freeman anti-cameo.
Could be, the guy's that good.
It does look an awful lot like her,but I don't really think it is.
It would be cool and surprising if she is,though.
I don't know if I buy it or not.

On the one hand, for a while there she was trying to distance herself as far as she could from her role as Buffy. But on the other, her movie career hasn't been going exactly great and she did do Paley...

Hmmm. I guess time will tell.
I'm reminded of the "Girl Victim" extra in "The Wish." Who looks like Eliza. It's been said repeatedly it isn't, but it has to be someone and Name Never Revealed = Suspicious and will always equal it unless a name is given.

I think this is a similar thing.
Didn't people claim once upon a time that Adam Baldwin played the vamp in Never Kill A Boy on the First Date?
But on the other, her movie career hasn't been going exactly great and she did do Paley...

I very much doubt it's got anything to do with her career, it's just a joke amongst, if not necessarily great friends, then at least long time colleagues. If it's her that is.

Whoever it is, there's definitely something going on with dark wigged woman at the end and dark wigged woman in Act I (when Hammer jumps off the van roof), their posture and general appearance is too "off" for them just to be standard extras I reckon. Watching it again, DWWiAI looks like she might be wearing something on her face (maybe a mask ??) and the height difference is about right between SMG (5' 4" ish) and Nathan (6' 2" ish).
she did do Paley

Didn't the Paley event happen immediately after Horrible wrapped? So they could have been in recent contact.
Clearly it's David Boreanaz.
In a hole. With part of his breadth turned into a slightly different dimension. Makes sense.
On the one hand, for a while there she was trying to distance herself as far as she could from her role as Buffy.
No, she wasn't. She finished one part of her career and moved on.
But on the other, her movie career hasn't been going exactly great...
So this cameo, if it is her, is supposed to help her film career? I'm sorry, but not everything in SMG's professional life is measured by how close or distant it is to the Buffyverse.
I really wish Joss would speak on this.
I don't know that it would help her film career as such. If it helps DH succeed as another medium -- whether or not she gets credit for it -- that helps a great many, some of whom she doesn't even know, and perhaps her in the future, as there would be another market for her. How a secret cameo would help I don't know; maybe she brought donuts? Carrots for Bad Horse?

Maybe Dobber is her horse?

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I kind of adore us Whedonesquers analyzing a single frame of video.

You realize, if Joss were to make a thread telling us to take to the streets and riot, our only question would be, "pitchfork or torch."
Why on earth would she do this to help her film career? If that's her - and my eyes tell me it is, based on looking at way more than one frame, btw - then it has nothing to do with her film career. Why should it have anything to do with it? If that's her, it's a fun little hidden cameo, an anti-cameo, as Saje put it. It would have been done during the writers' strike, it would probably have been a little inside joke thing to do. It's no huge thing. The timing of it, what with the strike and the proximity of the Paley fest, make it a more likely occurrence, in my book.
It would have been done during the writers' strike..

No. Dr. Horrible was filmed after the writers strike.
Okey dokey. Then after the writers strike.
You realize, if Joss were to make a thread telling us to take to the streets and riot, our only question would be, "pitchfork or torch."

Oh, I dunno. Some of us (*cough*no one I know personally, of course*cough*) would take both, just to be sure...
No, she wasn't. She finished one part of her career and moved on.

Which is what I meant by distancing herself... In most of the post-Buffy interviews I read, she was reluctant to speak much about the series, which if you are known for being an iconic character, is probably a good thing to do to avoid being typecast.

So this cameo, if it is her, is supposed to help her film career? I'm sorry, but not everything in SMG's professional life is measured by how close or distant it is to the Buffyverse.

I wasn't implying that it would help her career. You seem to be reading malice into my statement where none exist. Truth is, I don't really care enough if it is or isn't her to argue the point.
SMG has never been reluctant to talk about Buffy or ever been less than glowing in her praise of the show. Just because she's always been quite clear about having reservations about whether or not a movie would be a good idea doesn't mean she's 'distancing' herself. It seems to be a fairly common view and I'll never understand where it comes from.

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I really think that is her. Was this filmed close enough to the time or the Buffy reunion perhaps, or am I way off?
As referenced above somewhere, Horrible wrapped right before the Paley event, yes.
I think it's her-I seem to recall another mention of her visiting the set at one point.
I hope it is her. I think that would be swell.

I wonder if there are any other Whedon alums anti-cameoing that I haven't noticed.

Feel the love.
During the Paleyfest they said that Joss had just came from shooting Dr. Horrible.

And he said he hadn't seen SMG for awhile and it was nice to catch up during the reunion.

So I don't think it's SMG.
You realize, if Joss were to make a thread telling us to take to the streets and riot, our only question would be, "pitchfork or torch."

You say that like it's a bad thing ;)

Looking at the photo's, if it's not SMG, that girl could make a killing as a look-a-like
Joss was actually late to Paley because they were filming Dr. Horrible, (he mentioned it) so it was going on during Paley, for all those discussing the possibilities. I hope that is her!
That's interesting, Jelly. If that scene had yet to be filmed when Joss and Sarah met up at Paley, I could actually see this happening. And it doesn't contradict what you said, BrownCoat_Tabz, if Joss said he came from filming DH, not necessarily finishing it. Anyone remember (or want to look up) his exact words?
...wrapping around the same time as the Paley Fest's Buffy reunion which I moderated...

- Roush
Ok Im calling it!
We've been promised a super-way-cool DVD with crazy insane-o good extras. Well, couldn't a, or maybe several, alternate endings be such an extra.

Alternate ending 1 - The suspicious dark-haired sunglass wearing woman whips off her disguise revealing a flow of blonde hair and a smirk.
"Ok Dr.BOREible, this ends now!"

Buffy proceeds to kick Dr.Horrible's arse, and then Captain Hammers for goodmeasure.


Buffy "You call this a musical finale.. *cough cough* Lifes a show, you don't get to rehearse"
Cue crazy musical battle with bent over clicking and whatnot!
I only have a scythe :(

Where can I download a Dr. Horrible Web App for my iPhone?
I aspire to obtain Wonderflonium.
...and maybe bounce...
I recall Joss saying at the Reunion that he had just been filming, rather than finishing/wrapping, Dr. Horrible - but I don't see that it makes a difference either way. His comment re not having seen SMG could have been meant more generally, or just been a diversion. I'm tickled by the idea that it could be her.
I aspire to obtain Wonderflonium.
...and maybe bounce...

Don't you do it! Like taunting Happy Fun Ball, bouncing wonderflonium is a BAD IDEAtm.
SNT - It just seems like a more likely scenario to me. They meet at Paley and start catching up, Joss mentions DH, and things go from there.
NEVER taunt the Happy Fun Ball!

that site has screencaps for everyone to inspect ;)
I wonder if he would answer a question like this at CC, or this one of those "iPod" questions?
I gotta say, I'm torn. In some of those screencaps, it really looks like her, especially when her mouth is open during the audience singing in Capt. Hammer's song. Then there are other shots where it really doesn't look much like her at all. Funny how the angle can change everything.
Kat, what's the verdict already? Laughter at our crazy discourse? Any words? Or pehaps a crestfallen stare since the Purple One has discovered we've been dissecting this for days? (Well, days now in my time zone.)
And for the record, I'm definitely a torch girl.
I like sporks. You can stab eyeballs and scoop them out at the same time. Very handy.
I like sporks. You can stab eyeballs and scoop them out at the same time. Very handy.

Indeed. I do this in #firefly almost routinely. To myself.
Is SMG well enough known that the look-alike model agencies have "her" in their catalogs?
See... every other time I look at it, I think it's her... then I think it's not. Mainly, I'm trying to judge the nose. Some angles, it looks like her nose... other angles, I'm not so sure. :( This is pretty complicated. Someone needs to get the real word on it already! (I'm gonna just say it's not, at least until someone answers.)

I only have a scythe :(

Yes, because as we all know, "scythe matters" (where have I heard that before?)...
so... i'm lame and can't research past here... any news? is it SMG, or... just a stand-in? :)


PS - yeah, i'm a long-time lurker... so this is like the third time i've ever actually said words...

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