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July 22 2008

James Marsters' Q and A with sound clips. James talks about the inspiration behind some of his songs.

Six clips and transcriptions in which James waxes lyrical about life, love, working with a dodgy Assistant Director and the importance of hope when hope makes no sense.

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Although I like it when they post a few written questions and answers, I really like it when I can hear what is said in James' voice. The laughs, the sighs, he's just got such an expressive way of speaking that it's always a pleasure to hear. They are doing a good job on his official site, even though he is apparently a hard man to track down of late.
Sorry that there is not truly 'new' material , but assume he is quite the busy bee. I love hearing the 'writer' perspective here, rather than the actor, and it's lovely that James can embody both.

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