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July 22 2008

(SPOILER) Vote for Spike: After the Fall at Pink Spike: After the Fall #1 is up for "Best Comic Book Moment of the Week" at

Scroll down to read the entries and vote! Beware of spoilers for Marvel 1985 #3, Captain America #40, Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge, and Mighty Avengers #16, as well as Spike: After the Fall.

Charmed being the only thing on TV truly would be Hell.
For those of you out there who like Charmed , remember that in the comic the dig is made by some pretty annoying kids.

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I laughed aloud when I read that joke. It's frustrating when I'm trying to convince people the greatness of Buffy, and they bring up Charmed. I'm like, "No, no! There's no comparison! Ignore that Aaron Spelling abortion!"
Comparing Charmed with Buffy makes me cringe. It shows right away that the person has not understood Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Recently a friend told me she didn't like Buffy because it was childish... Yet she enjoys Charmed.
I'll say it if no one else will, Yeah Spike!!!!! Great comic, looking forward to the next issue.
I had a boss who wasn't interested in Buffy but loved Charmed.

I don't work there anymore.
*lol* redeem147, our head honcho's daughter loves Buffy (according to him) and whenever I see him, I ask him about his daughter and Buffy hoping that he gets the hint that I want to meet her... nothing is more exciting (for sad little me at least) like a lively discussion about my favorite show with someone else who loves it.

I remember laughing out loud when I saw that... and went around showing people that Charmed was in Hell. Poor Spike. The people must soon be turning mad ;) (no offence to those who love it - I myself used to watch it before it rolled down hill and slowly died)

And Spike:ATF is winning!
Spike is now at 88%! Force to be reckoned with!

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