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July 22 2008

How I Met Your Mother Season 3 specs released. Artwork included. This release will apparently be dubbed "The Legendary Season 3".

Hmmm, Amazon has different artwork that I like better:

It was a pretty legen - wait for it! - dary season. It'll be fun to rewatch and see the development of over the course of the season.

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And now HIMYM is doubly Whedonesque-worthy!
I love that they had to put the sandcastle in on the cover, haha! Hurrah for double worthiness!
Still wishing Alyson the best!
The sandcastle was an awesome touch!
Don't like. Why so dark? Why so many red circles?

Although as well as the sandcastle there is a nice butterfly 'tramp stamp' on there.

But still. The first two had white backgrounds, nice and bright for such a happy show.
I think the Amazon artwork is just a placeholder. Look at the iron man dvd cover amazon has, it's one of the posters.
Oh yeah!
I was wondering about the butterfly! Totally forgot about the tramp stamp!
Season three still rocked (although, for the first time, there were a few weaker episodes in it, but not a lot. And hey: still an incredible sitcom). I do love HIMYM to death. First sitcom I fell in love with since Friends (which became almost sickingly popular, but was still great nontheless) and Newsradio.
Can't wait! I watched most of this season on the computer 'cause I was catching up. Everything is better on TV.
Hey, I just realized that Neil Patrick Harris is now officially a Whedonverse actor, so any new projects of his can be announced here. Cool!
So... should I check out this show?
korkster: yes. It is a comedy with a laugh-track, but don't let that put you off. It's quality entertainment.

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