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July 22 2008

Cabin in The Woods IPOs on the Hollywood Stock Exchange today. Here's your chance to invest some (fake) money in Drew Goddard's directorial debut.

I joined HSX when Joss Whedon's IPO was linked on Whedonesque three years ago. If you enjoy movies or numbers it's a fun game- if you enjoy both, it can be highly addicting.
I bid fifty quatloos on the newcomer.
Love movies? Yes. Love numbers? Yes. Understand complex mathematics? Sure. Know anything about how a stock market works? Nope[1]. Guess I'll pass ;)

[1] This may be a slight exageration, but I was the only guy in high school who never did any course in economics ;)
Stock market is easy. The more people who buy, the price goes up. As more people sell, the price goes down. Very simple.
Yeah, but then - to my simple, non-economic mind, what I don't get is why people start selling or buying. I'd be tempted to buy when everyone's selling, for instance, because the worth's bound to go up again in the long run (I'm probably wondering about how this works in an uneducated high-school way ;)).

But yes.. basic principle: simple. Application of basic principle: not so simple :). I'm going to read up on economics one of these days (because I dislike not knowing much about any topic, especially one so central to all our societies).
Yeah but the problem is, the worth isn't bound to go up again in the long term (the company could go out of business) and "the long term" could be longer than your term [on Earth] ;) - or maybe just longer than you can afford to hold onto the stock.

And the real art of course is to buy it at its lowest point, just before it starts to go back up and thusly maximise your gains (so long as you then sell it at its highest point obviously ;).

My problem with HSX is the same problem I have with using play money in poker games - if I come out up I always rue not "playing" the real thing ;).

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