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July 22 2008

Profs slip Dr. Horrible into political discourse. Philosophy professor John Holbo (of the National University of Singapore) on the implications of neo-Disraelism versus anarchism, with references to Dr. Horrible.

Judging by the commentary, Whedon really has invaded academia.

Did that a long time ago, but he seems to be expanding his territory.
Yeah, I should have said "conquered academia" -- beyond the realm of deconstructionist culture studies. 'Cause when you're mentioned in the same breath as Milton Friedman, then your time has come, man. (Although that time was probably 1977.)

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The further beyond the realm of deconstructionist culture studies his conquest extends, the better I'll like it, if for no other reason than the writing will improve. No more "blahblahblah Foucauldian power-transformation, blahblahblah gender transgression" til my eyes roll back in my head.
"Anarchy that I run" is a joke. You're supposed to laugh at it and not take it seriously. (It's an oxymoronic phrase. Anarchy has no rule and no one to "run" it.) It's not possible to get any reasonable meaning out of it.

TheGamut: I think that's the point the prof was making, ascribing to the conservative viewpoint of Peter Robinson (the referenced writer from the National Review) the same notion about running the world as Dr. Horrible: the ludicrous conceit that no government is better than "pure anarchism" and that they are the only ones fit to rule it.
I'm with you shambleau. I could barely stand it when I was studying it and I run screaming from it now. *shudder*

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