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July 22 2008

ELoE Website. It seems the Evil League Of Evil has a website. And they are not accepting applications for membership.

I haven't seen this here, and I thought it was very funny. I'd love to know if it's a fan stuff, or maybe Joss did it.

EDIT: Oh, there's also a link to an email address for Bad Horse.

But...but... I have a letter of condemnation from the Deputy Mayor! And not the one Faith killed!
Incidentally, in case you didn't notice, they link to an email address for Bad Horse:
Oh yeah! Noticed that, just forgot to put it on the description.

I wonder if will be a complete website in the future... or if it'll stay like this... 'cause it's .com, which makes me think that it's apayed domain, right? It'd be weird to pay a domain just to leave it like that... although it's hilarious, I thought.
I wrote him. Can't wait to see if he'll whinny back.
Someone must let us know if Bad Horse returns any emails sent to him and what he says ! :D
And here's the e-mail I received back:

We're sorry...

...but The Evil League of Evil is not accepting applications for membership at this time.

-- Bad Horse

(FYI: It's on auto-reply)

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And here's the e-mail I received back:

We're sorry...

...but The Evil League of Evil is not accepting applications for membership at this time.

-- Bad Horse

I wonder why Dr. Horrible isn't listed as a member? He did, after all, become one...
That response doesn't have rhyme or meter. How is it supposed to be delivered by a chorus of cowboys?
Well, somebody now has my e-mail address. The best case scenario from this is that I'll be involved in some grass roots viral marketing for Dr. Horrible Part Deux (Awesome!!)

The worst case is they'll sell my address to a vacation time share company (Evil!!)
Hah, the auto-reply I just received had an extra bit after what kazzmere posted:

P.S. Please forgive the absence of song. The Bad Horse Chorus currently is recovering from a Horrible hang-over.

We all assumed he made it into the ELE. But maybe what we actually saw was him going in for his final interview, which of course he totally blew. And that's why he's all sad and crap back at his place.

How's that for a twist! Just call me M. Night ShyamAlanD.
Good stuff, although yeah Dr. Horrible should definitely be listed even though he's a newbie.
Well, it's either viral or a fansite. But I'm leaning towards a fan site. The site was registered on July 16th for a one-year period. This is, of course, after the first act had released to the public. Were Joss & Co. trying to institute a viral game, I imagine they'd register the day of the launch, if not slightly before, to prevent anyone else from sniping the domain.

Also the one year registration is significant. The registration is private, so we can't see who it is, but was registered for a two year period (back in February!) I imagine Joss & Co. would have also registered their 'viral' website for two years, since who knows if there would be even be more Dr. Horrible in a year.

Of course, that could all be a ruse to psych us out and it really *is* a viral site, NPH did say Joss had huge ideas for far more than just a sequel...

So it turns out this post doesn't really add anything. Sorry.
I sent this:
Not an application.
Don't know what your stance is on fanmail (though I assume it would be the horse stance), but I heard Dr. Horrible was accepted into the league. Good for him. Or...evil for him. How's he fitting in? Also, not to be one of those people, but I was do you type with your hooves (or do the Chorus of Cowboys type for you - if so, who types when they're unavailible)?

And got the "not accepting applications" thing.
Obviously the Evil League of Evil is so evil, it doesn't bother to create a fancy website telling us would-be villians to not bother applying.
Maybe it prefers to recruit new members. This means invitations will be sent out to Perez Hilton, any movie critic who gave a positive review to Meet Dave, and Fox TV programmers from during the 2002 season.
I hope more comes of this because I am amused.
Heh, fun :). And I'm also slightly surprised that this has been around since the 16th, and yet only now did one of us track this down. We're slackers.
Yeah, if it were official it would most likely be registered under Jed's name as is. Plus, they obviously read the Black, so I have my suspicions.
Some people have waaaaaaaay too much time on their hands (or hooves).
Like we don't? We're posting here, aren't we?
The registration is via " Inc." is what I like to call a "Domain Squatter". They listen for traffic passing their DNS servers asking for non-existent domains and try to register those domains (and some squatters are going as far as to try to register algorithmic misspellings though I can't see how that would be profitable).
GoDaddy also does legitimate domain registration for original names, too, but I find the other to be despicable regardless.

This registration was for an server which touts Portland, Oregon service (but that doesn't mean the owner is necessarily from there, but chances are a little higher).

This smells of fan-site. I do hope they take care and not misrepresent themselves as authorized Mutant Enemy personnel. is also through Acorn. b!X, you're NICKED!
So... it's a fan-site, then? Who's The One True b!X?
He is a Portland area Brown Coat, founder of CSTS, and general all-around wacky guy :)
Good, but needs more death whinny.
Good, but needs more death whinny.

Said in the voice of Christopher Walken?
Not intentionally, no, but you can read it to yourself however you wish.
There's an Evil League of Evil over at Facebook and David Fury a certain newscaster himself recruited friends to join! :-D I bet Katie Couric is a member! ;-)
My husband snagged the "Evil League of Evil" name for a group in Second Life. We've been creating supervillian costumes. lol
FYI, Dr. Horrible isn't listed because that would be a spoiler.
Hmmm... an updated front page...

"The Evil League of Evil will soon be accepting applications for membership, Please stand by."

*trots off to prepare application*

*trots back*

Will the real Bad Horse please step forward? Even if it's not related, he's still got a pretty cool logo

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I don't even know if people will see this, but if you highlight the text a new thing pops up saying:

When people are supposed to be submitting, it'll be abundantly clear how. Everyone will know.

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