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"Blondie Bear?"
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July 22 2008

"I'm the greatest fairy in all the land!" Our favorite Dr. is still on the musical train-Sesame Street style. Only this time, he's the Shoe Fairy.

Here is a link to an article at where Neil discusses his role on the show, among other things.

He even sings outside a laundromat. =)
He even sings outside a laundromat.

Look inside and see if Felicia is having Cheetos.
OMG! That was SO fantastic. I loved Sesame Street growing up... it's good to know that they are still doing such a good job and are still on the air.

See? Sometimes good things *don't* get cancelled! :)
Mrs.BigPileofDust, you are my favorite person for today. That was awesome. I grew up with Sesame Street (I can't believe Maria and Luis are still on there).
Yep, I enjoyed that far too much.
I'm a favorite! Woo! onthedrift, you just made MY day =)
Wow, his voice is fantastic in that. He has a beautiful broadway voice. That was incredible.

I never paid much attention to NPH on HIMYM (funny though he is), but I can say that he has my undivided attention at the moment.
Very cute. I so don't want to go there, but mop-shoes? ..really?.
He is all kinds of adorable.
I love NPH. That was completely fun. But my favorite Dr. is Simon Tam.
Loved the tap shoes. My favorite!

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