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"I'd like to test that theory."
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July 22 2008

Joss and Eliza show off their Dollhouse. Lovely write-up of the TCA press tour visit to the Dollhouse set. There's also a very informative interview with Joss from the event at What's Alan Watching.

Re. Joss plans ahead

From the THR writeup of the set visit, about the unisex showers.

"Critic: “Where do they hold the soap?”
Whedon: “That’s a sweeps episode.”"

And we're still his blog. That one's got as many legs as Morgan Freeman (which is more than you amateur Freeman spotters might think - hint: fold-away knees, s'all i'm sayin').
(from the article) "Some alarmist Whedon fans are already saying its "Firefly" all over again. Yeesh."

I haven't actually heard any fans saying that at all, I imagine because of Joss' post. I shall have to go and read that thread again.
Psyched that he's using the Angel crew and shooting noir-ishly -- I love that look.

ETA: Reuters' report calls the second first episode a "prequel," inexplicably rejecting the term "Nyquil."

Whedon said the new first episode will allow him to select from previously shot footage to figure out "the most iconic way from what we had to introduce each character."

Added star Eliza Dushku, "And I didn't get to wear my leather pants in the pilot, so that was a deal-breaker."

. . .

"I wanted everybody to feel like Echo is in this terrible situation, slash, 'can somebody wipe my memory and feed me and put me in a wonderful spa and give me massages too?' " Whedon said of the elaborate set.

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the already infamous coed showers

Hmmm. I thought those showers were rather well-regarded.
Everybody loves those showers, they're just famous.
Added star Eliza Dushku, "And I didn't get to wear my leather pants in the pilot, so that was a deal-breaker."

Ah, the true reason surfaces... and approximately half of the fan base is instantly appeased, if they weren't already.
Yeah, personally I feel much better about this now ;-).
From What Alan's Watching:

They canceled "Shark," so I never had a chance to use the phrase, "Man, that show really swam under the Fonz."

Funny. And everyone needs a laugh, especially if they're (like me) spending the day at work doing filing.

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