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July 23 2008

Variety review of Tony Head's new movie 'Repo! The Genetic Opera'. "So over-the-top it's purple". Yay! This could be the must see cult movie of the year.

They had me at the trailer. I'm a huge fan of musicals, and the more off-beat, the better! The hands-down best theatrical experience I've ever had was Bat Boy; I adore Little Shop of Horrors, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Phantom of the Paradise -- I was iffy about last year's Sweeney Todd because it wasn't exuberant enough. The more purple, the better.

It only slightly embarrasses me to say this, but this movie and Hellboy 2 are my most anticipated movies this year. By far. Can't wait till November.
I wonder why we're getting a review from Variety now, since we'll have to wait another three and a half months for the movie. Well, at least Comic-Con attendees will meet two of the cast members tomorrow night.
I really can't wait for this.
Well, purple is always good.

I wonder if this will come to Brazil (probably not).
It'll be at Comic-Con. Yay!

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