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July 23 2008

ComicMix interviews Jane Espenson about BSG, Buffy, and how she got into writing for television. A nice chat with one of our favorite "lieutenants to genius"...

Jane comes off swimmingly, but the interviewer's style kinda bugs me. It's like, no matter what she said, he/she was determined not to veer from a predetermined set of questions.
swanjun, maybe it was an email interview, where Jane just responds to questions?

I would love love love to see some Dollhouse Espensodes.
New best Jane pic!
That's a possibility I hadn't considered, and would certainly account for the style issues.
I make tons of notes because I have a remarkably poor memory. I really need notes to serve as the storage system that one's brain is supposed to be. You know, every now and then you'll read something you forgot you wrote? I can do that within a single day.

Soulmate!!! LOL!
I'm glad to see she's interested in writing for Dollhouse

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