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"That man is playing Galaga! Thought we wouldn't notice. But we did."
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July 23 2008

The Watcher, Maureen Ryan, interviews Joss on the set of Dollhouse. "MR: I have to ask the Fox question. JW: Yes, Eliza is a fox."

For a second I thought the first question was honestly a paraphrase of, "Why do you write strong women characters?"

Fortunately, I reread.
Hard to believe, but the interviews are actually getting even better and probing deeper. Neatness.
I had the same fear Jobo. Interesting that it actually turned out to be an extremely provocative question, and I think Joss's answer is very revealing as to why he is such a successful writer, and why not only do these "strong female characters" appeal to him, but also to us fans.
Best one yet. Really looking forward to Dollhouse.

2 million views or 2 million people? Could make a lot of difference seeing as how I'm sure most of us rewatched endlessly. Too bad it dropped off after the first act, but maybe some people just didn't get the chance and will pay to finish?
Great interview, nice questions but man, dense, insight packed answers. Feeling better and better about the new "pilot" and am I gonna end up loving Saunders more than Fred/Illyria (or like it looks like I might love Adelle) ? I throw down the gauntlet ! Admittedly it's pink and pleasingly soft to the touch as befits a love gauntlet but still, game on !

MR: Is something coming up, is there a concrete date of when you might shoot something else?

JW: Thereís not a man jack of us who doesnít want to. Iím not sure what hilarious song follows the last scene.

Oh, easy. The next number is Penny's ghost singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" ;).
:D Much laughter.
two of the most twisted relationships Iíve ever come up with

This is gonna hurt, isn't it?
Oh, yes. There will be pain.
jcs, I was just coming back to quote that very same bit. Only I was just going to cap it off with a sigh. Sure would be nice to have an occasional Ying to the Jossian Yang Yang Yang of "luv sux." Fingers crossed!

I throw down the gauntlet! Admittedly it's pink and pleasingly soft to the touch

Saje, you rascal, how did you get your hands on one of the Pink Pummeler's gloves?
eVilBay ;).
Nice one. Heh.
Oh, easy. The next number is Penny's ghost singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" ;).


and it's good to know someone figured out this is a fansite.
Very nice interview all around.
I'm pretty sure that's two million views. One million for Act 1 and the rest distributed between the last two acts. When you factor in the number of people who viewed DH multiple times, I'm guesstimating that maybe five or six hundred thousand people saw the whole thing. Not a number to make tv execs lose much sleep, I'm afraid.

Joss will probably be able to pay the crew more than scale after the DVD comes out, but, based on this I'd expect maybe one or two hundred thousand for DVD sales.
Well, I'm planning on buying about 10 and giving them out as birthday / Christmas presents

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