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July 23 2008

Neil Patrick Harris Chat at Washington Post tomorrow. On the heels of the popular Joss chat, is doing a chat with Neil Patrick Harris tomorrow 7-24-08 at 10am EST. The inside scoop on the Joss chat btw is that 50 questions of 300 were sent to Joss for him to pick from. I imagine it will be the same for Dr. Horrible himself. Cheers!

Woot. I asked whether that's SMG in Act III. :)
swanjun, I didn't get a confirmation when I submitted my question, did you? It just flipped back to the same screen about the questions.
I asked if we'd get a Barney/Robin duet :)
BWAhahahaha! That'd be awesome!
Of course I have a meeting at 10...great
The same thing happened to me, TonyaJ.
Is there any point in me waking up at 7am for this tomorrow? It's not really interactive, is it?
Would it be inappropriate to ask what he'd recommend using to remove "love stains" from carseats?

*ducks and covers before getting put on "time out" again*

Seriously, he's fantastic in HIMYM and DrH, but I don't know that he can ever top his own portrayal of himself tripping on ecstasy in the back of Harold's car.
Is there any point in me waking up at 7am for this tomorrow? It's not really interactive, is it?

They'll probably have a transcript of it, just like they did with Joss's, too.
Well, yay for transcripts since I have an appointment at 10 am.
Oh man, the server is apparently not letting me submit my (admittedly lame) question.

I would kill for a musical episode of HIMYM. Poor Alyson would just be like, noooooooo not again!
I would kill for a musical episode of HIMYM.

... with Joss directing? (whee!)

1. He's known to lurk on the set of HIMYM
2. Two major Whedonverse members are in now in the cast
3. He has stepped into temporary roles on other shows he likes (The Office)
4. It would be a nice gimmick for the new season of HIMYM

Joss -- do it!
"When [Joss] mentioned super villain and musical, I drooled. "
Neil is great, very funny....
Yay! He answered my question (about who he'd like to work with).
... and mine ("broken Freeze Ray"). DH's motion was so subtle that I wanted confirmation. Check!
I'm so amused by his answers. I think I have a crush on NPH. He's adorable.
Well, he might not have answered my question but now I know he's been a presenter at the Thanksgiving Day parade for the last two years and by the sounds of, looks like he may well do it again this year.

I just so happen to be going to New York to watch the parade this year and can safely say my entire holiday will be ruined if I don't catch a glimpse of him!
Nice Q&A. The most I'd ever seen of NPH before Dr. Horrible was when he was on Celebrity Poker Showdown and managed to beat Shannon Elizabeth, who, up 'til he rattled her completely, was winning quite handily. Is it weird that I developed a little crush on him based on his poker/bluffing skills?
Now I'm somewhat in awe of his talent and wonder how I didn't know what a great actor he really is. (Guess I should've seen it with his superior bluffing. =))
He cemented my admiration with his answer to LadyeJayne's question on who he'd like to work with. Like Fincher and Guest, but love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He was just amazing in The Lookout.
I have always liked Barney, but I'd never seen NPH in anything else until Dr. H. Which instantly converted me into an adoring fan.
Does this mean I have to watch Harold & Kumar?
Though, don't underestimate knocking over a liquor store. Their shocked expressions are priceless.

I like it when people give playful answers in interviews.
Actor you like to work with: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I would absolutely love to see the two of them in a movie. I'm picturing an independent film, of course. Somebody make this happen!
Oh jcs, you would enjoy 'Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle'! It is a classic silly college comedy (I won't speak to 'Escape from Guantanamo Bay' because I haven't seen that one yet). I just wish that more of Neil's stage work was on youtube.
Which Dr. Horrible duet is "My Eyes"? (If this is totally obvious or has already been discussed on the monster thread - I apologize for my lack of having a clue or the time for a throrough read of all of the Dr. Horrible stuff on the black)
I think it's the duet with Felicia also known as "On the Rise" among other things... If even the actors are giving different song titles, this'll get confusing.
Yeah, I think it's the first song in Act II. "I cannot believe my eyes, how the world's...
B: Filled with filth and lies
P: Finally growing wise."
Holy canoli, I am completely smitten with NPH.
Thanks hacksaway and swanjun - I've seen that song referred to as "Misery and Harmony" as well as "On the Rise." Confusion indeed.
Great interview. Seems there's a lot of Nph work I know nothing about. The thing with him as LHO sounds like something I need to watch.

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