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July 24 2008

'Splitting Hairs' starring Felicia Day is now online. The short film by Michael Boretz (Dr. Horrible producer and Joss' former assistant) is now available to watch. Joss describes it as "funny and twisted and God help us, probably true".

Nice, well-shot and put together little film. Story didn't do much for me. Kinda dull and unoriginal. Good effort though.
O... M... G... (If I could put a googly-eyed smiley here, I'd do it.)

I guess it's because I keep getting the comment "you have a lot of hair" when I go get a buzz. (I prefer to run my hand over my head and leave after a shower... and dressing of course... I'm not crazy... or just... not that crazy.) I'm 36. Not even grey yet. Dangit! If I shave (what little I can grow), I look 26. (If I could put a sad smiley here, I'd do it.)

So I guess I just can't connect with this.

EDIT: I guess I should explain why I want to look 36: I can't connect with 20-somethings. 30-somethings look down on me. My tale is an oh-so-sad one.

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Well, this looked very promising (nicely filmed, music set the tone nicely, quirky premise), untill it froze at 4:14 in both IE and Firefox. I've tried it in both browsers again, but it keeps freezing at the exact same moment. Anyone else having the same problems?
haha.///that was kind of creepy
Creepy and not something that I'd re-watch or tell about to other people, but it's not bad. Just not my cup of tea, I guess. Although I thought the ending was pretty funny.

Felicia has just two small scenes, but she's good in it. She looks great with the short hair, and I actually believed the character was kind of... hum... I can't think of a good word right now... so I'll say kind of a bitch (which is hard for me, being played by Felicia and all...).

And a trivia note: Imdb says that it was 'shot over an 8-day period, SPLITTING HAIRS was the last production to film on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer back-lot at Fox Studios in Los Angeles, California'.

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That was... interesting. I can't say that I was blown away, but for a short movie it's good enough. Seeing Felicia is always fun :)
Cute, but kinda awkward. I mean, the story wasn't interesting enough for it to be developed much further (though trimmed down and put in a Creepshow/Twilight Zone style anthology it might work), but it seemed like transitions and reactions weren't handled very well. It seemed like he went from "no more mutilating myself" to "kill the homeless? Sure thing!" a little too fast. It was cute though, and made me giggle quite a bit.

Always good to see Felicia doing more things! Looking forward to the second season of the Guild. I'm very interested to see how working on this and Dr. Horrible influence the way she produces things.
I'm 36. Not even grey yet. Dangit! If I shave (what little I can grow), I look 26. (If I could put a sad smiley here, I'd do it.)

What does 26 look like vs. 36?
I enjoyed the film, it had the right level of the weird & creepy for my taste (a little like the original B&W version of 'Little Shop of Horrors'), plus it is always fun to see Felicia in something!
What does 26 look like vs. 36?

You must not be 26 or 36. :P
I liked it. The main character progressed in giant leaps and bounds, but I was genuinely creeped out and the ending surprised me - twice! Also, Felicia was great - I'd never seen her play that sort of character before.

Am I the only one who was reminded of Billy and Penny? Especially during the scene (in Splitting Hairs) where the two of them are walking through the park.
I thought that was really funny, actually. While the ending was a tad predictable, it still managed to make me laugh. Good work, Joss Whedon's former assistant!
Heh, that was amusing if maybe a bit slight. Liked the end though and the production values were amazing for an indie short, the whole thing looked very slick.

(and Felicia does indeed look super-lovely with short hair. Nice - if very small - part for her, she was basically playing "that girl" a part she's said she doesn't often get considered for. No idea why, she captured it really well IMO)
Complete and utter weird. I liked.
ooh, dark yet cute... i like! :D great job y'all!

My first comment on Whedonesque! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for checking out my short. I'm very happy to finally get it up... on the internet that is. Hope you enjoy it!
Welcome to the Black, Michael.
That was gross and funny. Good times. I love shorts...wish there was some sort of online archive just for shorts.
Hi Michael *waves*. GrrrlRomeo , AtomFilms used to be a really good repository for shorts but I haven't been there in a while.
GrrrlRomeo, try BBC Film Network for British films. 500 of them.
Hello Micheal happy to have you here.
It froze at about 10 minutes in for me the first time through, not sure why. But it worked the second time through. :)

Hi Michael, welcome to Whedonesque!

That was absolutely delightful, and satisfyingly creepy. I agree with the previous comments that it was an abrupt change from "I'm sad because I have no hair" to "I'll kill a homeless guy", but that didn't bother me at all -- it's a short, you don't really have time to do anything else, and it seemed like the point of it was to show the strange and absurd lengths some people will go to. Very much enjoyed it anyway, and I'll be sure to tell my film-loving friends about it too.

moley75, thanks for the link. I can't believe I hadn't seen that site before.
MattK, a hidden gem indeed along with the BBC Collective which is now defunct presumably because few knew about it.
Greetings, Felicitations Michael - so good to see you here. I shall check out your short film. In the meantime, you deserve many thanks for co-producing DHSAB. Much enjoyment was had over that, I can tell you.
Speaking of shorts, I just saw this one Tarantino's Mind, which I enjoyed.

Also, Felicia Day's hair is really cute when it's short.

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