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July 24 2008

Buffy versus Faith at Comic-Con 2008. has some photos from the floor of Comic-Con. Photo features artwork of Buffy and Faith from season three episode, "Enemies," as seen on the upcoming Omnibus volume 5 from Dark Horse.

Thanks to bennyboi91 for clearing that up.

Anyone attending? There are many comic websites posting similar galleries, so there might be Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse images out there.

This is the cover art by Paul Lee for the upcoming Buffy Omnibus volume 5 by Dark Horse Comics, which collects the previous Buffy series published by Dark Horse over the years that Buffy was on air.
Didn't even see that art, the booth was mobbed yesterday by people waiting for Scott Allie. Dark Horse's bag includes the Buffy logo. Got a raffle ticket there for the Dr. Horrible signing. The WB has two cloth bags, one includes Buffy printed on it. Got the previously posted poster tube from FOX. You can also get your pic in front of a green screen there with Buffy, Angel, or Dollhouse in the background. Got the Guild DVD and cunning hat from the Browncoat booth. Would post pics, but need to leave for the day!
So do you know how the raffle ticket for the Dr. Horrible signing going to work exej? Should I even bother trying to run to the Dark Horse booth when I get in tomorrow?
Ryall has pics of IDW's booth up at his blog. I'm trying to work out what the word is in the Angel poster. "Series"?

Spike, I think.
I wondered about that but the last letter looks like an 'S'. Oh to be at Comic Con and see for myself.
At the top it looks like just "ANGEL."

That robot is awesome. Is Ashley Wood going to be there????
I don't remember Buffy wearing a shirt with the British flag on it when she tried to kill Faith. Giles must have been so proud of her...
I wondered about that but the last letter looks like an 'S'.

Yeah, me too. But compare it to the Spike comic covers.
The second word is undoubtedly Spike. Check out the second picture (Link here). For one, Spike's there on the bottom, and two, the last letter's clearly an 'E'.
I'm rooting for Faith!
This raffle is one where you keep the ticket and come back, as opposed to the random draw with the winning stamp on the back. They said they'll post who won the raffle at the booth about an hour before the signing. It was worth mobbing the booth since today they had a mini poster declaring The Return of Fray. Also met Fabio Moon there in the afternoon, he had no line and sadly no Dark Horse Presents to sign yet. Gave him the back of a random flyer, he drew on it and signed it.

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