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July 24 2008

Captain Hammer shirts back in stock! Show your love for Captain's Hammer's hammer!

A perfect gift for the perfect mate.

Just got mine at the CA Browncoat booth.
awwww, CA Browncoat booth...Adam! Louise! I am not at Comic Con, but my roommate is :(

I just bought two shirts. Logo and Hammer. Yay, shirts.
Hooray! And crap. I forgot to measure one of my t-shirts at home. Again. I'm unsure of their size guide, since I think it means I should order 2XL in the women's shirts. And usually that's too big for me.
You know, the Hammer is his penis.
I'm very impressed with J!NX. I ordered the logo shirt and the Capt. Hammer shirt Tuesday night after seeing ACT I. The shirts arrived Friday.

They accidentally sent me a ladies in the logo design so I called up their customer service department and explained the situation. They were very nice and shipped me out a replacement immediately, along with a prepaid mailer to ship the wrong one back in. I got my replacement on Monday!
I cannot wait to get my dr. horrible shirt in the mail.
Thanks for the update. Know a few people who were waiting for the restock, and I grabbed a doc fan shirt to wear with my goggles, can't find a lab tunic that looks quite right.
Just ordered mine Dr. Horrible t-shirt, yay.
I'm unsure of their size guide

Yeah, Sunfire, their women's shirts run small (or really tight-fitting anyway). I had to give mine to my daughter. (Next time I'll measure!)
Erm. How bad is it that as soon as I read the post description I instantly thought of his line from Act II?

Captain Hammer: The "hammer" is my penis.

I totally want to get that shirt.
All the shirts are back in stock. Whoo-hoo! They were totally sold out of the women's shirts and lots of the men's shirts.
The shirts are just a tad popular here at Comic-Con. We're almost sold out and it's only been 1 full day. We'll probably only have a few random sizes left by the end of Friday.
Mine came, and I'd agree go a size bigger (women's, anyway) than normal. I'm UK size 10 (US 6?) and normally a 'small', I measured their size guide against one of my tops and got a medium, which fits nicely.
You know, the Hammer is his penis.

theMidnighter | July 24, 22:19 CET

And that knowledge will be the cause for the knowing smile when people ask me: "Is that a hammer?"

In addition to being a shout-out to Dr. Horrible, I'd like it if this phrase--as a nod to Magritte--was under the hammer:
"Ceci n'est pas un marteau."

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