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July 24 2008

California Browncoats have a "Hot Booth". According to the LA Times Comicon blog.

Deleted for pun no longer valid.

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Yay So-Cal Browncoats! Hope everyone there has a great time.
I bought my The Guild DVD.
I keep reading how Comic-Con attendees are the among the most "tuned in" and have their finger on the pulse of the next big thing.

If comic-con is the place for the ultimate prophetic-popsters and the Browncoat booth is one of the hottest booths, what does that tell you about the Joss Whedon fandom? Is it possible that we are The Illuminati and we just don't know it?

I love think we are slaves to our passion for all things 'Verse but we are actually shaping the "real" verse. (All we're missing is a few hundred thousand pairs of blue gloves or a briefcase full of Wonderfulonium.)
NPR mentioned Comic-Con this morning. But the only specific they mentioned was people dressed as Klingons*. It wasn't all that descriptive. I was disappointed since it sounds pretty awesome this year.

* Not that there's anything wrong with that.
NPR mentioned Comic-Con this morning.

Ooh - that reminds me - I have to listen to All Things Considered this PM. They usually do letters on Thursday. I want to see if anyone mailed about Dr. Horrible.

I really hope the SCB's have "the" happening booth. They do so many wonderful things.
Is it possible that we are The Illuminati and we just don't know it?

Speak for yourself, the rest of us are currently plotting the New World Order as I type this. ;)

And on the Klingon note, it was only after reading that trope site that I found out that Klingons have changed in appearance over the years and over the different series. I imagine this poses all sorts of dilemmas for the wannabe Klingon cosplayers out there.
Um, I want that bag. Is it cloth or plastic? Le sigh. Oh WB, you were the cradle of the Buffyverse, how I miss your heyday.
"Is it possible that we are The Illuminati and we just don't know it?"

The Illuminati, I wish, for some of us the Henchmens union is pretty much it.
The Illuminati, I wish, for some of us the Henchmens union is pretty much it.

Yeah, I'm feelin' pretty Moist right about now.
I haven't hit the con yet - I'm checked-into my hotel and gonna do dinner with some whedonesquers later on, but so glad the "Ethel Merman" of booths has become -- what? What comes after Ethel on that scale? Kate Smith?

On an equally surreal celebrity note, Kevin Spacey was in the next set of seats over from me on the train down to San Diego - couldn't take my eyes off of him - even when he was asleep. I'm maybe gonna go to hell for the photo I took... Of a fraction of his face between the seats.

ET: fix typo - am on iPhone - it's a little trickified to see what you're typing...

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That's kinda creepy, QG. Is he gonna be your "Penny" now?

(Uh oh for Kevin Spacey. ;-)
Many updates, please QG! (I'm following your twittering.)
"That's kinda creepy, QG. Is he gonna be your "Penny" now?"

I'm not sure a picture of someone framed by train seats is as romantic as one framed by leaves. That's if you can call stalking romantic at all . . .

Shame he was sleeping, otherwise you could've struck up one of those awkward "I know who you are, but you've never met me" conversations people have with celebrities when they're stuck in confined spaces.
Spacey?!? I'm jealous. So when do the un-topics begin for Comic-Con? Let me live through all your fun, 'cause this new job is kicking my ass.
Comic-Con rocks my motherfrakking socks.

I saw Stan Lee, Grant Morrison, Robert Rodriguez, Rose McGowan, Kevin Smith, Lucy Lawless (whom I asked a question about BSG!), Pia Guerra, Jaime King, and Gale Ann Hurd! Plus the assistant director on From Dusk Till Dawn who will be directing Red Sonja; unfortunately I can't remember his name.

And tomorrow is the Joss! (And I got a raffle ticket for the Dr. Horrible signing.)

And, oh yeah, I trolled the floor all day and couldn't find the friggin' Browncoat booth! What number is it?!
"And lastly, for a text description. We are at tables A7/A8, which is in Hall A, at the back of aisle 300. If you walk into any front door of the convention, you will need to walk all the way to the back, then all the way to the right. When you get to the last lounge area before the wall, stop. Turn around. See Browncoat goodness.

danregal | July 15, 10:40 CET"

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Looked at the exhibition floor map - can't find them. I wonder if the Christopher Reeve Foundation is there this year. I just stumbled onto them when I went in 2006 - still have my Superman dog tags. Really neat and benefits the foundation.
The Booth is easy to find. Just enter the exhibit hall at the very end, where it says A. Go all the way to the right go all the way to the top and It's right there in the corner. By the food court with the Gyros. You can't miss it. The booth is so hot that they had to institute crowd control. There's one line for buying stuff and another line for signatures from Felicia Day and others.
Saying it's Hot doesn't begin to describe how huge the response has been.

And yes the Reeve foundation as a small booth there. But I couldn't give you directions.

Heard about it from Bix and the saw it on QG's phone. It's pretty damn cool to see the Browncoats there mixed in with booths like Universal and Star Wars.

As for crowd wasn't like this in 2005, the last huge year for Whedon fans at Comic-Con. We had a line down he aisle on preview night that lasted for all but the first few minutes of the show. And this was just to buy stuff, since no guests were there. Today people started lining up for the Guild signing with Felicia about 30-45 minutes in advance. It was a crazy, hectic, fun day. And it was only the first full day.

I really can't add too much right now. It was a busy 12 hour day, and we still have stock to sort and get ready to take down for tomorrow.

Also, a correction to the title. The booth is run by the California Browncoats. I don't want anyone short-changed by saying it's SoCal only. There are plenty of people from all over California making this happen. Not to mention volunteers from as far away as Canada! SoCal Browncoats is the social group here in southern California. CABC is the non-profit organization. It doesn't make much difference to most, but I like to make sure it's clear out there who does what.
Also, a correction to the title

Tis now been corrected :).
There are some pictures from the booth in my Comic-Con set on Flickr.
Even though the masses were, uh, massed at the CABC booth, everyone was nice and productive. We were rolling out the sales and charity sides... in addition to our guests at the booth. I really enjoyed volunteering today. Great experience. And, yeah, no joke, CABC is THE happening booth! It may be in a corner, but there's no mistake on what people want- W.H.E.D.O.N.
Thanks to everyone who is giving up their time to spread the love! I certainly hope that all attendees are having a great time. (Sydney is a bit too far of a commute, much as I'd love to be there!)

Is it just me, or am I the only one that immediately thinks of David Boreanaz when I hear the phrase 'Hot Booth'?

Ok, boys and girls. Time to work out what that stands for.

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Writerly Hapkido Entertains Denizens Often, Natch

Oh, the possibilities are endless ... like Joss' worlds.
danregal - So sorry for the error. Bad me for not reading the blog more carefully, or I would have posted correctly. My only excuse is that I was so excited and happy to see that the booth was "hot" that I wanted to get info out.

Simon - Thanks for the fix!
No problem Znacki. It's a very common mixup. It doesn't help that I'm involved in both. :)
Ok, boys and girls. Time to work out what that stands for.

Do we get hints?

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