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July 24 2008

Surprise--It's Charisma Carpenter's Un-Birthday! At least in my time zone it's still July 24, which is the day after the annual July 23rd anniversary of Ms. Carpenter's nativity.

Jumping up and shouting "Surprise!" in the eponymous ep. Having to call everyone she has ever met. Quiet nights in with The Phantom Dennis. Her Paleyfest dress. Happy 38th-plus-one-day!

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A tad surprised this was missed before.

Sometimes I worry about her; she has said she wants another child.

Regardless, she's always "A Superstar To Us!"

Happy b'day, Chrissie!!!!!!!!!!
Ah, close enough.

Happy Birthday, Charisma.
Sometimes I worry about her; she has said she wants another child.

Yeah, that is worrying. It's against nature I tell you ! Oh, wait "child", with a 'ch' ? I think that's allowed ;).

Happy un-birthday Ms Carpenter, and enough more such that mere numbers are insufficient to capture the sheer moreness of them. I'd go so far as to wish you a plethora more ;).
As long as it's not Jasmine again... oh wait that wasn't real! I still need to work on that!

Happy late b-day Charisma!
Gotta show some love to her. ow wait she already had that hehe..

Happy birthday Charisma!
Happy BDay Charizma!!
A very happy birthday! Hope to see you in more projects
Happy b-day and then some! (Missed by 2 days?! Wow, I've gotta work on that...)


A very merry unbirthday to you!
Happy unbirthday!
Saje nmcgehee ; Don't worry, I was just being flip :-).

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