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July 24 2008

(SPOILER) Brief Buffy tidbit from Scott Allie at SDCC Dark Horse Horror Panel. No major Buffy announcments are planned at this weekend's Comic Con but Allie did drop an interesting tidbit about an upcoming five issue arc.

Huh. Interesting. Shades of "Never Lie to Me," sort of?
Nice Willow cover!
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. With Vampires! And Slayers!
Ooh, that sounds cool.

And, hopefully, it will help cleanse my eyes, my brain and my soul from the watching the abysmal take on this idea from HBO's True Blood . (Your mileage may vary.)
barest_smidgen, your eloquent slamming of "True Blood" was so, well, eloquent that I simply must watch the first episode when it debuts. A sort of perverse pleasure principle at work, I guess, the schadenfreude of seeing something terrible (which I suspect it will be).

Yes, gorgeous Willow cover. I hadn't noticed that at first. I could find no mention of the artist. Is it Joan Chen?

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Nice. :D I have to believe you're teasing me, though, since I was far from "eloquent." (I think it'd be more accurate to say that I sounded like a shrill and hysterical Parents Television Council member.) But if it's schadenfreude you want, you're in for a treat, my friend. :)

And gorgeous cover indeed. I've seen it before (here, I'm sure) but can't find it in the archives. That's gotta be Chen. Good lord, she's talented. If I ever had any cause to have a portrait, I'd want her to be the one to do it.
Yeah, that Willow cover reminds me of Iron Man #149. Very classic.
As usual, my reaction is "Huh?" as in "What announcemnt?"
I definitely wasn't teasing you, barest_smidgen! Your rant was really well done and got me chuckling in a bit of self-recognition, because who hasn't gotten frothily worked up over aesthetic disappointment? Your post was way too articulate for the PTC.

I sure would like Chen as my portraitist, too. Wow. I love Buffy in Willow's eye. I'm scared about what this means for Willow. Dark times seem to be ahead.
Yes, Plebotinin, that was my thought re: Willow, too. I'm not sure how much my interpretation is colored by the Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom reference, but neither Willow nor Buffy look all sweetness'n'light. A smooch definitely does not appear to be in the offing.

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