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July 24 2008

The Guts Of Dr Horrible. Writer Warren Ellis offers his take on Dr. Horrible and the "Appointment Internet" event.

He admits he doesn't care for musicals, but was impressed by the "lovely little production."

I finally got a chance to watch Dr. Horrible and really enjoyed it in spite of having the end spoiled for me. Captain Hammer is great.
He likes All That Jazz because Roy Scheider dies at the end? Bullshit. He loves intelligent musicals. He looooves them!
That was great. Warren Ellis doesn't take crap from anyone, he's wonderfully straight talking. I've never actually read anything of this (gasp), I tried Transmetropolitan but couldn't really get into it.
It's an expanded version of his Bad Signal email group post, which I couldn't figure out a way to link to. As a subscriber, I generally think he's bang on the money - here particularly for the advice on small work. And the inclusion of evil horses.
Yeah, almost didn't read the linked article because i'd read the email but there's slightly more there.

MattK, try 'Global Frequency' or 'Fell' first, they're both pretty accessible IMO (or if you like super-hero stuff, 'Planetary' is brilliant). Or I really enjoyed 'Crécy' - it's sort of a (very) "horrible history" for adults ;).
I heart Warren Ellis. Succinct and onpoint - unwilling to get caught up in fan politics and griping. He really ought to be tickled Joss called him his "youngling."
Thanks for the recs Saje, I'll keep an eye out for them after I've finished what I'm currently reading (DMZ, which is great).

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