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"Am I on speaker phone?"
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July 24 2008

Felicia at Comic Con. Mahalo daily interview. Joss is fun. NPH is dreamy. Who knew?

First story post (gulp).

Don't worry, everything looks spelled right so LKW won't be on your ass.
Hah. "Prodigy friends".

ETA pictures from the Guild signing.

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Don't worry, everything looks spelled right so LKW won't be on your ass.

You were warned yesterday about your sniping so consider yourself banned.
I love the way she takes justifiable pride in making videos for the net.
Felicia is adorable, it is so much fun to follow her posts on twitter (she made them throughout her first day at comic con, and she was clearly having a great time). I love that she got a little crush on NPH, because I have one my own self (their little dancing scene was so romantic). *sigh*
It's really fun to follow her on Friend Feed...

And it's amazing how we can't tell that she had just drove 7 hours before this interview!
I saw this on You Tube last night. (Didn't think to post it though! Ooops.... ) I watched it after watching all of The Guild, which is hilarious. But she seemed really energetic and was funny.
I've also been following her on twitter. And Wil Wheaton. Loved how he was using it to guide other people away from the traffic jams.
She was one of the few potentials on BUFFY that I actually liked and since DR. HORRIBLE, I LOVE her. She's adorable!
Just discovered this video and the Whedonesque link to it. That's the CA Browncoats booth behind the interviewer and look - you can see the back of Danregal's head!

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