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July 24 2008

Dr. Horrible - An oral history. How it all came together (with contributions from Joss, Felicia, Nathan, Neil, Jed and Maurissa). It's the definitive "making of" article we've all been waiting to read.

An awesome read, that ties up a lot of scattered bits we'd seen tangentially mentioned in other interviews. Will this be in the print edition?
That was a lot of fun to read. Awesome.
OMG- NPH as Simon! Nahhh, the right choice was made- Sean Maher as Dr. Tam, Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible. Truly, worlds are lost in the casting of a show or movie.
Wish Nathan said more.. seemed like he got 1 or 2 lines.
Fillion That is my friend PJ Haarsma. I called him up and I said ''Can you make me a thing? That looks like a thing?'' Twenty minutes later he says, ''Check out this website. You can call it up on your iPhone and you have a Dr. Horrible van remote.'' At Comic-Con, I'm going to release the Website that has the Dr. Horrible van remote.

That's just awesome.
My one incredibly shallow comment is that I think I have a big crush on every involved in the making of the internet musical sensation. I love the spirit of the thing: like those old Hollywood musicals where somehow a stage show is thrown together at the last minute in somebody's barn, featuring a radiant Judy Garland...
I thought it would be fun to do a sort of podcast musical diary of myself as a supervillain.

Ha! HA! My theory is vindicated!

Also, if Joss seriously wants it translated into Classical Latin, I know a guy.
That's a great read, thank you.
They didn't mention a German translation - I would pay to do a German translation of Dr. Horrible! Oh, please, come on! I even happen to be a professional translator (although of literature, not of movies). I would have my left eye gouged out by Nathan Fillion to be a part of this!

By the way, it was great to read about the "international uproar because [people couldn't] access it overseas". Hey, I was part of that uproar!
What a great interview. Panther noises. Snicker. NPH: I think this might be a 'thing.' Totally awesome.
Wow, that was a great interview. The backstage stories are so fun.
And sorry again for the international uproar...

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Yes, but where's the website for the Van Remote?
This one Brandeks?

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You know, the more I look at this, the more it looks like an episode of Firefly: Guys with limited rescources and money managing to pull off an amazing job and then looking forward to get paid for it. Now hoping that they'll get their pay-off instead of being an forever broke crew.

Oh yeah, btw, my first comment here. Hi to everybody.
Welcome to the Black Jan Relv.

You know, who I really wished had taken part of Dr. Horrible, even if it was a cameo role? Andy Hallett.
I was just listening to my Angel soundtrack, on the way to work, and it was so fun to listen to his songs, from the end of the disk, and despite singing a lot in the show, he never was able to take part in a Whedon musical.
He was originally supposed to do a cameo in 'Once More With Feeling' but alas it never happened. It came up in an old SFX interview with Andy years ago and I think Joss may have mentioned it once or twice but my mind is hazy on why it didn't happen.

Also I like Jan Relv's analogy.
That was a satisfying read.
That was so much fun to read. Great interview.
Tagged as Dollhouse :P
"master plan that might have included the sequels, and the TV films, and the Broadway musical, and the theme park attractions. And the blimp."

The Blimp ??
Some people can't write at all, even when they try. Our heores just talk and manage to entertain. Wonderful read :)
I actually felt a bit like I was eavesdropping. What really came through from everyone was their utter passion and delight about the project.
(Probably 'cos in addition to producing an amazing piece of work, they got to go to Joss's house, eat snacks, read Shakespeare and muck about in the recording studio. Jealous? Moi!?)
The Blimp ??

Where else would Fake Thomas Jefferson live?
And thusly Fake Thomas Jefferson's first number in the (first) sequel practically writes itself "It was a very GoodYear ...".

Great read with a few new titbits. Goes to show, even with consummate pros like Ryan Green etc. sometimes you just need a body walking backwards with a torch ;).

(and NPH could've been Simon ? Wow. Wouldn't swap 'em for the world - no offence to Mr Harris ;) - but it's interesting to contemplate. Thinking about it, that'd mean NPH would now be the life-size "action figure" chained up in Joss' basement. Reckon he dodged a bit of a bullet there ;)
This is one of those interviews that you wish could go on forever and ever. Now I really can't wait for the DVD...
Tancharoen As you can tell the fun doesn't stop for us.

Nor for us, thanks to you guys.
Did no one else catch this!?!?

Harris When you read Joss' interviews, or blog entries, he incorporates little parentheticals and little extra thoughts.
(emphasis mine)

Guys, NPH reads Whedonesque!!! *squees*
I noticed, OzLady. NPH also said: "It's been fun for me to read what people thought about Act 1, wondering what would happen in Act 2, and how they think it will end." Of course there are lots of places he could've read been reading but if he was already familiar with a certain place...
Great read. The tale they tell is so like the fantasy of "let's put on a show" that I almost wonder if they're having us on with it. And another musical? What, your saying that Commentary! is Dr. Horrible ?

First speculation: Bad Horse shows up in The Guild, as a Paladin named Palomino.
aver said: worlds are lost in the casting of a show or movie--so true! In a good way.

I missed all the fun with this, being away. I did pop onto whedonesque briefly while I was on vacation and saw that a discussion of Act III had over 600 comments! You crazy kids. Anyway, got home last night and my husband downloaded it for me while I went and got groceries and we watched it over dinner. Such fun, many giggles. And now finally I can catch up on reading about it here. Into the archives I go to check out 600 + takes on the ending!
Where else would Fake Thomas Jefferson live?

The fake Monticello?
Into the archives I go to check out 600 + takes on the ending!
catherine | July 25, 15:05 CET

Uh, sorry Catherine, its over 1050 now.

Did no one else catch this!?!?
Harris When you read Joss' interviews, or blog entries, he incorporates little parentheticals and little extra thoughts.
(emphasis mine)
Guys, NPH reads Whedonesque!!! *squees*
OzLady | July 25, 14:35 CET

My first thought was that he had just confirmed that he was playing Joss. As I recall AB said that when he auditioned for Warren he played Joss and got the job. Interesting...but disturbing. ;-)
I am always amused by the plans Joss & Co. have for the DVD extras and am looking forward to seeing them all. Knowing Joss's love for all things Shakespeare, maybe they will do something along the lines of what was done for the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" DVD -- Subtitles for people who don't like the film (taken from Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part II). A search was done through Shakespeare's play, and the lines that most closely corresponded to the film's script were used as subtitles.

That would be a fun project to attempt! (I have no time for it, unfortunately. But I think I will go watch "...The Holy Grail" with those subtitles again.)
It's the definitive "making of" article we've all been waiting to read.

Total truth in advertising there. Loved this.
This one Brandeks?

Heh. I see it's been turned into an "ad" where the buttons lead to Haarsma's websites.
I think I said it a long time ago but floofypoohs mention of Shakespeare makes me wish Joss and his actor peeps would film one of the bards plays. As stage shows to begin with they can happily be filmed on one or two very basic sets and would be a hit online. I'd love to see the Whedonverse actors do Much Ado or Midsummer Night.
Oh, I had no idea Neil read for Simon. That's really interesting!
Since PJ didn't get a credit, it's only fair.

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Oops. Double post.

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Okay so seriously, this crush I have on Neil is getting out of control. I can't help it if he's adorable right?

Wonderful article. So interesting that he auditioned for Simon. I think Sean WAS Simon but I wouldn't have been disappointed with Neil. He's got some qualities about him that I think would have worked well. Still...Sean is love and perfect for Simon so I think it all worked out for the best.

I love how everyone said yes before they even knew what was happening!
NPH as Simon would have worked really well, as did SM. I would not be surprised if SG and SM just made a better brother sister pair than whoever they would have paired with NPH.
Great article!

Loved to know that NPH read for Firefly, and that he's a good friend of Amy Acker...

I can't wait to see where this is going to... sequels, films, Broadway... Everything about Dr. Horrible keeps getting better! I think finally Joss is beginning to take over the world! =P
I vote Broadway. Cuz it's close by. (Give the East Coast a little love! .... please. ;) )

I could see NPH as Simon, easy. But not so much as Summer's brother.
This interview is a perfect example why I can't wait for the DVD and all the extras.

They didn't mention a German translation - I would pay to do a German translation of Dr. Horrible!

You're too late for that ,-) But then, I didn't pay and just did it for the heck of it (and kind of hoping to get some people watching that otherwise wouldn't). Also never too late to do a _better_ translation. English subs and timing is done (perfectly synced with the dialogue, meaning probably not so perfect for reading... need guinea pigs). Translation is done and just needs to be pasted in.

Maybe it can be useful as a template for other translated subs. Though I'm afraid there will be tons of legal technicalities keeping them from using fan translations. Anyway, who's volunteering for the panther version? ,-)
But I do hope that either Joss releases his basement-dwelling action figure soon, or at least turns on a webcam.
Geez, wonder who's feeding his Sean Maher action figure while he's at Comic Con!
Awesome interview! I had fun just reading, they really seem to enjoy themselves.
I'm not surprised at everyone saying yes inmediately,it's Joss
Well,NPH did say he's a big fan of him so it'd make sense if he comes here.

I really can't wait for the dvd

You're too late for that ,-)

Well, that means that at least I don't need to have my eye gouged out ...

Maybe you should offer your version for the dvd? I certainly could use German subtitles for some of my less anglophone friends.
That was a fun read.

I'm still hoping people will end up doing simultaneous sing-alongs of Dr. Horrible and Commentary! with the audience devided in two :)
This one Brandeks?

highandrandom - Yep, that would be it. :D

Found it elsewhere and knew someone would post it here...

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