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July 25 2008

James Marsters is a doll (again). First look at his Torchwood action figure.

Weeeeee! I just can't wait to get this! The detail is just amazing. *g*
Good likeness; nice stuff.
Ok. I know it just shows how pathetic I am, but for a split second, the title made me think of Dollhouse and James being in it and had this brief yet wondrous moment of utter glee.

But, this is great too (not as great) and now I’m rephrasing Joss’ words about Mal/Hammer dolls and imagining John and Spike “action figures” role-playing Ken and Barbie. *snicker* John would be ALL over Spike… that’s for sure!
Slightly off topic but does anyone know when they're releasing the second season on Blu-Ray? The show is shot in HD, and broadcast on the BBC HD Channel, the first series is out on Blu Ray but the second only on SD at the moment and all searches have drawn a blank thus far.
I was so hoping for a Captain John doll. And it looks great!
Now I just need a Brainiac doll, a Lex Luthor doll from Superman:Doomsday, and a Piccolo doll and I will be very happy!
BLOWFISH AND IANTO DOLLS?! Oh, I am SO getting those...
Oh lord, the hard core collectors would have a blue fit If they heard you all calling them 'dolls'. *pushes glasses back and snorts* They're 'action figures' actually. *g*

He is going to look so cute next to my DST Spike action figure. :0

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Wow, that is a good likeness. The Captain Jack action figure? Not so much.
I tell myself that I have more than enough "collectible" stuff. and then something this good comes along and I just can't resist. Oh,'s available in November so I'm sure there will be somebody who wants to know what I want for Christmas. I hope,I hope, I hope.

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