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July 25 2008

Dr Horrible is one of Box Office Prophets 'Shiny Things' of the week. It is about half way down the page. In related Dr. Horrible coverage, TV Guide's Matt Roush reveals that Joss asked him not to reveal the twist in his review. And Dr. Horrible is the subject of today's national DailyCandy email, going out to millions of mostly female subscribers.

barest_smidgen writes:

Nice to see editors with a very different audience-type pushing this out with enthusiasm.

(DailyCandy is a girlie style-pub, sending out witty daily recommendations about shopping, beauty, restaurants, travel and entertainment to more of a Sex in the City-type demographic. Subscribers are engaged, fiercely loyal, and look to their DailyCandy like a SeaWorld dolphin looks for his mackerel. I would know. Addict, here.)

Cheers to speechlady for the Matt Roush link.

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I've merged several entries into this one to save space on the front page. It's not something I particularly enjoy doing but it's going to be another busy day due to the Comic Con coverage and the front page may get hit accordingly.
Nice review from "Box Office Prophets" and not only do they like Dr. Horrible, they are also fans of "My Guys" (giving a spot-on description of an endearing show) and Alton Brown's show "Good Eats", a favorite at my house -- and of NPH, too!
LA Times: Well, you turned that corner of age that we do.

NPH: I'm almost 35. What does that mean? What does that entail? Just a lack of desire?

LA Times: Look out for your back. And your teeth.

NPH: I do find I'm interested in wines and things now. I'm actively listening to Alton Brown. So maybe that is something to do with growing up.

The fact that the ending disturbed you so deeply is about the highest compliment I can think of to pay Dr. Horrible, which for all its jokiness and silliness is a parable about someone who ultimately wants to be thought of as evil. Mission accomplished.
-- Matt Roush

Holy tragi-comedy, Batman! Exactly!!
And not only does he desperately want to be thought of as evil, he gets what he wanted!
Talk about being careful what you ask for.
In fact, Horrible even says, as he stands over the ex-Penny, that he has what he wanted: "The world" at his feet.
At about quarter after midnight, the last few minutes of Dr. Horrible found me sitting here at the computer, mouth agape.
I think my upstairs neighbour might have heard me yell, "Daaaaamn!" and then "Right ON!!!"
Oh, and BOP loves Alton Brown, too. Just like me!
Nice write up. "We do the weird stuff !" ;).

(and I like 'My Boys' a lot, it really is just a very nice, funny show that presents guys in a fairly true but affectionate way. It maybe had a bit more of an edge early on, kind of setting the central character PJ up as the idealised "girlfriend every guy dreams about" - i.e. a guy with boobs ;) - and then showing why that's a very dumb dream indeed but the more gently amusing pattern it's fallen into now is still very watchable)
Matt Roush also says:
And needless to say, one enters the world of Joss Whedon at one's emotional peril. That's how I felt when I first watched it, and I haven't changed my mind.

Not needless at all! Erm, that just needed to be said.
True, totally needed - otherwise that sentence would read "And needless to say,." which just doesn't make sense.

My particular favorite is a random aside about the benefits of not having a one night stand.

I'm spacing here... which line was this?
Hammer talks about how the second time, he gets to do "the weird stuff".
Thanks Saje.
Additional mainstream press: TIME magazine's latest (Aug 4) issue contains in its "5 Things To Know About" column a quick review of Dr. Horrible, and lauds it as, "the summer's funniest TV show, on your computer."
Thanks, Simon. Was thinking when I posted the DailyCandy thing, that maybe I should tuck it under this very thread, instead. Good thinking, re: all of today's likely news. :)

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