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July 25 2008

Neil Patrick Harris on The View! NPH was just on The View, talking about Dr. Horrible!

Whoopi Goldberg has it downloaded! Sweet. Also some chat about NPH's Emmy nomination for HIMYM.

I can't bring myself to watch The View. (Especially with that ignorant bimbo Elizabeth Whatshername of the Crying Because Whoopi Made Her Cry. Feh!)
Where'd Whoopi download NPH??

Oh! Nevermind...I thought she downloaded the interview. Ah well...even better: She downloaded Dr Horrible! Yes...Whoopi is cool.

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I always loved Whoopi. Now knowing she downloaded the Doctor just makes me love her even more!
I wanna see Neil! Curse you work for keeping me from watching!
The showed part of my favorite Horrible song, bless them.
I missed this but they mentioned what a huge success Dr. Horrible was on last night's Access Hollywood or Extra. It was the one with Billie Bush I think. I wasn't really watching it and had just switched over the tv from playing a video game and then I heard someone say "Dr. Horrible" which quickly grabbed my attention! They mentioned how hot it was and how that it was the #1 download on Itunes.
What song did they show, Sly?

I love that Whoopi downloaded it. Go, Whoopi. I imagine that that might inspire some viewers to check it out.

Can't watch the show, though. Drives me bananas. Still, good for NPH and good for those who did watch it. Sounds a gratifying episode.
You can never have too much Whoopi. Seriously.
I hate that show, I don't understand why it's been on so long. It's good to see that mainstream media is promoting this particular thing, though I don't think it needs it.
Dr Horrible was on last nights Extra. Would be ok to post Youtube link? (don't see on their site).
Y'know... it's really strange having such a prominent star be part of the Whedonverse now. I dig it, but it's strange. :)
They played "On the Rise", starting from where Billy is on the bridge and Hammer in the boat, to the end. My favourite too.

NPH was great. Got all excited and did a fantastic job plugging it. He could hardly talk fast enough to get out all things he wanted to say, and was talking over his hosts at the end, trying to explain the DVD singing commentary.

It was perfect timing, I saw it Whedonesque, immediately put on the View, which was halfway through, and they were just coming back from commercial to introduce him.
That's my favorite song, too. I keep getting Penny's part stuck in my head.
I love on the rise. Just listened to how the end of the words would come together when they were singing. Just perfect. That and Brand New Day were probably my favorite songs.
It was really nice seeing the clip at TV broadcast quality. Big, smooth, and shiny (much like Joss's forehead).

Judging by file size, I gather that the iTunes version is roughly similar in quality to what we had on Hulu, just without any potential degredation from streaming.

Cannot wait for the DVD to see it in its full glory. The Comic-con screeners are sooooo lucky!

[ edited by AlanD on 2008-07-25 21:16 ]
The iTunes version is the same bitrate and screen size as the Terminator TV series. I was unable to see the Hulu version for comparison, but the iTunes tend to be about DVD quality. Unless you are talking HD and extras.
It was definitely my experience that the iTunes quality was way better than the Hulu version. Neil gave great interview on The View: he said that Whoopie taught him about hitting his mark and his relationship with the camera in his first ever movie. Neil talked about the fun of making Doctor Horrible and the cool extras for the DVD (multiple commentaries with the musical one entitled 'Commentary!').
can someone post a link to the actual NPH bit, I don't need to see segments about butt lifts.
Here's the link. I wasn't too happy with the butt lift segment either so I did a google search and found it.
Thanks Charisma69! NPH looks great, and it's cool that Whoopi's so into it.
Thanks for posting the direct link to the clip, Charisma69. I cannot wait for the DVD, especially for the "commentary!".
thank you wonderful person *hug*
Many thanks, Charisma69!

It was good to see the warmth between Whoopi and NPH, wasn't it? I wonder if Dr. Horrible might have had a Nanny Horrible who raised him that is now disappointed in his having gone so heartless and cold and who might appear in the sequel.
Thanks Charisma69! I've been looking around for that all day.
Thank you, Charisma69! My mother sometimes will DVR The View if there is someone on that she thinks I would want to see and she forgot today. But that clip was so cool. I loved how Whoopi reacted to it and that a good third of his (admittedly) short segment was devoted to it. It might be silly, but it made me proud.
And yet another thank you Charisma69! I loved that! Plus it was fun seing NPH as a little kid. I always thought Doogie Howser was his first role.
IFCLunchbox did a segment on it as well. Looks like their Dr. Horrible segment is the most watched. (They look like they are new.)
Link thingy
You're welcome guys. I'm so glad I could help you out.

The segment was wonderful. I really enjoyed the warmth between NPH and Whoopi. I didn't realize they worked together.

It's so cool she loved Dr. Horrible and wants a sequel.

I also love how NPH plugged "Dollhouse". That is so very awesome.
Thanks for the link just for that segment and I'll second everything you said Charisma. Loving Whoopi's love of DH, and NPH just made me love him more for being so excited about DH and for plugging Dollhouse.
I loved how when Neil mentioned Joss and Buffy, Angel and Firefly Whoopi was nodding to each one. Can it be she is a fan? I'm loving her reaction more now than I did when she wanted to eat up James in Hollywood Squares. LOL

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