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July 25 2008

(SPOILER) Zap2it report from Dollhouse set. Joss and Eliza talk some more about the new pilot, and Joss delves into fan and his own expectations of success, both commercial and artistic.

"This is the one that they don't like."

This is why he keeps doing great stuff. He'll never get a "big head" if he's worried about us... unlike some writers/producers/former-actors who think they can feed us whatever they want to feed us and we're supposed to like it no matter what even if they nuke the 'fridge.

(Yes. I'm a little bitter, but it's the lime.)
This deepens my suspicion that Joss now has a press corps following him around 24/7.

And I realize there was a press tour of the set that's resulted in a number of articles including this one, but damn. How many interviews has he done very recently?

ET fix my homonym.

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It seems that most of these articles we're seeing lately are several people who were at one, same interview.
Yeah, Joss is on a media high lately. Let's just hope it pays off. It did with Dr. Horrible, let the same be for the House of D.

TheGamut, who are you throwing your lime at ?:-)
It seems that most of these articles we're seeing lately are several people who were at one, same interview.

Yeah but it still adds up.
Actually, the fridge thing I could live with. I mean, it's sort of insane, but for some reason I can accept that, more or less. The Tarzan-swinging through the jungle with monkeys? That pained me. Right in my black, atrophied little heart.

And I think we should have even more Dollhouse coverage. Maybe by January, we'll have mentally conditioned the entire viewing public to watch the show.

"Must... Watch... Dollhouse. Eliza... Leather... Pants. Unisex... Showers." And yeah, I know that's how we think. But there are so many still with untainted minds. It must be spread, a contagion of the mind, overpowering all other urges and priorities in all whom it strikes, and then, then, I will have the world in my iron grip -- wait, wrong plan. What I meant to say was, publicity = good.

and please forget the iron grip stuff
Wait? She's wearing leather pants in the unisex showers?

Now I've got that image in my head....
Calm down, it's not pants pants ;-).
Preposterous that we should be considered merely interested for the prurient potential of Dollhouse! I take offense at the implication that it's only Eliza and the showers and leather pants and-- Wouldn't leather shrink after being in the shower? That might smart. Not to mention if the leather was dyed it would bleed off and stain the skin. I hate that. I remember this one time my--

...But I digress.

And now that I ponder on it, I think that it's a shame that Peter Sellers is long gone, as he would have been perfect as a doll from an earlier incarnation of the house. He could do any part with authenticity, and let us not forget his appearance on The Muppet Show where he confessed that he had his "real me" surgically removed.
Or Alec Guinness. Seen Kind Hearts And Coronets? He plays eight roles, including women.
When I see "unisex showers", I think of Starship Troopers.

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