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July 25 2008

Trailer for Nobel Son co-starring Eliza Dushku is online. The film also stars Bill Pullman and Danny DeVito. No release date is listed.

Limited release on October 3, 2008 according to Wikipedia.
I wish this thing would come out already!
Saw at Tribeca, thought was pretty good. Better then other stuff that has been released.
That looks worth checking out, getting a sort of "Get Shorty" vibe (just with a totally different plot ;). Hell of a cast too, Eliza in some pretty fine company.
Eliza runs with the big dogs!
Ahh, that Eliza, can't wait. Say, is there an "off" switch to the brain?
This gives my dream of Bill Pullman working with Joss new hope...Eliza needs to hook it up

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