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July 10 2003

@N-Zone's Top Ten Rejected Buffy Spinoffs. Number two: 'Firefly: This Time We’ve Got Vampires' (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Surely we at Whedonesque can come up with some witty and amusing titles as well.

'Willow and Grace', that one just cracks me up for some reason.

CSI Hellmouth - now why is it that actually sounds like a genuine possibility? *g*
hee Willow and Grace .. that was the funniest one.. the rest were eh.
Seriously now, there's only one viable buffy Spin-off and you know it. *wink*

Spike TV

Oh, wait, nevermind.
Am I the only one who can't find it?
Law & Order: VSJ - Vigilante Slayer Justice
Willow & Ellen
The Drew Carey & A Bunch of Jailbait That Can Kick His Butt Show ("Cleveland Rocks! Cleveland Rocks!")
No, forcorreo, I can't find it either.
At the very bottom of the page, look at the left margin. There's a blue rectangle that says "THE TOP 10", and under that is the list.
Xander & Spike in The New Odd Couple...
Darker Angel. Because the current level of angst just isn't enough.
Slaywatch:slayers on the beach---ok, not a lot of vamps there, but hey, young slayers running in slo-mo in swimsuits, how could it miss? Besides, I think Hasselhoff is a vampire.

Legally Blonde 3: Spike gets his law degree at night school and takes on 'dumb blonde jokes' one joke at a time (ok, not my best, but...)
Sweeps special guests: The Spirit of Anya ("I'm Blonde now"), Buffy Summers (Just what IS my natural color?), Druscilla (in an Anna Nicole Smith wig)
Oh, and special guest star: Anna Nicole Smith as 'the Judge'.

Leave it to Clem: Insert Clem and his extended demon family into any old 'Leave it to Beaver' script, shake well and watch.

Fiends: a group of diversive demons go through life's travails while fighting off an influx of 'Slayers' and hang out in a local demon bar.
Thanks lalaa
Summers Girls, they're sisters, but the younger was a green orb of energy turned into human with the older ones blood. They have to deal with life, the younger one high schoool and constant visits from SUmmers Mom back from the Undead.

Very Full House: Uncountable Slayerrs and just a few "watchers" to handle them.

Twi-Wells ZOne - Strange Tales from SUnnydale and the whole world retold by ANdrew Wells.

I was gonna try a CHarlie's ANgels and Charmed spoof, but got no idea at the moment.....
NumfarPTB, how about 'Jonathon's Angels' and 'Charmed:when good spells go bad' (because with magic, there are always consequences, hosted by William the Bloody and/or Tara the Lovely and Mourned?)

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