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July 25 2008

Marti Noxon to write for Mad Men. Buried in this article about the women of "Mad Men" is the news that BtVS Exec Producer Marti Noxon is a Consulting Producer and will write for the show this season.

Article also includes quotes from Christina Hendricks.

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I consumed this show over a weekend recently. Very, very well done. Wonderful character development.
That is astoundingly wonderful, wonderful news. Mad Men is a superb show. I'm obsessed with it. Great for Marti! If I may be permitted to say this by (hopefully) tolerant Private Practice fans, I think this is a much better showcase for her talents. Huzzah!
Apparently,I need to start watching this show.
As if I didn't have enough reason to start watching this show. Dammit. One more to add to the ever-growing list.
Watched the show kind of on a whim and the Whedon connection and found it to be so incredible. You'll come for Vincent, Christina, and Marti but you'll stay for Don Draper.
Good for Marti!
Oh wow that's good news!

I noticed she had said something about possibly directing a movie, back at the Paley Fest...guess this is sort of great as well.

It's like all the good things in one special place.
What okelay said.

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For those who have not watched this show, you DO NEED to watch it. Adding Marti to the mix is just added incentive.
Well shit... I liked this show. *sigh*

Oh well. Congrats to Marti I suppose.
Mad Men is just a really first rate show that respects its audience and delivers layered and nuanced episodes.

One of the characters goes to a therapist played by Andy Umberger and she could use some serious D'Hoffryn level mentorship.

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The A-V Club has this great interview with Mad Man creator Matthew Weiner.

My favorite part, however, is in the comments section where one discussion participant signed in as "It Takes a Nathan of Fillions to Hold Us Back".

Public Enemy meets Mutant Enemy.
I consumed this show over a weekend recently. Very, very well done. Wonderful character development.
jkalderash | July 26, 01:07 CET

I recorded that same Mad Men marathon, I've been re-watching it this week in anticipation of the beginning of season 2 on Sunday. This is a spectacularly good show and Marti will be a fine addition, as Whedon alumni number three.
This is great for Marti!
We're having a pretty good week, MadMenwise.
I love this show and have been re-watching in preparation for the new season (Sunday - YAY!). I keep picking up on entirely new and different things. It really bears multiple viewings.
SCORE! This is quite exciting! Go Marti!

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