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July 25 2008

How Does Malcolm Reynolds Measure Up to Superheroes? Our favorite captain appears in i09's Wish-Fulfillment Checklist. Check out how he "hits... the sweet spots of escapism" and how he compares to other superheroes.

It's unclear why the recently honored Buffy was not on the list? Oh, and Mal deserves a brown coat in at least one other column.

Which one? Not tied down? He isn't, or at least he thinks he isn't, but he's got Serenity and her crew to look after. And Niska actually tied him down once. *shudders*
Well, I was thinking "Gets Laid," though they specify in the article that it "doesn't just mean your hero hooked up one time," so maybe YoSafBridge is out. Still, I'd contend he's got an "Excuse for Self Pity" which is basically a tragic past.
"so maybe YoSafBridge is out"

I'd say so, considering all she did was kiss him and knock him out. ;)
Buffy actually WOULD win that one according to my count, as she qualifies for 8 of the 9 categories which is more than any other character there.

What I loved the most about Cap'n Tightpants was that he actually WASN'T a superhero- just a man with a man's foibles, flaws and quirks.
Wait, really? Hrmm... I guess I'm gonna have to rewatch Firefly!
I guess I'm gonna have to rewatch Firefly!

Work, work, work.
Mal has the same stats on that list as Arthur Dent and Jack O'Neill? Hmmm...
Good for Mal, but where the hell is Buffy?
Hardly a complete list. I loved that they included two of my other space-swashbuckler characters, Honor Harrington and Miles Vorkosigan. (Miles does really, really well in the "Gets Laid" category despite being a deformed dwarf.)
Yea where is Buffy ?

Though Honor Harrington should have aced all categories, better than Buffy actually, cause if being one of the richest people on two planets doesn't qualify you as insanely wealthy I don't know what does. While Buffy had to enter the lucrative fast food industry to make a living for herself and her non-paying house guests.

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Ah but now S8 Buffy has unlimited funds due to her criminal record, PLUS a secret benefactor that just may be worth dressing up for.
"unlimited funds" where did that come from ?
Having your own space ship to commute between your palaces on two planets beats a puny scottish castle in my book :)

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Wall-E got laid?

I may need to see that movie cause I don't understand that.
Heh, now that's a "contest", loads of clearly defined parameters and a variety of characters. But yep, Buffy should totally be on there.

Buffy actually WOULD win that one according to my count, as she qualifies for 8 of the 9 categories which is more than any other character there.

I don't see how she's "not tied down" or "becomes a god or king", "cool gadgets" seems doubtful (though it could go either way - she's certainly used cool gadgets, whether enough to count is iffy IMO) and we don't know if she's actually "insanely wealthy" (she's certainly well-off currently but not like e.g. Batman where it's basically a limitless resource, to an almost ridiculous extent in fact). I have Buff at a solid 5 categories.

Not really sure that Mal has "cool gadgets" either (unless Serenity counts cos she's plenty cool ;).
Not sure I agree with the 'clearly defined parameters' there is still room for debate :)

5 categories sounds about right for Buffy and Mal, poor Buff just works on a different scale than the space opera guys, Harrington like Paul Atreides and Miles Vorkosigan takes 9 categories with ease.
God bless Mr Pointy but consider what Buffy would be able to do with a division or two of superdreadnoughts and a couple of grateful planetary populations throwing money and medals at her :)
Well more clearly defined than "best" at least ;).

(but yeah, the day we can't find "room for debate" it'll be good skating weather in Hell ;)
Honor would even do pretty well hand-to-hand with Buffy, although she'd still lose.
Sage and Co- you're mean to do this while I am a bit inebriated.
But the criteria was...

Insanely wealthy- Hence Buffy's bank job and mysterious benefactor. Plenty more moolah where that came from...
Excuse for self pity- Buffy is all about that!
Devoted sidekicks- Xander and Will.
Cool Gadgets- The (former) castle set-up, plus prophetic scythes and stakes with a backstory.
Marked for greateness- Through numerous prophecies.
Superhuman powers- Well, these are evident.
Not tied down- As evident, no consistent partner but still plenty offering when she gets a bit antsy.
Gets laid- No complaints from Satsu. Or Spike.
Becomes a God or King- this is the only 'nay' category, in my book.

Hence the 8/9 rating. Which bugs me, as I only like voting /10, actually.

YMMV, and welcome!

[ edited by missb on 2008-07-26 17:24 ]
Well, we could've done it when you were hung-over but that'd just be cruel and unusual ;).

Guess I see 'cool gadgets' as actual gadgets rather than just devices (James Bond has many gadgets but his Walther/Beretta isn't one of them, that's just his gun - likewise the scythe, stakes and definitely the castle for Buffy).

'Not tied down' I may have misinterpreted actually, I was seeing that as not having commitments, being able to just walk away at a moment's notice, generally being mobile. Seems to me like Buffy can only "walk away" when it's for a mission, she has too many responsibilities (and a castle ;) to just swan off whenever she feels like it. No steady partner maybe but most definitely a "steady job".

'Insanely wealthy' might well be true, that's something we don't really know yet IMO. If it's just the proceeds of one bank job then that's not insanely wealthy in the sense I mean it which is basically "Money is literally no object, limitless" and we don't know much about the benefactor (hence mysterious ;).

I agree with the rest of your 'ticks' though missb ;).
Fundamental difference for me: I can enjoy Mal 100% without relying on irony, deconstruction, or parody.

It's been (and I say this with a note of sadness) decades since I could enjoy a superhero tale presented in simple earnest.

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