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July 25 2008

Dr. Horrible gets extra screenings at Comic-Con. Apparently, the initial one was at way over-capacity.

According to Felicia Day, there were 2000 people in line for first screening.

Man, I'd love to see this on a big screen.
Ditto. Or, apparently, a few big screens. (Go Dr. H!)
Yes, but will our folks scream louder then the "Twilight" fans???
It's official, Joss owns this year's Comic-Con. It shall be known in the future as the Comic-Con '08: The year of Joss. :)
I hope all 100,000 people at the convention get to see it! And I wish I could see it on the Big Screen too (in spite of the sad ending, I think it'll make a fun sing-along).
Soooo... want! See, words are failing me.

re: twilight fans

That was embarrassing, even some of the twilight fans have been posting videos saying so.
Yeah! I mean Whoo-hoo! I wonder how many people who see the screenings have already seen it on the internet. You know sort of like the gasp part in Serenity that tells you that someone hasn't seen it before.
cabri: The whole cast/crew is here to watch. 14 minutes ago from txt

Lionnesss: Joss is in 6B 15 minutes ago from web

cabri: Joss is here. :) 18 minutes ago from txt

*sigh* Hope they are having fun. :D

ETA: thegreatbarred: @drhorrible are you guys doing a panel at the 10.45pm screening? There's signs in the line saying you are!

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How great for the cast and crew to see firsthand just how much the fans, en masse, are loving this.

I'm dying to know- is everyone singing along? And how many dressed up for the occasion?
Wow. The energy must be mind blowing. Wish I were there.

There's no way the D*C screening will hold the people. Isn't it scheduled for a track room? They couldn't even accommodate everyone for the Buffy sing-along and that was in a large conference room.
Besides the scheduled 10:45-12:00 screening in 6B (capacity = 1,040, according to the convention center website), there were added 9 pm, 10 pm and 11 pm showings in 5AB (capacity = 504) and 10 pm & 11 pm showings in 7AB (capacity = 480).

The Whedons and the cast came into 6B at the beginning and the end of the screening. Mostly just waved to the audience, so no new info.

The volume was fairly loud so I couldn't hear if others were singing, or maybe I was just singing too loudly myself to hear anyone else around me. But I heard someone say at the end that, wow, how on earth do people know the words to this already? Well...

Not much audience participation that I saw, although I saw a flash synched to the firing of the freeze ray, which was neat. I only saw a few dressed up, but I think there were more Horribles and Hammers in the other showings.

There was lots of cheering after each number and a standing ovation at the end, even before Joss and company showed up to wave at the audience again.
Reading this while at the cinema waiting for the 11am Dark knight screening to start in Amsterdam-zuid.
Cool, thanks again for the reporting, deanna b. This sounds like a blast. It's probably a lot of fun to be there, if only just to hang out with other whedonites.

Also: hope you enjoyed that Caroline should be done, just about now :). The sound in Amsterdam-zuid is much better (because, well, Pathé) then where I watched it thursday (in an old movie theatre in Leiden).
standing ovation

That's what I wanted to hear! =]

Sound amazing!
There's no way the D*C screening will hold the people. Isn't it scheduled for a track room? They couldn't even accommodate everyone for the Buffy sing-along and that was in a large conference room.

There are two pending right now, I don't know much about the other one but we def will be doing ours Sunday night at 11:30 PM in the Podcasting Track room. Holds 110. The other one is also in a track room, not sure of the capacity, but ours will include a lot of audience participation and some fun goodies.
There's no way the D*C screening will hold the people. Isn't it scheduled for a track room? They couldn't even accommodate everyone for the Buffy sing-along and that was in a large conference room.

Ours will indeed be in a track room. However, it's a lot bigger than the track room you guys are used to with the Whedon Track. I don't remember the exact number of people it can hold but I think our old track room could safely fit inside it two or three times.

Will it be able to hold everyone? Probably not. But, if the turn out is as good as we're all thinking, we might be moving this little affair to one of the ballrooms next year, though it may cost us a Buffy Horror Show. But then again, maybe it won't. Who knows?
There's no way the D*C screening will hold the people. Isn't it scheduled for a track room? They couldn't even accommodate everyone for the Buffy sing-along and that was in a large conference room.

I can tell you for a fact (since I'm on the programming committee for D*Con) that the WU screening will be in a larger room. The director probably hasn't had a chance to update his online schedule with the information. It won't be in a huge room because those were already pretty full when the request came in. The Buffy sing-a-long will also be in a larger room this year.
Tialessa is right. She and I are working together (along with the other fine folks at Dragon*Con) to make the first ever live performance of Dr. Horrible a fitting and wonderful Thank You tribute to Joss.

The Whedon Universe Track folks started planning this back in late May and we got really serious in early July so we should have a great showing and a huge turnout.

So let me clear up a few things since the questions are rolling in.

Is your performance pending? No. It's on the official Dragon*Con schedule and production is underway.

Will this be in a track room? No. Originally that was the plan. Not Anymore. Big Room here we come!

Will it be a screening? Not exactly. It will be on the screen but in Rocky Horror Fashion it will be acted out live. We will be singing the songs live as will the audience.

How come I have not updated Dr Horrible on your schedule? The location is pending....nuff said. Information will flow when it is the correct information.

Will there be audience participation and lots of fun goodies at yours? Of course. Always. That's half the fun.

If you have any questions about Whedon related activities and want a straight answer about it then visit the web address below and ask one our fine staff about it. We will be glad to fill you in on the fun that we have planned.

Wayne Hutchinson
Dragon*Con Staff
Whedon Universe Track Director
There's never enough room to house Whedonites at DragonCon. Prime example has been the Firefly ball - we do love a good shindig.

That's part of the reason we at Between the Lines Studios (the group that brought you Buffy Between the Lines and Joss'd and other podcasts) are putting on a performance of our own - 11:30PM, in the Podcasting Track. We have a full cast, some suggestions and help from Clinton (organizer of the Buffy OMWF screenings), permission to show Dr. Horrible (from Joss) and goodies and give aways for fans! We're hoping a lot of people come dressed and ready to sing!

We're very excited that fans are getting two chances to see Dr. Horrible, because I know from personal experience it sucks having to choose between great things at DragonCon. Ours will be pretty limited in seating, so by all means, please check out the Whedontrack event if you can make it. If not, make sure to get in line early!
Clinton (organizer of the Buffy OMWF screenings),

Organizer of SOME of the OMWF screenings, hardly the only such organizer, since local groups were doing sing-alongs on their own.

His would be the touring show that attracted so much attention -- both positive and negative, being as it was a for-profit endeavor. (No idea if it ever actually MADE any profit, but that's ultimately not relevant.)
Correct b!x. Organizer of the Rocky Horror Picture Style Showing with full cast versions that we know and love. ;)

I was merely using the parenthesis to explain which Clinton I was referring to.

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