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July 26 2008

Joss wins two Eisners. Best New Series (Buffy: Season 8 by by Joss Whedon, Brian K. Vaughan, Georges Jeanty, and Andy Owens) and Best Digital Comic (Sugarshock, by Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon).

Congratulations Joss! Well deserved, I say!
Joss is yet again the man. Dave Stewart also won best coloring again this year for his work with Dark Horse.
Congrats Joss. :) much with the awesome
Congratulations Joss, et al.! Brian K. Vaughan won also the Best Continuing series from "Y: The Last Man" so it's two for him as well!
Congratulations Joss, nice one !

And also to BKV for 'Y: The Last Man'. I guess most of us aren't surprised at this one but upsets do happen. Brilliant bit of work, that one's gonna last I reckon.

(just read the first 'Criminal' trade by Ed Brubaker and suddenly want to read everything else he's ever done, so that's pretty well deserved too. Knew him from his Batman stuff - which is also great - but this is a step above IMO)
Congrats to Joss and Co. I am enjoying every single piece of Buffy S8 and Sugarshock is one of the funnest things I've read. ever.
That's great news, nice to see Buffy season 8 getting recognition from its peers.
Buffy colourist Dave Stewart also deservedly won "Best colourist" :)

Congratulations to Joss, Buffy, BKV, Georges, also Pia and Y!!!
Whee! Wait... only two? :p.

I'm with Saje on the BKV-front. I'm enjoying his "Y: The Last Man" even more than I am Buffy season 8 (and that's saying something), probably because it was a property originally created for comics, whereas I still see a television show in my head, while reading season 8. Have only, 3 I think, more TPB's to go before I finish with it :)
When I get back to the States I'm going to check out this Y thing. Go team Joss!
Buffy is appointment comic book-buying -- congratulations!
Jolly good show.
Hey, that's great. Although as someone who's not that well-versed in comicbookdom, how prestigious are the Eisners? Whether very or not very, good on Joss and all the others honored.

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They're pretty prestigious. The Oscars of comics probably wouldn't be far off.

(they're named after Will Eisner, a very highly respected comics creator)
Congrats to all those in the Whedon and BKV camps for both awards and nominations. You definitely deserve them!

I'm pretty disappointed that Brubaker won best writer. While I haven't read Criminal, I buy all of his other books. Immortal Iron Fist has been in my top 5 this past year, but I'm more than a little bit sure that half it's charm is Fraction's. Cap is spectacular, but his work on Daredevil tends to be rather bumpy and with a few exceptions his Uncanny run has only shown good intentions without delivering. Like Bru a lot but BKV or Senor Whedon deserved that award way more.
That's awesome! That means my best friend is technically an Eisner Award winner now. Frakkin' cool!
Aha, the fella with the juice ;).
marvelknight, Criminal is completely awesome. I thought his part of "Messiah Complex" (forming part of 2007, on which these awards were judged) was also terrific.

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