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July 26 2008

Videos of the Dark Horse panel starting to show up on YouTube. That person has some...and so does this person. ETA: there's a thread in the white now to collect SDCC reports, vids, etc as they come in.

Add more as you find them.

Oh those caught some good moments, thanks!
Thanks for the vids! Pics and reports are starting to turn up on the blogosphere too. Should those go in this thread too? Here is a quickie with a few pics from the autograph signing and another set of pics from the panel (including a couple of Jewel from the SGA panel beforethe DHP).

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Cool. It's a pity no-one has a vid of the whole thing, but hopefully that will come in time.

On a semi-related note, did anyone end up putting up vids of the entire Paley reunion (I've only really seen snippets here and there)? Did the Paley center ever put it on DVD like they said they might?
"Little Shop of Whores." Ha!

Thanks for linking to these. I love seeing videos of these panels.
I've been dying to see these. I really hope someone puts the whole thing up, it'd be really really appreciated.
Ah, most of the questions are great, but.. uh... "What is the most memorable thing you've done in the Jossverse?" How is Joss meant to answer that?! Then again, if I were to get in front of the microphone, my mind would probably go completely blank and I'd end up asking something silly.
I guess the first thing he remembers would, by definition, be the most memorable ;).
Dym, Some previous Paley Center roundtable discussions are on Hulu. I'm hoping the recent Paley reunion will show up there soon.
RE the Paley videos: I know this doesn't help for most of us but I hope all of you fans who live in LA and NYC know you can walk into the Paley Center in either city any time, without an appointment, and watch ANY PANEL VIDEO. In its entirety.

(Almost worth a pilgrimmage, eh?)

RE a place to post all the vids/audio files/photos from SDCC - mods?
Just want to note that b!X updated his flickr SDCC photoset with pics from the signing. Fantastic photos, b!X!

ETA that I just noticed that b!X didn't actually post the link to this in the other Dr. Horrible thread as I thought, so I removed the link. My apologies!

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Hope the Dollhouse and BSG panels end up online. I've bailed on my Ballroom 20 plans for today because the thought of spending all day in line only to get crap photos wearies me rather melodramatically.
OK guys, per above edit to this thread: I just started a thread over in the white to put EVERYTHING you guys got in one lovely location.

Put up whatever links ya got! If you're at the con, maybe you can stop by and share with the room.

BSG fans do this for every big con and it's so much fun to hear little play-by-plays from everyone who's at the event. :D

Oh and bix, I can't speak for Fox/Dollhouse, but SciFi puts up entire panels pretty dependably each year. You just have to wait a while for them to get 'er done.
Great pics b!x !
Thanks b!x for keeping us posted! Nothing on G4 yesterday regarding Joss & Co. It was mostly Star Wars & Watchmen related.
There're also some videos from the Dexter panel on YouTube -- here's one -- with the lovely Julie Benz.

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Here is a link to a full-length audio recording of the entire panel and some pics.

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BrewBunny, thank you!
You're welcome. :-)
Looks like Nathan has been hanging out at the California Browncoats booth today.

With PJ Haarsma

With our own danregal (AKA James)
I have tons of new Nathan photos up.
Those links to the photos aren't working for me, BB.
Yeah, I see that they now took the album private. But on the bright side, b!X has tons of fab photos up. Thanks for sharing, b!X!!!
Ah well. b!X shares, at least. :) (Yay! It's like being there, only without the smelly crowds and waiting in long lines. ;) )

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