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July 26 2008

Entertainment Weekly chats to David Boreanaz at Comic Con. Part one has David speaking about the evolution of Comic Con. The second part has him chatting about his fans, Joss and Dollhouse and what to expect from the next season of Bones. And a recap of yesterday's Bones panel can be found over at Buddy TV.

FWIW, here are my crappy notes:

Bones panel. David doesn't like birds of any kind, and double-decker buses. Shooting in London, he got claustrophobic in the upper level of the bus. They'd like to have the characters travel more, and the show does really well in Europe.

David took the producers to an Indian restaurant where the food was really hot, and he made them eat peppers. Ring of fire. Ow.

Hey, David, there are people in the audience under 18. Yeah,
but they had to have come with an adult to get in, right? So I can swear? "Why the fuck not" (Cool, now I've heard DB say "Fuck.")

Season four, it seems like everyone's getting lucky on Bones. This year, Booth and Brennen will be in bed together, naked. Nekkid. But that's all he'll say.

Had to wrap up the Season 3 cannibal storyline because of the strike. Had one more episode then they thought they would. Zach will be back, but not as a regular. Eric is doing fine, he's got a great career. Yes, he knows the fans' opinion, he reads the internet. They shot everything out of order. They shot the last two episodes before the strike, the last one... hang on, this is becoming too complicated to type. It confused the actors as well, they couldn't keep track of character growth. Michaela had index cards to remind her of where they were in the story. Season opener, filmed in London, there's lots of people jumping in and out of bed. David says he didn't get to jump in bed. Booth couldn't get a decent cup of copy, the pigeons had red eyes, he was riding in a 1970s Mini. Not allowed to carry his gun, wasn't impressed by Oxford, 300 year old building smelled bad.

We'll meet Booth's family in Season four.

Originally, Brennen was going to work with lots of agents, including Booth, who would only be in a fraction of the episodes. Looking for a leading man, got a call from an agent, would he work with David Boreanaz? Yes, would hire him right now, had seen enough of his work on BtVS and AtS that he knew he ws great. After they filmed the pilot, they saw how great the chemistry was.

Bones was the last script to be picked up for a pilot, the last pilot to be picked up for a series. Flew in under the radar. Herding the series where you want it to go is like pushing David. *shoves him, he doesn't budge* It doesn't work. Would never had put Angela and Hodgkins together if the actors didn't have unexpected chemistry. David shows off his stripey socks to show that he is Booth. They put in all sorts of things that come from the actors.

David feels like Booth and Brennen are married, they just haven't consumated it yet. He wants to do a Some Like It Hot with him in high heels. (Hey, he said that about Angel and Spike, too.)

David hates standing sets. What? Oh, he thought he said "outstanding sex." Think of the children, David.

The bugs and slime are getting more realistic and more gross as time goes on. Hart Hanson was going to pretend to kiss the severed head in the fridge, but wound up throwing up in his mouth. Yick.

Bones comes back September 3rd.

David kept riffing throughout, it's just impossible to keep up with his joking.
Jeez, good work again deanna b, thanks ;).

It's gonna be weird but cool to see them all wandering around London. Hopefully the writers are wise enough to subvert all the clichés (London buses, bad teeth, Buckingham Palace etc. etc.) a little bit or else it could get annoying pretty fast but then, in fairness, it's an American show for a (largely) American audience I guess. Maybe they're not clichés to you guys ;).
Deanna, have I mentioned you are fantastic?

Well, you are.

ETA: Just saw Sage's post. Would that be like a foreign production filming in NYC and not including stereotypical New Yorkers, odd cab drivers (various types possible) shots of the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge etc.? Would there be a point to doing that? ;-)

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Yes, deanna b, you are. Did you write down everything your professors said in college?

The bugs & slime get more realistic? Bones is going to get more gross? Wow.

"not impressed by Oxford..." Hmmph.
Would that be like a foreign production filming in NYC and not including stereotypical New Yorkers, odd cab drivers (various types possible) shots of the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge etc.? Would there be a point to doing that? ;-)

Wait a minute, you guys have cabs over there ?!? ;)

To some extent, it kinda comes with the sickle, I agree - if you're going all the way to London then you damn well want viewers to know you're in London, if you go to New York then we're gonna see the skyline and probably the statue of liberty.

But I seriously cannot recall a single American film or TV show with bits in London that doesn't prominently feature a red double decker at some point (normally upfront, as an establishing shot). It really has been done to death IMO and become something of a lazy short-cut. So much so that i'd imagine people are familiar enough with it that creators can play around a little bit if they so choose and that sort of self-awareness would be really refreshing.
I forgot the Statue of Liberty.

They don't always use a red double decker bus, though, sometimes they use Big Ben. ;-)

I guess they could use the thing that I noticed getting off the plane there, where they have the big signs reminding foreign pedestrians to look for cars coming from the right. They used it in Patriot Games, where the English policeman kept Harrison Ford from walking in front of a car. Brennan could keep Booth from walking in front of a red double decker front of Big Ben. ;-) It would be like a shot of someone almost getting hit by a yellow cab in Times Square.

oh right, the cab thing. You probably didn't notice them in pictures of NYC because they are yellow here. ;-)

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... Brennan could keep Booth from walking in front of a red double decker bus...

... being driven by someone with bad teeth (possibly the queen ;).

The more I think about it, the more I really think they'll play with it actually. Brennan's just too well travelled and knowledgeable, not to mention happy to tell people when they're being daft, not to disabuse Booth of a few notions (e.g. Big Ben is actually just the bell, she'd probably be pedantic enough to keep correcting him about stuff like that, could be funny ;).

Her no holds barred opinion of the monarchy could be funny too (though I can see them playing with that by showing lots of Brits being offended by her forthrightness - in fact in my experience most people probably wouldn't care much. Though that said, i've always been British whenever i've mocked the monarchy in public, might be different for Johnny Foreigner ;).
Thanks for the report.Looking forward to the coming season.Still not happy about Zack though but glad he'll be making a return appearence.

I wish we could get some info on The Bones season 3 DVD.If that will be released in the Fall.
Thanks for the report. It sounds comprehensive and DB may have mentioned this somewhere, but I'll just ask a dumb question: Was there any mention of Stephen Fry returning to the show? I know location was an issue for him and a London shoot would have provided this opportunity.
Thanks deanna b! Your panel notes are so good!

RE these EW videos: any "professional" interview where both subject and journalist use words like "shipper" and "verse"...well I get the giggles from it.
I didn't hear any mention of Stephen Fry, although admittedly I might have missed it while I was trying to catch up with the summarization.

A few bit that came out too abbreviated:

David doesn't like birds of any kind, and double-decker buses.

The producer said that David doesn't like chickens, fish, or double-decker buses. David corrected that actually, he doesn't like ANY birds. The flapping of the wings freaks him out. Fish?? Yeah, that bit he did on the Martha Stewart show with sardines. Oh. And he got claustrophobic on the top level of the bus while filming in London.

They shot the last two episodes before the strike, the last one... hang on, this is becoming too complicated to type.

It was something like they shot the second- and third-to-last episodes before the strike, and though that they'd end the season with Booth being shot. Then they got another episode to wrap up the cannibal storyline, but weren't able to wrap up the plotline with the villain who had buried Bones and Hodgins alive. They had to just drop it. And after the strike they filmed another four (or six? or four of the first six? I can't remember) episodes that are part of the next season.

And if anyone wants a couple Seth Green bits from the Family Guy panel, since he's Whedonversy:

All the other voice actors who tried out for Chris were doing standard surfer dude talk, but Seth and his friend had been doing a running joke about Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs in other roles. His friend dared him to do Buffalo Bill's voice in the audition, so Chris' voice became just a younger version of him.

There was a question about whether there was any rivalry between Seth McFarlane and Seth Green, since they have competing series. No, there's no competition, Family Guy and Robot Chicken don't have that much in common, except subject matter and themes and everything else. They try to synch up, so if it turns out that they both were going to do the same joke (there were a couple Star Wars gags that they had both thought of), one will drop it and replace it with something else. And both are going to do another Star Wars episode next season. The Family Guy one is based on The Empire Strikes Back this time. I'm blanking on the title, but it was a takeoff on the Emperor's speech.
I am so very excited about new Bones. I'm really looking forward to seeing how much the dynamic has changed. We should be in for some great TV!

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