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July 26 2008

Vincent Kartheiser singled out in's Critics' picks. "[He] does a great job with Campbell's sometimes awkward, sometimes smooth, sometimes downright pathetic antics".

Vincent K. is extremely, extremely good as Pete Campbell on "Mad Men." I'm glad he's getting singled out for praise. His Pete is such a little creep but also at times a kind of sympathetic creep. He can also be an unusually weird kind of creep. There's something gorgeously idiosyncratic in Kartheiser's performance. What a role for him. He's proving himself more than enough up to the challenge.
Honestly, I think Vincent/Peggy is what really hooked me to this show. He is just so slimy and pathetic that you just can't help feeling for him (like Peggy does). Go Vincent!! You deserve all the praise. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode!!!!!

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