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July 26 2008

Joss Whedon talks about his comic books. ComicMix chats with him about Buffy season 8, Angel: After The Fall, A Shepherd's Tale and Fray.

Great interview

Loved hearing his thoughts about Angel being human now.
Illuminating insights on Buffy, Satsu & slayeromance.
On a link from this page I got this:
About a new Farscape comic book series written by Farscape's creator, made as an official continuation and even having four issue arcs. Obviously inspired by the success of Buffy. Any way it's great news for Farscape fans.
I don't know if it has enough connection to Whedonesqe to get a front page entry. Mods?
bl is going to flip over that news.
Re: Book's backstory:

this isn't something I'm going to save for the sequel that may never happen

That quote's not going to go down well in some ever-hopeful circles.

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I don't know if it has enough connection to Whedonesqe to get a front page entry. Mods?

It would be a little bit too tenuous for the front page here but you would be more than welcome to discuss it over at our sister site
Hm, something about the interview seems unlike the real Joss Whedon to me. I'm not being accusatory, but during the entire read, I was wondering where the wit and humor had gone. Everything is uncharacteristically straightforward answers.
That quote's not going to go down well in some ever-hopeful circles.

Well, he does say "may", they'll probably be able to spin it the "right" way ;).

And a 'Farscape' continuation ? Wows. Not sure how I feel about that actually, given the ending of 'Peacekeeper Wars', needs to percolate.
I don't know if another thread should be started for this but there was another Dark Horse panel which just concluded and where more Buffy,Serenity and Dr. Horrible info was given.

The Buffy,Serenity and Dr. Horrible bits.

Alli said the Fall's Buffy stories following the Fray storyline Jeph Loeb will join the team for a single issue of the series that picks up on some of the stuff that was unable to be seen in the aborted Buffy animated series, which Leob worked on. Jane Espenson kicks off the next long-form arc which promises to "change the lives of the slayers forever." That will be followed by a five-issue arc by five different writers, after which Espenson returns, followed by Brad Meltzer, and then Whedon's final arc to wrap up the series.

The cover for Jeph Loeb's issue of Buffy features a television displaying the unaired Buffy animated series

Dark Horse will produce another Serenity miniseries depicting the origin of Shepard Book. It will begin early in 2009, but the creative team is not yet confirmed. The book will feature a different art team.

The subject of Joss Whedon's "Dr. Horrible" drew applause from the crowd. To tie-in to the live-action project, Eric Canete is drawing an eight-page Captain Hammer story which is currently readable on MySpace Dark Horse Presents.

We've seen that issue 20 cover already but I'm now a little confused on the schedule of upcoming issues.Is the arc made of standalone issues with five different writers,one of which was also scheduled to be Jane,still begining in issue 21?Or is Jane Espenson doing a regular arc before that and after that as well.The one after being with Oz?

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something you can do to twist a different knife in a different place

Well, that sounds like our Joss.
You know, I often see into things others don't but I found this statement interesting: "You can absolutely take back anything -- except Gwen Stacy -- as long as there's an emotional buy-in, something you can do to twist a different knife in a different place. Then it's worth it." Note that he did NOT list Tara Maclay there. I find that intriguing.
Dana5140: I can't imagine Joss ever limiting his options; he'll go to any lengths to give us what we "need." Corollary to that is it's , coming from him, so broad a statemnt as to be effectively almost meaningless.

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