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July 26 2008

Today at Comic Con - the Dollhouse panel. Joss, Eliza and Tahmoh will be in attendance and it all starts at 1pm PT. There's blogging and Twittering from the likes of and our fellow Whedonesque posters who are in attendance. More coverage of the event can be found at Newsarama, and IGN.

Tabz will also be updating on Twitter:

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In ballroom 20 Koontz panel before Dollhouse panel - battery going fast, but I post what I can. Internet connection wonky - this is a test... Forgive errors.
How anyone can post and listen to Joss is beyond me. I'm too busy laughing. But I will try. We have been trying to move closer betwenn panels but noone is moving. Everyone is sitting in place for Dollhouse.- and sitting through all sorts of other panels.
Not really on topic for thsi specific thread but the pcitures I've seen of ELiza and the quotes I've ehard from both Joss and reporters, okay, I know she's almost 28 now and not 17 anymore but I'm still floored by the maturity of her physical appearance.

And also about the thoughtfulness she's showing about the details of her career. Of course, from how she's described her mother that shouldn't be surprising. (I'll be honest, it always surprises me pleasantly when I hear actors talking both consciously and intelligently about their art. I was struck by that in an interview with Ernest Borgnine I read a year or two ago. Personal prejudice; I tend to see actors either in the Errol-Flynn-don't-care-about-a-thing mold or the breathlessly-gushing-progressive-beatnik-type who blather about their "motivation" when they can barely even spell it.)

I'm seriously tempted to consider getting a TV because of this.
I may have to twit from panel cause my iPhone twitter app twinkle is rocking today:
I'll try but I'm not good at doing two things at once. ;)
There's also SCC panel today, with Summer, right?
Plenty of battery life. I've been surfing various sites through Koontz's panel, and I'm still at 84%, plus I've got a second laptop. The newer MacBook that I'm not using right now only gets around two hours' of battery life, while this 1999 Powerbook goes for over six hours on a charge, so I'm using the old 'puter. My internet connection is extremely strong -- five out of five bars. (Broadband connection from Verizon, proud sponsor of Angel. *Verizon Guy in the Hyperion Hotel headquarters of Angel Investigations* "Can you hear me now?" "GRAAR!" *Verizon guy gets eaten by a large demon*)

The only thing is that I only got a few hours of sleep, so my brain is running low on think.
Free wireless for con is iffy, so good thing Deanna b is set up well.
Yep, I'm on Twitter! *waves*
Oh and if you're here, wave - I see lots of Whedon related shirts, Spike patch on the girl in the row before me. Dr. Horrible in the row behind me. Lots of Firefly tees.
They're asking people who have empty seats to let them know because the panel is going to be packed. First time they did that today.
I'm wearing a Doctor Horrible tee, in about the exact center of the room. The guy in front of me is wearing a brown leather hat, so he's easier to spot.

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Oh! They are showing something. They've asked us to not record when the lights go down. Joss had said no showing.... LIAR!
Couple minutes to go... No devices 4 upcoming clip, I believe...
showing? gasp! grr...
"Just showed trailer & now joss & ELISA & Tamo came out & taking questions."
"joss says Tamo has the forearms, joss has the concepts."
"Question "is there someone you have wanted to work with you haven't worked with yet.." (Joss - points to Tahmoh "HIM")"
""Now Joss Whedon is mad at me for not exterminating the clyons --- " Tahmoh (when he heard Joss was a fan)"
Naturally someone asks about the 'save dollhouse' web sites.
He says we've earned our wariness about Fox.
"Question: "There are already websites dedicated to saving the show.... do you think this is pesemistic?" Joss: yes!

Joss: On the one hand there's a lot of fallout... but the enthusiasm behind it I adore."

Ed note: I wonder what kind of "fallout"

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Eliza's favorite Buffy moment was being in a bar and dancing and killing people with Buffy. Though I think there was no actual killing. Joss's is the "Kill me, I'm bad" scene.
Eliza: "He makes the words party on the page."
Crikey, Tabz is on fire! I can't keep up with her twitters!

"Eliza: He went to the bathroom and came back and it was Dollhouse.... Joss: so glad the bathroom became part of that legend."
Joss, Eliza, Tom

Joss got the concept by staring into Eliza's eyes. Hee talent, her persona, her range, and realized that he'd have to put that out there himself.

Tom's manager called him up one day, said he's a fan of the show. Like, duh, it's Battlestar. No, he'd like to talk to you. Joss has had a man-crush on him... wait, now it's called a bromance. He felt he needed him to be this guy. Tom talked about references and novels when all he had was the pitch, no script, so he knew he had the right guy.

There's a little bit of fallout from the Save Dollhouse, it makes it seem like a niche show, but he likes the enthusiasm behind it, and the wariness behind it is earned, let's face it.

Favorite BtVS/AtS moment? Joss loved the "Kill me, I'm bad," and Eliza loved the dancing in the bar while fighting and hurting people, both in AtS.

Joss and Eliza talked about Eliza's life over lunch, and she knew he was the guy. He effing rocks. He went to the bathroom and came back, it's Dollhouse! Personality playground. It's not going to be simple. She's ready, she's in it, boy.
Showing was trailer we've seen...
Joss: "Eliza's great with pain and being crazy ... and acting."
Tahmoh finished BSG 2 weeks ago so no conflicts.
Eliza: "Thank you Battlestar Galactica for this serious[ly?] strapping and extraordinary man."
Bye!No more battery. :(
Difference between Faith and Echo? Echo is different in each show. Both have a lot of pain to go through, and Eliza is great at pain and being crazy. Eliza tells him the crazy things she's doing, and he puts it in the show. Eliza was in Iran, and had a bunch of Persian rugs fall on her in a bazaar. She was elk hunting in [?], but she eats what she kills. Who and where is Eliza today? Joss basicallly didn't make anything up, this is a documentary.

Tom is done with BSG. He was done last Friday, 2 am. They filmed the Dollhouse pilot in late April. Eliza admires his strapping form. Joss will just be here on the side. *pout*

Questioner says Dollhouse sounds mundane, why should she be excited? This is a little bit different. It's a fantastcal premise, but it's just people, no monsters, no spaceships. Echo has a removable personality. Every relationship on the show is going to be absurdly twisted, and believe him when he says it'll be really exciting. Eliza: "Take that, girl!"
I am so jealous of all of you that get to be there! I must get to Comiccon one of these years. (Although this year they also have the MST3K reunion. :-( )

Thanks so much to everyone reporting live from the con. You all rock! It's almost like being there... except in short bursts of text being conveyed on a black screen...
"Mundane?" Personality removal is "mundane?" Strange.

Sorry to interrupt. Thank you, deannab! Praise you!
More from Tabz' Twitter:

"Question: Any Buffy alumn on Dollhouse? Joss: Amy Acker. My momma didn't raise no fools.. except my four brothers.

less than a minute ago from web

Joss: I've worked with executives that don't know what they want. Then they put it up against baseball and air it out of order... 1 minute ago from web

Joss: On Dr. Horrible we didn't have sets - we didn't have a dolly.... ultimately the process isn't that different [btwn TV and Dr.H] 2 minutes ago from web "
Tabz sez:

"Eliza: make a sandwhich (Tahmoh and Nathan) Tahmoh: Big old Canadian sandwhich half a minute ago from web

Joss: Starting out I kept it down to two (people he worked with before) Eliza: Bring that Nathan Fillion on the show 1 minute ago from web "
Damnit I'm late! Just caught up on the converage.

Again, great job deannab. :)
Well, this is fun! I'm switching between Whedonesque, IO9, and Tabz and Quotergal on twitter; refreshing each every few seconds. My thanks to those at Comicon letting us live vicariously through your posts (and twitters).

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Wow! How I'd LOVE a Canadian sandwchich!
Canadian bacon ... mmmmmm.
I wish someone would ask if Joss has a composer in mind. :(
Tabz sez: "Eliza is so naturally beautiful, she just pulled her hair back and was picture perfect pose...'
Joss makes her feel sexy and smart. He's like a career brazziere. That's a t-shirt Joss isn't looking forward to.

Doctor Horrible wasn't about not compromising his views, it was just getting it out there. He didn't see any networks taking a supervillain musical. Didn't have sets or a camera dolly, or time to roll out the characters and letting them breathe. He's worked with executives who don't know what they want, or don't know what they don't want, then put it up against baseball and run it out of order.

Any other Buffy alums on Dollhouse? Amy Acker. Joss' mother didn't raise no fools, except for his four brothers. Their ensemble is to a man, and woman, wonderful. And there will probabaly be familiar faces, you go with who you know is good, but let's just start with two.

So, who dies first? Joss: "You." He has no deaths planned, but let's see who pisses him off. He imagines someone will die at some point, but right now they're just coming to life. Give him a break, he doesn't kill EVERYONE.

Tom's first scene, was taken by Eliza's hotness and forgot his lines. "How did you hear about the Wallhouse."

Hilo and Paul are very different. They've only done the pilot, so Tom is looking forward to see what Paul is like. It's a great transition, finish up Battlestar, then start working on a Joss Whedon series. Wow, sure, where does he sign up?

Will they incorporate music? Eliza does a great version of Suddenly Seymore. Joss: "I have never thought of Eliza singing on Dollhouse. True or False?" It doesn't have to be a musical, just if she's everyone's fantasy, she should sing.

Buffy was a tough act to follow, but even though Tru Calling was great, everything happens for a reason, and she's glad not to be Groundhog Daying any more.

Joss has a whole lot of ideas in his head. It's a dark place, and very crowded, and he wants to do it all. But first, he wants to do a little of this [Dollhouse]. Or a lot.

It's a SciFi premise in that what they're doing is impossilbe, but he's looking forward to getting into this world. The dollhouse itself, the people who work there, the way her personality starts to emerge, he and his writers can't stop coming up with ideas,and they want to get more and more done.

Why is Joss so interested in strong female characters? Because he was raised by one, he grew up with them, that's what he knows.

Since Joss is doing his comic book, he's getting his Buffy fix, and since everyone else is working, they're not complaining right now. It might not be fair to others, but he's working on Dollhouse.

If there are no vampires, why are the people of dollhouse sleeping in coffins? Well, his vampires didn't, so this is new territory. It's about finding your soul, like with his vampires, so they should be sleeping in coffins.
Eliza is so naturally beautiful, she just pulled her hair back

Blinks, jaw drops

Just the idea of her standing in front of me doing that is enough :D

*fans self*

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Is that what the kids are calling it these days ? ;-)
Sounds like Eliza and Tahmoh have a mutual crush. And why shouldn't they?
From Tabz:

Joss, why are you so drawn to writing strong female characters (audience laughs) Tahmoh: why are people laughing?

Poor Tahmoh... someone should explain it to him later.
Does Tahmoh not know what he's gotten himself into? Poor boy.
Tabz: "Joss: I had made the mistake of not giving Tahmoh any shirtless scenes (in the first pilot).... (PAUSE) that has been rectified."

Brew: "SWEEEEEET!!!!!"
Tabz: "If I have a real talent it's for finding people who have real talent..."

*nods in agreement*
The way he's filming it is more visceral. As a director, he still has a lot to learn, so he's pushing himself there.

He's always looking to "find the moment." Trailer moments, the things that amp everything up. A shock, a line, an emotional moment that

Reshoot of pilot isn't like the Train Job. It's not a two-hour pilot that introduces, it's something that will lead into it, and it will air right after the new episode, not last. It was an exciting challenge. It felt organic, it felt right, which the other thing didn't. He wasn't asked to change anything about the premise. The world will be there, and Eliza gets to wear her leather pants. And Joss made the mistake of not giving Tom any shirtless scenes, and that's now been rectified.

It doesn't translate well to comics. It's not a comic book, even though CSI has a comic book -- I guess at some point you just get one.

Academic study: Joss makes English writing from words good. So why wouldn't people study him? Actually, it's a great thing, there are things in his writing that he wants people to talk about, and there's things in his writing that ARE THERE, but he never had it in mind.

They will make dozens and dozens of dollars. That never gets old.

Influenced by 1930s and 1940s movies. The love of language in those movies was unparalleled. Liz Craft and Sarah Fain, and Tim Minear and Steve DeKnight in the house. If he has one real talent, it's finding talent in others. It's much bigger than Joss, so what people are studying is often not Joss. It's not about Joss, it's about everyone coming together. He's like Captain Stubing with slightly more hair.

They're contracted for 13 episodes. They've got a good timeslot, and support and awareness, they could make it to 15.

Joss loves us all.
*End of Panel*
Okay, whereever I said "Tom," change it to "Tahmoh." I is dum.
You are our Edward R. Murrow, deanna b! Thank you, correspondents!
Thank you to QuoterGal, deanna b, tabz, and cabri for their awesome real-time reporting! Sounded like a great time. :-)
... and there's things in his writing that ARE THERE, but he never had it in mind.

Is it time for our quarterly 'authorial intent' thread ? [/so very, very kidding]

Thank-you again deanna b and everyone else that posted, it really is amazing that I can sit here 6,000 miles away and benefit from your kindness. T'interwebs, eh ? Personally I don't really see it catching on but, y'know, nice little niche hobby.
Did Joss really say "shirtless?"
You know where to find me now in January!

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Thanks to everyone who contributed. You're all very lovely people. It looks the futon critic didn't make it in but io9 did so there's a link to their account on the entry.

I wish someone would ask if Joss has a composer in mind. :(

Jesper Kyd would be my choice.
They're contracted for 13 episodes. They've got a good timeslot, and support and awareness, they could make it to 15.

Is this a joke, or does this mean that if they do well Fox will order 2 additional episodes for the first season?
Sounded like a joke to me.
Thank you guys for doing such a great job- even if I can't be there, at least I can attend Comic Con vicariously.!
O thank you kind are the best, and your efforts are greatly appreciated here.
Looks like Nathan has been hanging out at the California Browncoats booth today.

With PJ Haarsma

With our own danregal (AKA James)
Thanks everyone! You're doing such an awesome job! Hope you're also having a blast! :-)
b!X is twittering about Nathan's visit to the California Browncoats booth and his flickr photos of that visit.

Go take a look!
Yeah, the 15 eps was a joke. He added that of course he hoped it would be much much more. They've "broken' 9 eps and realized that really they should start writing them but it seems they are still working on the new pilot so nothing else is actually on paper yet.
Eliza kidded Joss about that a bit.
Someone thanked Joss again for Dr. Horrible and he grinned like a kid and raised his fists in triumph.
I would love to know who all the staff are in those group photos with Nathan at the Calif. Browncoats Booth, if you have time Bix (and thank you for those photos!). DanRegal I met briefly on the Browncoat Cruise - the other folks I don't recognize.
Excellent on the spot reporting (to my mind, harder than reporting after the fact, where you've had some time to process and aren't juggling reporting with taking in new data as it comes in without pause). Thanks, folks!
"Favorite BtVS/AtS moment? Joss loved the "Kill me, I'm bad," and Eliza loved the dancing in the bar while fighting and hurting people, both in AtS.

That's just freaky. I just watched 5x5 and Sanctuary last weekend with a friend. I'm on a Faith kick.

Thanks everyone, for your intrepid reports! You all rock so hard!
Thanks so much for the commentary from Comicon. Much appreciated and needed goods, those words of yours. You DELIVERED to thoes unable to attend!

QuoterGal, deanna b, tabz, and cabri -- hugs and kisses to you all!
Shirtlessness? Dark exploration of identity politics? LEATHER PANTS! I'm so there already it hurts.
Thanks everyone! That was fun to read :)
Thank you so much, everyone. You guys are great!
So glad you enjoyed! Yeah - text only hard to get the Joss being funny vs. Joss being serious. :) but great panel and lots of fun!
I was really little or no help with reporting... honestly, iPhone-typing is arduous and unrewarding and I was on AT&T Edge instead of the Con free wireless, and it was slower than black strap molasses in January or something slower... by the time I finished typing something, someone with an actual keyboard and high-speed connection was there ahead of me, so I was both slow and superfluous. Oh, yeah, and ill-typed.

But glad to be there and glad to help, if it was. Joss and Eliza gave it their all as one might expect, and Tamoh was gamely hanging on for dear life. She is energetic as all hell and a rollercoaster of a woman.

Considering how immense the lines have been for some of these things - unbelievable - it was amazing that I got in to everything I wanted and ended up with great seats for this panel, all the the Doc Horrible stuff yesterday and MST3K, too... but much of that was due to our great Goners teamwork and communications network. We rocked it.

That, and some of us being feisty older ladies, who simply do not hear the word "no" and "you won't get in" and "the line is closed" no matter who in a red shirt is saying it to us - it's called selective deafness and we were pretty undeterrable.

And it's true, Eliza lifting her hair or simply pulling it back gracefully with her arm is poetry and a privilege to behold. She is one lovely lady.

Gotta go... beer was foamy and comforting, QuoterGal all in...

So many whedonesquers I didn't get to meet...
I seriously can't believe someone asked the 'strong female characters' question!

Thanks to everyone for the updates and for being such good tourism ambassadors, as you're certainly putting forward a very persuasive pitch for going myself next year!
Oh you guys missed the bit about someone asking Talmoth if Eliza's spine goes up.. that was classic.
When I read about Friday's panel, The Visionaries: Showrunners, my first thought was 'Joss should be on that panel.' Followed by 'Joss must be tired' and then 'Why not let some others get some panel time?' Well sure enough, his presence did invoke mad props by Damon Lindelof as reported by theFutonCritic (at the 2:06 PM mark.)

ETA comic-con panel link, correction

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Thank you so much, BrownCoat_Tabz!
Many thanks to everyone, that was spectacular, even vicariously.
*Hugs the entire board* ;)
On the spine glowing thing, they asked Eliza and Tahmoh said "She won't understand that question" (evidently she's not a Battlestar fan). And then Joss started talking but for once in my life I don't remember what he said because there was this great little comedy mini-skit going on with Tahmoh whispering in Eliza's ear and her startled "oh!" expression.

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