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July 26 2008

Joss, Eliza and Tahmoh speak to An awesome video from Comic Con. Eliza sings!

Not to mention the very next video is David Boreanaz...
Which was linked to yesterday.
Nice stuff, and nice voice, especially given she just burst into it. Not really sure why they beeped Joss, it just looked/sounded like "furry shit" and i'm pretty sure one of the other videos had someone saying 'shit' with no problem. Or maybe it was "fucked up shit" ?

The Watchmen videos made me feel a bit better about that, course it's easy to talk the talk I guess. Also, spot the English artist ! ;)

(and Hugh Jackman is always good value in interviews, "laid back Aussie charm" is a fitting cliché ;)
She and Joss are awfully cute together. "Is there any aspect of you that can control?" was a lovely little bit.
Oh, is this the first interview we've seen with Tahmoh? And we saw them taking some photos too, so hopefully they'll pop up online soon too.
"She and Joss are awfully cute together." Totally, and in that freeze frame before you start playing the video, they all look so happy together. It would've been nice to hear more from Tahmoh though, maybe he should sit in between Joss and Eliza next time? :)
I love the love. I wonder if Joss's wife ever gets jealous with Eliza always hanging around him.

Also, has Rose McGowan always sounded that different in real life? She seems so far off from her usual character persona. Or is she just maturing?
That was too sweet.

Did I hear a hint that Eliza may be in some future bit of Dr. Horrible? They were talking about it and Joss said he needs to get her to sing or something? Eliza nudged him like 'hint, hint'... or did I just interpret that way wrong?
Not only did I get the perkies looking at some Tamoh (Mmmmmm...Tamoh...), but that shot of the Watchmen on the cover of EW made me giddy. (Am half-way through my first reading of it and it's awesome. The trailer is Squee-worthy.)

And they did bleep Joss saying "furry shit" (which was hella-funny). I guess it's because there is a chance that excerpts of that interview might be used on (network) TV, and they didn't want to take that chance of that interview...I don't know...getting heard by some kid who never heard the word "shit" before.
EW weenies.
Willowy, I might be wrong but my impression was that Echo (Eliza's character in Dollhouse) would be singing on some later episode.
Not "would be," so much as (paraphrasing) "Eliza can sing and Echo is infinitely re-imprintable, so it's a distinct possibility that we'll have her sing in DH" (but no "musical episode" though).
"He speaks Actor and Canadian, so I understood him right away." "Imagine she's a hockey puck."

"Is that helpful-er?"

Possibly the best interview ever. Dang, I wanna be Joss so I can dress like that and have women of Eliza's caliber draped all over me.
So much love between eliza and Joss! It was so adorable.
Thanks embers, that makes more sense, but I thought they were discussing Dr. H right before that exchange. I went back and looked again and got the same impression.

Easy to make Echo sing though, right? One of her 'personalities' could be a chanteuse (or rock star or opera singer or etc...).

Ah, thanks to SNT too for that. :)

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Eliza/Echo in Amy Lee/Hayley Williams/Avril Lavigne style personality?

I will officially go on record as saying I approve of that idea! ;)
It should be illegal to be Eliza. So gorgeous, so fun and risk-taking, and with THAT voice. Yes, she will be lying on a piano soon.
Furry shit? That's bad, right?
I think you're OK so long as it doesn't float. Or is it "it should float" ?
No, it's

Heh. I knew you'd go there. ;)
The last exchange 'tween jcs, Willowy, and Saje made me laugh till tears came. (It's been a long weekend, staring at the computer and living a teensy bit of Comic Con through the eyes of everyone else.)
Awww... They're totally in lurve! They were even all chatty-touchy like a giddy young couple. Only there were three of them. (Poor Tahmoh barely got a word in, but then he gets to play Eliza's love interest so fair's fair.) And now we find out Eliza can sing, too. How does Joss find all these singing actors?
Wasn't Eliza losing her voice during Angel S4 / Buffy S7 ? (To the point where she had to change the pitch of her voice to save her chords?) I take it those problems are completely over?
This may sound shallow, but Joss is so handsome in this video. I've seen a lot of not-very-well-taken photos of him and then I see him in something like this and I go, "This is the man who calls himself PASTY (among other things)!?" Stop that. Yeah, that was fun to watch.
Gosh...Can Eliza possibly be more cute?
C'est impossible!
Uh! No fair. Beautiful, good with the singing and in a Joss and Tahmoh sandwich, some people have all the luck! ;)
Well damn and furry shit, I can't get it to play :(
*Curses Vista learning curve while giving my new computer a reassuring pat*

ETA: I'm not a complete idiot after all, just sleep deprived and on brain explody mental overload. (Go to right panel, click play, slap self on forehead, duuuh). ;-)

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